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2012-11-03 16:03:04 I dropped off a large bag of laundry Friday morning around 10 am. It was my first time there, so William explained the services. I chose Wash & Fold and was told to return in 24 hours. When I picked up my laundry the next morning. I assumed that Wash & Fold would cost more than $25 (Drop-A-Load). The bill came to $23. I liked that the laundry was not only folded but organized in paper bags (e.g., folded sock pairs were in one bag). They do a good job. —nowhereman


1-30-2012 11:11:35 I used The Laundry Lounge for the first time yesterday after reading some of their reviews. I have to say that I was highly satisfied with their services. I spoke with both of the female attendants who were working there at the time and they were extremely helpful in regards to my questions. I had come in with a queen size blanket and sheets and they gave me advice on which washer was the best to use in terms of the size of my load. I understood from reading previous reviews that they offered a free service of transferring your washed clothes to the dryer for you, and then calling you to inform you of when your load was done. I decided to forgo that option though it was certainly tempting and instead chose to bring a book to read while waiting for my blanket and sheets to wash and dry. The lounge was comfortable and I felt as though very little time had passed before I was done. Great service and great employees. I definitely plan on coming back when I have large loads to wash. —LyndaLe


11-29-2011 07:35:36 I absolutely love this place! They have an amusingly named "Drop-a-load" service, where they will pick up a GIANT bag of laundry from your house, wash it, dry it, arrange it neatly in your bag, and drop it back off at your door step the next day, for $20! I don't have a car, so this works very well for me. The employees/staff are all very knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous, and the owners are great. It's not a bad place to hang out if you decide to take your laundry in and do it yourself, either. Pleasant colors, lots of magazine, and free wi-fi. —KianaFreitas


09-1-2011 15:00:00   Dear Laundry Lounge, Thank you for the great wash from the UCD Craft Center. The aprons look fantastic! You rock the laundry world. thank you thank you thank you! -Nora Selmanaj Roush


03-25-2011 22:40:21   Went there today after my crappy top-loading washer finally died a painful and deserved death. The owner was very cool and helpful with more insightful laundry tips in ten minutes than I've received in my whole life (and I'm not young); clean, well-lighted, and comfortable Ikea furniture where I could comfortably chill and read while the machines did their business. Huge thumbs up. —Swilltopower


02-24-2011 15:02:58   I'm in love with their drop a load service. This week I had midterms and my life was just too crazy, so the laundry started piling up. I never used a laundry company before, but I needed some help. I gave them a call and they picked up all my laundry in garbage bags until I got the Laundry Lounge Bag. Turns out I had a little more than the bag would allow. But the owners kept the $20 because they had told me it was about 4 garbage bags of laundry, and that's how many I filled. It was finished quickly and done well. When I got my clothes back, I was worried about wrinkles. As their website states, their "unique packing system" will prevent wrinkles. Needless to say I was skeptical. Well, that packing system is genius!!!! It kept all my clothes in un-wrinkled condition and compact. Considering I usually have to pay $15 *plus* my time to do my laundry, the $20 is a steal. They pick it up and deliver it which is absolutely amazing. I will most definitely be using this service again!! —JessH


04-13-2010 21:35:01   Best laundromat I've ever been to. —sjoe


01-28-2010 10:24:06   I really like the FREE transfer service. Doing landry can take up so much of your day! It's especially annoying when you want to enjoy what little time off you have, not spend all day doing chores. With the transfer service, you take your clothes in, start them in the washers, and leave the attendant with money for dryers. They tell you what time to come back so you can spend that time running errands, getting stuff done, or sleeping! When you come back your clothes are dry. I'm a huge fan of this place and I appreciate that one of the owners is almost always around. It's obvious they really care about their business and are always trying to improve it. —LilyS


01-12-2010 18:11:18   This is definitely the nicest laundromat I've been to. I felt completely safe, and knew my clothes would be too. It's clean and cute and the attendants were really, really nice. I'll definitely be back! —deeray82


01-05-2010 21:21:27   just went here to wash my comforter, which had gotten a bit rank over winter break. unfortunately the fluffy monster didn't quite fit in a double load, and both of the triple loads were full, but one of the attendants said that if the person with the just-finished triple load didn't come back in five minutes she'd just take their stuff out for me, and so she did. change machine took even my ripped bills, and i was able to go run errands and get some boba. while it was a bit more $$ than I expected ($5.50 + $2.50 to dry) it was still much cheaper (and faster!) than the alternative (taking it to a dry cleaners). the price is def worth it for the complete lack of shadiness factor. —KellyCorcoran


07-02-2009 16:46:58   I just went in here for the first time this week. I LOVE this laundromat! First of all the staff is super helpful and friendly they came up to me and showed me how to use the equipment and asked me if I had any questions. Then they offered to change over my clothes from the washers to the dryers for FREE, I couldn't believe it! I didnt even know a serivce like that existed! It was so great, I went and ran some errands and came back and my clothes were totally dry! Amazing.

Plus its the cleanest laundromat I have ever been to and they were playing The Decemberists on the stereo, so Cool! I will definitely be back. I guess they have free wi-fi too, I'll be bringing my laptop next time. By the way, the water was scorchingly hot and the place was completely spick and span.  I'll be back next week with more laundry! —Audrey13

08-27-2009 17:39:27   Whoa! If you haven't already tried their free pickup and delivery, you should get on it now. I left the laundry outside my door, they came and picked it up while I was away, followed instructions, and delivered the laundry, clean, dried, and folded! Very impressed with the service. Cost is reasonable and whenever I talked to the staff, they were always professional and nice. It is an awesome feeling to give your clothes and get them back totally clean and folded the next day! Very happy with the service. Highly recommended for busy people! —KevinW

11-02-2009 13:56:00   Went there the other day. The service is very friendly. Machines are pretty clean. Plenty of space to fold and sort. I will for sure come back! —davisoldie

12-05-2009 18:48:06   I'm still astounded that while studying for finals and writing papers my laundry was picked up at my front door and returned cleaned and folded at no charge. As a full time college student that has a job, I don't have the time nor do I have tons of money. Not only has the laundry lounge helped me get a better grade on my finals but also has helped my sanity :) Before I was aware of theie free pick-up service they provide, I would do my laundry personally there at the establishment. I always felt comfortable being there, as a woman alone and my clothes were safe because there is always someone attending the place. This place is great. I NEVER leave comments about businesses i've been at, but seriously this place has really calmed me this semester. Thank you you guys. —chelseah8