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The Hard Numbers

If you do a random search online for cost calculators to determine the costs to do laundry your your own washer/dryer vs. at a laundromat you will come up with several confusing and conflicting calculations that really miss the big hidden costs of doing laundry at home or business.

Let Us Explain

First, its important to establish an apples to apples comparison, Do you have a Top-Loader at home or a front-loader? If you answered top-loader, stop here and get on down to our store, a Top-loader uses 63% more energy than a front-loader and that's even before we compare the efficiency of our commercial washers and dryers to consumer home models. Not to mention Water prices in Davis... The Average Top Load Machine uses over 30 gallons of water to wash ONE LOAD!

Wikipedia has a good overview of washers and and a comparison of top loaders vs. front-loaders. Read it here:

Do the Math

Water heating Cost: 90% of the energy used by washing clothes is just to heat the water! Now this is important, your water heater is on all day and night 7 days a week. People often isolate the water heating costs just to calculate the cost of one load of laundry. WRONG, you may wash your laundry once a week at home but you heated water for six extra days!

What was the Actual Cost to heat water for the days you didn't do your laundry?............
Answer: Big Bucks!!!

Groundwater Temperature Map. Yes we took in to account the actual groundwater temperatures when calculating our cost comparisons, take a look:

Special Note: You just can't get your water as hot as ours. Our 98.6% Energy Efficient commercial Natural Gas Condensing Water Heating system and hot water storage tanks keeps our water at a constant 130 degrees, you just can't get water that hot at home and you wouldn't want to pay for it if you could!

We All Love Hot Water!

We can produce a maximum Hourly BTU output of 730,554 BTUs, which can heat over 1000 gallons of water per hour to 140 degrees. Washing your clothes at home in hot water annually is the equivalent of leaving the refrigerator door open for 24 hours a day for a year. (Fridge open 24/7:143 watts X 14.4 extra hours per day X 365 days/yr. = 752 kWh.)

Top-Loading Washers: Top-loaders use ridiculous amounts of water and energy and are by far what most folks have at home. You might have thought you saved a bundle purchasing a top-loader over a HE front-loader, but trust us, you are washing money down the drain each time you use it.

Drying Water-Soaked Clothes. There is just no comparison to our commercial high-speed extracting washers which spin at a mind-blowing 300G Force. At best, a home retail HE front-loader could only achieve about 25% of our extraction speed, meaning that your clothes are going into your home dryer, 75% wetter than they would if you were using our front load commercial washers (add another 7% of water weight to that if using a top-loader).

Dryer Costs: A typical dryer at home consumes 12% of electricity used in a home per year. At a sample rate of $0.15/kWh and 9 loads a week (which barely would cover a typical family of three) you're spending $232.00 per year just to dry your clothes, not to mention the typical drying time for a home dryer is 45 minutes.

Time Cost:
45 Minute dry cycle X 9 Loads per week X 52 weeks per year = 351 HOURS
(Talk about Lost Weekends, sheesh!!!)

“How energy efficient is my washer?”

Again, if you have a top-loader at home and your neighbor has a HE front loader, you are paying more than twice as much to do your laundry than if you had a front-loader. However, even with a front-loader you are paying far more than if you were doing your laundry with us!

Energy Star Washers

The EPA awards an Energy Star designation to washers for those machines that exceed average efficiency ratings. We proudly and exclusively feature Maytag Washers at our store which carry the Energy Star rating. (It's important to note that to date only 20LB commercial washers have been sampled by the EPA for commercial washers yet all of our washers are identical in their energy saving capabilities.)

What It's Really Costing You?!

Lets assume that you purchased a new front loading washer and dryer for $1,500, plus $300 for a 3-year service plan. You financed the purchase and your finance charges equal $35.00 per month amortized over seven years.

Assuming 10 Loads per week: Detergent, Bleach and fabric Softener on average are
costing you $20.00 per month
Percentage of Washes in Hot/Warm/Cold 33%/67%/0%
Average Utility Cost = $30.00 per month

Total Annual Costs:
Purchase and Finance Charges= $420.00
Detergent, Bleach & Softener = $240.00
Water & Electricity = $360.00

Oops, Forgot to Add in Time!

10 Loads per week X 52 weeks = 520 Loads. Average Wash Cycle 60 Minutes
+ Average Dry Cycle 45 Minutes = 105 Minutes X 520 Loads = 54,600 Minutes or 910 Hours!

Now we know you aren't necessarily chained to the washer and Dryer at home while doing laundry but lets consider the following:

  • Pre-Wash clothes sorting, washer loading and detergent adding,
    Washer Unloading = 10 minutes per load.
  • Loading and Unloading of Dryer = 10 minutes per load
    20 Minutes X 520 = 10,400 minutes or 173 Hours

(B) Annual Time Cost: Assuming an hourly wage @ $15.00 per hr. X 173 Hours = $2,595.00 What Could You Do with an EXTRA 173 Hours EVERY YEAR??!