A Davis Original! The Laundry Lounge is Davis’ ONLY fully staffed Laundromat. Locally owned and operated since 2008.

Many GREAT Full & Self Service Options to Save you time

If you can relate... You need us!

We are dedicated to providing you
with the highest level of service.
Whether you are washing, drying,
dropping-off or having us come to you,
your satisfaction is our top priority!


Check Out Our Drop-A-Load™ Video!

We LOVE Your Dirty Laundry!

Our Newest Service: DROP-A-LOAD™
$25 per Giant Laundry Lounge Bag
More Info Here 

Our FREE in-store transfer service allows you to “load and leave.”

We wash your clothing and transfer it over to our dryers
when it’s finished washing. We’ll even
call you once your laundry is complete!

All for the same price it would
take you to do it yourself!!
  The Laundry Lounge, offering service you can’t beat.