How to Reset Your Samsung Washer

There are times when your Samsung washer malfunctions (every washer has its bad days) and maybe display an error code or stops working or anything else.

There are many ways to fix these issues and many of them require resetting the washer. You may not know how to do this, but that’s not a problem.

It’s quite easy. You can read on to know more about how to reset your Samsung washer.

Simple Steps To Reset Your Samsung Washer

If you discovered some error codes or other malfunctions in your Samsung washer, resetting it might be a way to correct such defect. 

Simply follow these steps if you want to know how to reset your Samsung washer.

  • Disconnect your Samsung washer from its power source

The first step to resetting your Samsung washer is to remove the washer’s power cord from its connection to the electrical circuitry and power supply. 

Disconnect the Samsung Washing Machine from the electricity supply and then reconnect it.

  • Reconnect your washer after a few minutes

After you’ve disconnected your washer, as with many washers, leave it for a few minutes, say 2 to 3 minutes.

This will enable any remaining current still in the washer to disseminate. Also, it’ll completely reset your washer.

After doing this, you can reconnect your washer to its power supply. 

  • Now you can run a new cycle

Now your Samsung washer is reset and the only way to find out if that solved any issue is to run a new cycle. 

If the washing machine works smoothly, then it means that the machine has been reset correctly.

Oftentimes, the difficulty is that a simple reset like this doesn’t always address the issue your washer might be experiencing. 

However, you can investigate the issues if they are error codes or other malfunctions in the system and address them by troubleshooting them or getting professional assistance from Samsung.

Other Ways You Can Reset Your Samsung Washer

Samsung Washer

Apart from the conventional way of resetting washers, you can also try other methods such as the ones I’ll be mentioning below. 

You can factory reset your Samsung washer

Samsung Washer Control Panel

Performing a factory reset on your Samsung washer can be one of the most effective ways to clear codes and restore its factory defaults.

All you have to do to factory reset your Samsung washer is by following these steps.

  • Check the power switch to see if the washer is up and running.
  • Next up, hold down the spin, soil level, and power buttons simultaneously. It should probably take about 3 to 5 seconds.
Performing a factory reset on Samsung washer
  • You’ll hear a “chime sound” in your washer. It’s usually indicative of the self-state mode that the washer has gone into.
  • Push the spin button next to check if it’s locked. You should note that while all this is happening, your washer’s LCD screen is off. 
  • Next, try the water valve test. You can lock the washer’s door and push the “temperature” button on the washer.
  • Then, check the drain pump by hitting the “soil level test” button. 
  • After you’ve done all this, restart your Samsung washer again. 

You should however note that this “factory reset” option is a final resort when all other options have failed.

You can reset your washer by switching OFF/ON its circuit breaker

If your Samsung washing machine won’t start, then maybe you’ll have to examine the circuit breaker.

Many appliances use power when they’re left on, therefore, by unplugging your Samsung washer, you can help save on energy costs.

So, here’s how to re-initialize a Samsung washing machine by resetting the circuit breaker.

  • Before attempting to reset your washing machine, first, turn the power off.
  • Turn off the circuit breaker in your home’s fuse box and that’s all you need. If you do it this way, you’ll avoid electric shocks and other problems.
  • Then after reactivating your washer, wait about 2 to 5 minutes before you start using it again.

Try resetting the WiFi setting on your Samsung washer

Some models of Samsung washing machines have to be reconnected to the Internet on a regular basis. They might have a different approach to resetting the washer.

You can try these tips listed below for troubleshooting WiFi issues:

  • Firstly, you should try resetting your router to see if there’s a Wi-Fi issue that requires your washer to be reset.
  • Next up, push the smart control button on the Samsung washer for 3 to 5 seconds if resetting the router didn’t work.
  • Then, wait for the AP logo to show on your LCD screen.
  • Keep pressing the “temperature” button until you see “OK” appear on your washer’s LCD screen.
  • As soon as the AP sign reappears on your washer’s display, wait for the cycle to repeat. This causes both Wi-Fi and network settings to be updated.
  • Now, turn off the washer for a few minutes, and after a few seconds, then turn it back on.
  • Your washer’s Wi-Fi and network information will be updated when you try to connect something to it again. 

You can reset the Samsung washer’s Ecobubble Mode 

Some Samsung washers now use less water and electricity thanks to Samsung’s Ecobubble technology.

The Washer’s Ecobubble mode is pretty much efficient, and if the washer ever develops a fault, the good news is that diagnosing and resetting the Samsung washer’s eco bubble feature is a straightforward process.

Because of this feature, you are now able to save money on water and electric bills

To carry out these steps,

  • Firstly, the washer’s electricity must be disconnected from its source. 
  • Then, you can wait at least about 7 to 10 full minutes before continuing.
  • Now, turn on the Samsung washer’s service and maintenance mode and hit the “cancel” button. You’ll probably find that a “Cancel” sign appears on the washer’s LCD screen.
  • Now, with that, you can go back to the beginning by selecting the “reset” option. 
  • And you’ve correctly resetted your Samsung washer.

When Should I Reset My Samsung Washer?

It’s probably not on every occasion that you might have to reset your Samsung washer. Many times, if your washer displays an error code, it means there is an issue.

Now although those error codes will be cleared from your washing machine’s memory when you reset it, it’s very likely that it may only temporarily solve the issue but will not fix the problem.

And so, the error code will return because the problem hasn’t been fixed.

Therefore, I’ll advise that before resetting your washer, make sure you’ve exhausted all other options for troubleshooting. You can get a ton of information on how to troubleshoot your Samsung washer for issues.

Even after a reset, if the error code still persists, I’ll also advise you not to attempt to clear it again as doing that would only get the washer unit’s error code history lost. 

Rather, you should ask for help in addressing the issue code.

What If My Samsung Washer Does Not Have A Reset Button?

The best approach to reset your Samsung washer if your washer doesn’t have a “reset” button is to download the Smart Home App from Samsung. 

After downloading it, you can turn on its “Smart Care” feature on your Samsung washer.

Your Samsung Washer can then be linked up to your Smart Things account with your smartphone.

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