How to Drain Samsung Washer

Samsung makes some of the best washers on the market right now. However, like all machines, your Samsung washer can face various problems when in use. As a result, you should be aware of some of the most common causes of a Samsung washing machine not draining.

Different factors may conspire to stop your Samsung washer from draining properly: a clogged hose, for example. Regardless, if you follow the troubleshooting instructions in this guide, you should have your Samsung washer draining in no time. 

What You Need to Drain a Samsung Washer

Drain Samsung Washer

Before you start, you may need a few handy tools to make this operation a breeze. 

You will, of course, require access to the washing machine, so you will need to have a screwdriver. Additionally, you must have the handbook with you. That way, you’ll be able to figure out where the parts are and what steps you’ll need to perform to remove or replace them.

Typically, you’ll need a snake tool, a strong cleaning agent, and a few towels when you need them before you get started. If electronics do not daunt you, throw in a multimeter. After gathering your tools, follow the instructions that follow to drain your Samsung washer without making a mess. 

How Do You Drain a Samsung Washer?

Has your Samsung washer suddenly refused to drain properly? The following are possible reasons why your Samsung washer is not draining and possible solutions to remedy the situation. 

Solution 1 – Inspect the Drain Pump

A clogged drain pump (not a pipe!) is the first suspect when your washer suddenly stops draining. So, you need to examine the drain pump more closely to see if the problem exists.

Samsung washer drain pump
Samsung washer drain pump

The drain pump may be positioned separately depending on the type of washing machine you have. You should consult the handbook to determine the location of the drain pump.

The drain pump could be clogged for a variety of reasons. Small items from clothing are among the most common causes. If you have children, you should check their pockets and remove small objects and toys before tossing the clothes into the washer. That way, you won’t have to worry about little particles clogging the drain pump.

If you suspect a clog in the drain pump, you need to take a closer look at it by taking it out. For this, you might need a screwdriver. Once you take out the pump, clean out any clogs there. 

Solution 2 – Unclog Blocked Drainage Hose

Your drain pump may be free of blockages. In that case, there may be an obstacle in the washing machine’s drainage hose. Again, loose threads, pieces of clothing, and tiny toys are some of the most typical origins of these blockages. As a result, you must thoroughly check the pockets of all clothing items to ensure that they do not become clogged in the drain system.

Samsung washer drain pump

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for removing the drainage hose, then use a snake tool to plunge the pipe to dislodge an obstacle. Subsequently, reattach the hose drain hose and check to see if the Samsung washer now drains properly. If your current drain hose tends to compress or bend, thereby blocking the flow of water, don’t hesitate to get a high-quality replacement hose for the washer.

Solution 3 – Assess the Door Lock Mechanism

Samsung washing machines are designed to remain inactive until the door is properly locked. Otherwise, the washer will not work. This might be the reason why your Samsung washer is not draining: a faulty door lock signal. When the machine believes that the door is not properly locked, the drain will also seize operation. 

Faulty door signals may arise due to electrical or mechanical faults. Check for signs of damage to the door lock: striped motor, signs of rust, or anything out of place. 

If you are technically inclined, you can use a multimeter to assess the door lock mechanism itself;  no current passing through means there’s something wrong with it. You might want to let a professional look into it. You might also want to learn how to fix UR error codes on Samsung washers.

Solution 4 – Check the Lid Switch Assembly

If the drain pump is okay, the drain hose is in great condition, and the door is perfect, then you may have a faulty lid switch assembly. The lid switch assembly is a safety component that automatically stops the washer from spinning when the lid is open. 

The best step is to call a professional to fix or replace your faulty lid switch assembly; the components are not expensive, ranging from $10 – $30. 

Solution 5 – Check the Coin Trap

A coin trap prevents objects from ending up in the drain. When left unchecked, dirt may build up and clog the trap, making it difficult for water to drain from your Samsung washer. If you have a coin trap, you must clean it regularly. It has been specifically built to capture coins, as the name implies.

Why Does My Samsung Washer Drain But Not Spin

Your Samsung washer may stop spinning for various reasons, ranging from faults in any of its numerous sensors. These can control your Samsung washer by stopping or slowing the machine as needed. Sometimes, when a sensor detects an anomaly, it may instruct the washing machine to stop spinning. 

Most times, an unbalanced load in the washer can trigger a safety measure and instruct the washer to stop spinning. Also, when the load in the washer is too heavy, it may cause the drum to spin slowly. When you have an unbalanced load, your Samsung washer will notify you with a ‘Ub’ or ‘Ur’ error code. 

What to Do When Samsung Washer Is Not Spinning 

When you get a ‘Ub’ or ‘Ur’ code, you need to check that your washing machine is not lopsided. Otherwise, take steps to balance it. You can also open the washer and distribute the load evenly in the drum. Take out some cloth to reduce the load if the machine is overloaded.

Lastly, you should add in a few bulky items if you are washing single items (blankets, for example) that could unbalance the washer during a wash cycle. Add 3 – 5 old towels to balance out the load. 

Learn more about how your Samsung washer Wash, rinse, and spin cycle work.

How Do I Clean the Debris Filter on My Front-Loading Samsung Washing Machine?

It is good practice to clean your washer’s drain pump from time to time to prevent blockages. Follow the steps below to clear your Samsung debris filter: 

  1. Press the access door firmly to open it. The access door is located in front of the washing machine. 
  2. Next, put a towel on the ground below the access door and a small bowl to catch water spills from the washer. 
  3. Remove the emergency drain line from the cabinet and place the spout over the dish. Remove the cap and let the water drain into the dish until it stops.
  4. Replace the emergency drain hose cap and tighten it back into place.
  5. Reattach the emergency drain hose cover and secure it in place.
  6. Remove the drain filter from the housing by turning it counterclockwise and washing it with warm water to clean it.
  7. Wipe the pump filter with a wet towel and replace it by turning it clockwise to lock it. 
  8. Close the access door. That’s it.

How Do I Get Water Out Of My Samsung Washer After It Becomes Unbalanced?

If you have items in the washing machine when it becomes unbalanced, you must take them out and place them in a leakproof bucket. Wring the items to remove as much water from them as possible. When the washer is empty, close the lid and let the water drain out. 

If you’re experiencing difficulty draining your Samsung washer, refer back to the different solutions outlined in this article. 

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