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The Laundry Lounge is the brainchild of Chi-chi and Chukwuka George. We don’t exactly love doing laundry, but we’re always looking for ways to improve our laundry methods. As African immigrants, we lived most of our lives during laundry the old way; a bucket, a bar of soap, our hands, and the sun in all its glory.

After relocating to North America, we found that although washers and dryers saved us a lot of time and energy, they ruined most of our clothes! Over time, we understood that we couldn’t just throw our clothes in the washer, use any detergent, and expect great results.

We started The Laundry Lounge because it was difficult to find a resource that was solely dedicated to sharing laundry tips and hacks.

From stain removal to washing delicate fabrics, The Laundry Lounge has the best guides for getting all your clothes, bedding, shoes, and other items clean.

Our guide provides laundry tips and hacks you didn’t know existed! We offer easy DIY wash and fold advice for your convenience.

Your washer and dryer are not left out! They’re some of the most used machines in any home and are often bound to malfunction. Our blog features an extensive guide on fixing washer and dryer error codes without the need to spend hundreds of dollars on a professional.


The Laundry Lounge writers come from various parts of the world. We acknowledge that laundry practices vary from one country to another, so we try to represent laundry practices from around the world in our content.

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