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Commercial Laundry Services

Most business don't realize what their laundry is costing them... Not just in money but also in time!

As small business owners, we understand the dilemmas facing us in this economy.  We really want to help you save precious time that is better spent doing things other than laundry!

We are local, so your laundry never leaves town and as a local small business we are able to offer fantastic customer service for any of your questions or concerns.  There are NEVER any contracts to sign either!

Whether you are dropping-off or having us come to you and your business, your happiness is our top priority!

Our Pick Up & Delivery Service is FREE*!

*FREE DELIVERY for customers that schedule regular bi-weekly pick-up & delivery- otherwise a a $5 delivery charge applies.

We’ll come right to your business, grab your dirty laundry and bring it back the next day, cleaned and ready to go!

We offer several options and pricing structures depending on your needs:

All laundry services have a 24 hour turn around time (minimum) and include Pick-Up & Delivery.

Full Service Pick-Up & Delivery Wash & Fold

$1.00/lb For Hand Towels, Sheets & Aprons
$1.75/lb for Lab Coats, Tablecloths and Other Regular Garments

Commercial Drop-A-Load Pick-Up & Delivery No-Fold Service

$25 per Giant Laundry Lounge Bag (up to 45lbs) or .50/lb

For our more  thrifty customers we have GREAT self-service options!

FREE "Load and Leave" Transfer Service!

All you do is load up your washers and we do the rest!  Just tell us which washers you're using and how you'd like your items to be dried.  
Our staff will happily transfer your stuff to our dryers at no extra charge!!
We even tell you what time to come back to grab your finished laundry.  

All for the same price it will cost you to do it yourself!
Think of everything you can do with the Extra Money you’ll be saving!

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service!