How to Fix UB Error on Samsung Washers

A Samsung washer has got a long list of errors and codes. Of course, it ensures that the Samsung washer stays effective and long-lasting. 

If you want to use your washer and see the UB on the control display, you should not fret as it’s quite easy to troubleshoot and repair.  

What does UB Mean on Samsung Washers? 

UB Error Samsung Washers

Like the SUD error code, Samsung created the UB error code to alert consumers about an issue with their washer. The UB error code often indicates an imbalance within the washer.

This error occurs when the sensor and assembly are overloaded or damaged, resulting in a weight disparity in the drum.

Typically, the drum is going to come to a complete stop during or just before a spin cycle and will not start till the unbalanced load issue is corrected.

It activates a kind of automatic protection for the washer even at the tiniest indication of imbalance. 

What Does UB Appear On My Samsung Washer Display?

As with any electrical equipment, there are various reasons why an electronic fails, and the Samsung washer is no exception.

Here are some of the possible causes of the UB error code.

  • Overloaded or Underloaded Washer

When the weight of your washer exceeds the threshold load weight recommended by Samsung, your washer will start to misbehave and won’t start spinning. This prompts the UB error code on your washer due to the imbalance in weight. 

It also appears that too much weight in the drum and too minimal weight in the drum can cause problems.

If your Samsung washer cannot sense the weight of the laundry load in the drum, the clothing may not be distributed evenly.

  • Damaged control function

To operate the washer, the control panel communicates electronic signals within it. 

A defective control module is usually the reason your Samsung washer might display a UB error. 

In this case, it’s most likely sending out faulty signals and generating the Samsung washer UB error code. 

Damaged controls can also cause the drive belt, which delivers torque from the electric motor, to fail and lose its flexibility. 

Of course, that would create the imbalance necessary for the UB display. 

  • A mixture of incompatible clothing

For clothing like office wear and duvets or blankets, mixing them up in your laundry makes your washer unable to disperse them effectively. 

That’s probably due to their different moisture-absorbing qualities.

Due to the imbalance induced by the Irregular sizes and features of your laundry, the UB error code is generated on the washer. 

You simply cannot wash heavy and light garments together.

  • Bad washer springs and bearings

There are different components that regulate the swing of the washer, such as suspension springs and shock absorbers.

When they fracture or collapse, the swirls gradually increase until the UB error is displayed on the screen.

Bearings are situated on the supporting part of the drum within the beam between the tub axle and the motor shaft in front-loader Samsung washers.

Backlash occurs when the casing wears out, and one or more bearings become loosened.

The tub will vibrate, possibly resulting in the UB error code.

  • The uneven balance of the washer on the floor

The Samsung washing machine will not uniformly distribute the weight of the laundry load is placed at an awkward angle, especially during the spin cycle.

Even if the washing machine is slightly off level, it can be thrown out of proportion.

If your washer is situated on an uneven floor, it may become unbalanced over time because of the vibrations produced by the washer during its many spin cycles.

How To Fix UB On My Samsung Washer

If you discover the UB error on your washer, you can fix it yourself by following these steps. 

  • Examine your laundry load

Because the UB error might be caused by overloading or underloading your washer, one simple solution is to start removing when excess and adding when few to the load to balance it out.

You should also carefully select your clothes, so heavy materials aren’t always in one area of the washer.

Towels, duvets, and denim are often heavier than most other garments. As a result, they ought not to be handled with light-colored garments.

You should rearrange your laundry based on its moisture-absorbing properties. 

  • Ensure the washer is steady

After examining your laundry load, evaluate and fix the washer’s outward balance. All you need for the problem is a level tool.

So, if the level tool indicates that the washer is not level, adjust the legs till the washer is level.

Now, using a spanner, set each foot under the washer to ensure it is absolutely level.  Then, turn it clockwise or counterclockwise to lower or lift the leg.

You can also use a spirit level to check the balance of the washer, or you can utilize its smartphone app version instead.

  • Set the proper spin cycles.
Samsung Washer Spin Level

A UB error code is displayed on your washer when the spin velocity is high for the amount of clothing within that washer.

If your Samsung washer has a lighter load option, you can utilize it to decrease the drum velocity and avoid an uneven load later. 

When using the washer, it’s crucial to program it to the correct cycle. Each wash cycle is tailored to certain fabric types and amounts of dirt.

  • Suspension system repair

Now check the suspension. You should know that the washer’s suspensions and other components allow the laundry drums to swirl and work effectively.

Open the washer’s panels to get entry to the current rods on each side and identify damaged ones if they’re damaged. Regardless of how many damaged rods there are, they should be replaced.

Thankfully, you’ll only need to remove the defective rod from the drums and replace it with a new one.

  • Now you can reprogram the Washer

If the UB error code persists after you’ve tried everything else, you can reset the washer. The control panel can sometimes be reset by unplugging the washer from the electricity for 3 to 5 minutes.

When you restore the electricity to the washer, the error code should be removed if it was just a malfunction.

However, if the problem code remains after resetting the washer, you should contact Samsung’s support center for assistance to avoid a complete malfunction of your Samsung washer.

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