How to Use Detergent in a Washer

Knowing how to use detergent in a washer is pretty important and can help you sail smoothly on your laundry journey. You would find this article helpful if you’re new to doing laundry.

Especially if you’re using a detergent type that’ll give your clothing a clean appearance and nice smells.

How Can I Use Detergent In A Washer?

Detergent in Washer

Laundry detergents come in three forms and can be confusing if you use them for the first time.

To use detergents in a washer, you can follow these steps. 

Using Liquid Detergents

  • If your laundry requires a pre-treat, you can use a little detergent before placing it in the washer. 
  • Check the right dosage for liquid detergent. Dilute and add it to the detergent cup of the washer.
  • Then add your laundry. Do not overload your washer so the detergent can be equally used across your laundry.
  • Set your washer cycle to the appropriate settings. You can try cold wash for delicate clothing or hot wash for highly soiled laundry. 

Using Powder Detergents

  • Check and sort your laundry according to the requirements for using powder detergents
  • Suppose your clothing is suitable for powder detergents. In that case, you can add the detergent to the washer drum secured in a small bag so that it can dissolve properly, or mix it with water and add it directly to the receptacle. 
  • Then add the sorted laundry to the washer drum.
  • Set your washer cycle according to the instructions on the washer’s manual.

Using Detergent Tablets or Pods

  • Many detergent pods are HE, so you might want to use a less amount for your laundry.
  • First, you should sort your laundry according to the level of stains it has got.
  • Then add one tablet to the drum of your washer. If you’ve got filthy laundry, you can add more tablets. 
  • Then add your laundry and select a wash cycle.
  • Note that HE detergent pods are concentrated. You shouldn’t use them in regular washers. 

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Where Can I Put Detergent In My Washer?

Detergent Replacement/Dispenser

There are many types of washing machines out there, and each has different methods and locations for applying any type of detergent. 

If you’ve got any type, you can check the manufacturer’s manual to discover where you can use detergents in your washer. 

  • For Samsung Washers

Samsung washers usually come in front and top-loading types. Recent improvements from Samsung add Flex Wash washers to the list.

If you’ve got a front-loading washer, you’ll find the detergent compartment on the front side.

If you prefer liquid detergents, use a measuring cup to dose the required quantity in the liquid detergent cup.

If it’s the powder detergent, you can remove the cup and put the powder in the compartment, or you can directly into the drum if you’ll use detergent tablets. 

It’s pretty much the same for top-loading Samsung washers, although you’ll find the detergent compartment under the washer’s covers.

Samsung’s Flex Wash washing machine also has compartments for adding detergents, although it’s got upper and lower compartments. 

Add the detergent to the Aqua Pebble (for adding detergents to the washer) and put it in the washer drum. The lower compartment is a lot like the normal detergent compartment. So you can apply the same method here.

  • For LG Washers

LG washers have different compartments, such as those for detergents, pre-soaking, bleach, softeners, and so on. 

The location of the detergent compartment depends on if you’ve got a front or top-loading LG washer.

If your laundry requires presoak, you can add either a liquid or powder detergent to the compartment for a presoak. 

To get the best from your LG washer, you should add the required amount of detergent to the liquid detergent cup situated inside the detergent receptacle. That’s for liquid detergents.

For powder and tablet detergents, you should add them inside the main detergent compartment and washer drum, respectively. 

  • For Whirlpool Washers

To use detergent in a Whirlpool washer, first, locate the detergent compartment on the washer.

Whirlpool washers have a compartment for single-dose detergents (pods) and possess a Load & Go feature that allows for the detergent to be dispensed at the right time in the washing cycle.

Add your liquid detergent to the Load & Go dispenser before putting your laundry. Take note because it only uses HE detergents. You can check here if you do not know what HE detergents are.

To use powder detergent, add it to the washer drum before you run the laundry cycle. For detergent pod types, you can use them in single-dose detergent dispensers. 

You should ensure that you do not use both dispensers simultaneously to avoid excessive foaming in your washer.

  • For Maytag Washers

Maytag washers are pretty much like the others. They’ve also got top-loading and front-loading washers. So, their laundry detergent compartment is situated below the lid and inside the washer, respectively. 

If you use liquid detergents, add them to the detergent dispenser before loading your laundry.

For powder and tablet detergents, never put them in the dispenser. Instead, you can put them in the washer drum inside the washer before you add your laundry load. 

Also, use HE detergents if your washer requires it. To know this, check the washer’s instructions manual. 

Can I Use Detergent in A Washer Without Dispenser?

Washer Without Dispenser
GE Spacemaker® Extra-Large Capacity Portable Washer

If your washer does not have a detergent dispenser, there is no need to worry about it. You can still use detergent in washers of such types. 

All you have to do is add the detergent to the washer drum inside the washer if it’s the liquid form of detergent you prefer. For the powder detergents, pour some into a little mesh bag and put it inside the drum before adding your laundry. 

Some people say you can also put detergent in the fabric softener compartment of the washer. But I’ll rather not recommend that for you so that it’ll not cause issues for your washer. 

If you use detergent tablets/pods, you can also put them in the drum of your washer before adding your laundry. 

Dispenser vs. Drum. Which Is A Better Option?

Many washers have dispensers but some individuals just like adding detergent directly to the washer.

So, you might wonder if that’s the best option. 

I’ll say that using the dispenser carries more benefits than risks. 

Adding detergent to the receptacles helps you distribute the detergent at the set time. It spreads the detergent evenly across your laundry during the wash cycle. 

Adding detergent to Washer drums is also not bad. You just need to pour it into a little mesh bag and put it inside the drum if it’s liquid, or you can just pour it directly inside. 

The detergent dispenser helps dilute the detergent, especially if you use powder detergents to avoid stains on your laundry. Liquid detergents are even more suitable for that. 

The only downside to the dispenser is that clogs might develop from the detergents in the drains of your washer. On the other hand, washer drums don’t have this clogging problem. 

What Type Of Detergent Is Best For My Washer? 

The best type of laundry detergent for your laundry depends on your preference. Many individuals prefer the liquid detergent type because it’s suitable for all sorts of fabric and can be measured easily. But it all comes down to what you like.

Liquid detergents are pretty much cheaper than the newer detergent pods. It’s no wonder why many people prefer them. They also tend not to clog up your washer, unlike the powder detergent, especially if you just add it directly to your washer. 

You can use liquid detergents on your washer’s temperature settings, same with the detergent tablets or pods. Powder detergents usually tend to be fault in this regard because they sometimes do not dissolve properly during cold temperature cycles.

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