How to Fix 4C Error on Samsung Washer

If you discover a 4C displayed on your Samsung Washer’s display panel, it’s an error code associated with your washer. 

As with all electronic appliances, any machine is bound to have errors and defects.

Error codes in your washer are built-in messages in the form of characters that inform you of a malfunction or defect in the workings of your washing machine. 

There’s no cause for alarm if you see a 4C error code on your washer. It’s not so hard to fix.

All you need to do is look up your Samsung Washer’s instructions manual for a guide. 

What Does a 4C on My Samsung Washer Mean?

4C Samsung Washer

If you turn on your Samsung washer to do your laundry and get a 4C code on display, it simply means that the mechanism providing water to your washer is broken.

Samsung Washer manufacturers created the 4C code to inform users that the water supply line to the washer is clogged and practically busted, making it impossible to run a conventional washing cycle.

This is perhaps the most common reason for a 4C display.

Why is There a 4C on My Samsung Washer?

It’s important to know what’s wrong and why the error code is coming up so that it can be properly fixed.

There are quite a several reasons why a 4C error code might be displayed on your Samsung Washer. Some of them are;

  • Minimal pressure in the water supply system

Pressure drives the water flow in your washer. So when there’s little or no pressure, little water will flow into your washer. 

  • Faulty water supply hose and inlet system

Like I said earlier, a faulty water supply system is probably the most prevalent cause of the 4C error display. 

Water will not get into the washer if the faulty water supply system or its hoses are clogged with debris. 

Also, you might want to consider the weather, as harsh weather conditions like winter may freeze the water pipes. This results in your Samsung Washer giving the 4C error code. 

  • Faulty water system connections 

On installation of the Samsung Washing Machine, there might have been some little error in linking the different pipes in the washer, especially the pipes for cold and hot water. 

Also, a 4C can appear when the water valves are not turned on properly. 

  • Clogged water mesh filters

Clogged filters are another big cause of 4C errors in Samsung washers. The filters remove dirt and debris from the water that is supplied to the washer. 

When it’s clogged, impurities will clog the water hose, causing reduced water flow. 

  • Dirty detergent receptacles
washing machine detergent receptacles

Dirty and plugged-up detergent receptacles cause the Samsung Washer to receive less water.

The fault is even damaging, especially from detergents that produce large suds. 

How Do I Fix a 4C Error on my Samsung Washer?

If you find out that your Samsung Washer indicates a 4C error on its display, it means it cannot run a proper washing cycle.

It’s not hard to resolve this. You can use the Samsung washer’s manual as a guide.

  • Switch off the washer

To begin, you’ll need to switch off the washer at the mains to ensure that you do not develop any mechanical or electrical injuries from the washing machine.

This will also turn off the water supply to the washer.

Also, ensure you move the washing machine forward to allow access to the water hoses. 

  • Check for leakages

Check for any leakages that may have occurred after the washing machine has been turned off.

Next, check for proper water pressure and supply by turning on the cold water valve.

Make sure the water inlet that feeds your washer isn’t the root of the problem. If the water pressure is lowered, ensure the water valve going to the washer is open.

According to the Samsung washer’s specifications, the water pressure should be between 0.5 and 8 bar.

The water pressure at the valves can be monitored using a water pressure gauge.

  • Clean the water supply hoses

You can clean the water supply hoses after shutting off the water supply and disconnecting the pipes from both ends.

After that, you must pour water through the pipe to see if there’s any resistance. If this is the case, get a piece of wire to unclog the hose.

To avoid leaks, make sure the pipes are not jarred loose or deformed out of shape. This makes it impossible for the water to flow freely through them.

Ensure that the pipes are securely connected. 

The water valves inside the pipes may not function properly if they are not properly connected.

  • Clean the water mesh filters

After cleaning the supply hoses, look for the mesh filters in the washer. 

Then loosen them up slowly and examine them to discover if they’re filled with dirt. If they’re, you can clean them properly with a little brush and water and replace the filter in the washer. 

I’ll recommend, though, that you clean them at least twice a year to ensure it stays clean for water filtration.

You wouldn’t want to get your laundry stained repeatedly by dirty water. 

  • Remove any debris from the detergent receptacles

Once you’ve cleaned the mesh filters, you can now clean the detergent receptacles in the washer.

Do this by removing the detergent receptacle while clasping a release button inside the washer compartment. 

When you’ve done it, you can use a little brush also to clean the insides of the fabric softener and detergent compartments.

You should always ensure that you use High-Efficiency detergents while you do your laundry. They’re less likely to give much suds.

If you do not use it, the excessive suds from other types of detergents may clog the receptacle and cause a 4C error code on your Samsung washer display. 

  • Now reset the washer 

You can now reset the washer after completing all these steps.

To reset your washer, simply disconnect it for a little while before plugging it back in.

Check if the 4C error code has disappeared after turning on the washing machine.

If the error code continues to appear on your washer, you should have a qualified technician inspect it.

Can My Laundry Load Cause a 4C on My Samsung Washer?

Samsung Washing Machine

An error number 4C can also be caused by the type and amount of laundry in your Samsung washing machine.

Overloading your washer with excess laundry or washing clothing that absorbs a lot of water is likely to cause this issue. Blankets and comforters are examples of this type of item.

It’s a great idea to forgo doing a lot in just one laundry cycle so that you can fix the 4C issue in your Samsung washer. 

You can also check the manufacturer’s instructions guide for specifics on the amount and type of clothing that can be laundered in a single cycle. 

However, if the 4C error still displays on the washer, the problem is most likely with the washing machine’s structural components.

As a result, you may need to hire a professional or seek technical assistance from Samsung.

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