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Our Wash and Fold Proceudres

We are VERY meticulous when washing your clothes!  Probably even more than you would think! We begin by sorting your laundry into whites, darks, and lights.  We ALWAYS check all pockets and turn socks, tops, and other clothing right side out.  Of course we wash all delicates (silk, nylon, rayon, poly-blend blouses/pants, underwear, bras) separately, and wash wool and cashmere in cold water.  We also Pre-treat any stains we find with our  special spray-on stain remover. 

We wash whites with hot water and add bleach (unless you ask us not to use it), wash darks in cold water, and wash lights in warm water.  We generally add Oxy Clean for heavily soiled laundry or items that have strong smells associated with them!! This works WONDERS as washing in cold water with only detergent will not always remove strong smells from your laundry!

Next we dry your laundry on Permanent Press (Medium Heat), unless you have requested low or items to be hang dried.  We also add bounce dryer sheets, but we are happy to not use them or use an unscented version if you like.  We can also add liquid fabric softener to your laundry if you request it.

We then fold all your items, hang collard shirts, trousers and blouses, mate socks and fold your undies!

We can follow ANY and ALL special instructions you may have, no request is too big or too small!

The price for this fabulous serivce is $1.75/Lb. Everything is included in that price, soap, bleach, hangers, etc.

And of course our Pick-Up & Delivery Service is Monday through Saturday  for a flat fee of $5.00 (this includes pick up and drop off).   Click HERE to schedule a Pick-up or come in anytime to drop your laundry off to us!