How to Fix UR Error on Samsung Washers

Error codes are features built into modern washers to enable users to spot and fix compromised components of the washer. Error codes like the UR error code indicate minor faults that can often be handled with basic DIY measures.

They can also be displayed when more complicated faults require a technical expert’s attention. Either way, error codes are safety systems to protect your washer from damage and more complex impairments.

What is UR Error on Samsung Washing Machine?

UR Error code is the error code that signals balancing problems in your device. Samsung Washing Machine has two symbols to spot and correct balancing errors in your device – the UR and UE symbols. The symbols vary based on models.

The UE error code sends signals for imbalanced devices. Simply put, UR and UE error codes are the same. It is just the letter that changes across different Samsung Washing Machine Models.

UE UR Error Code Samsung Washer

Your device may begin to shake uncontrollably during a wash cycle, or it may not properly process your laundry. It may have drainage problems also. These are the effects of an unbalanced washer. To fix balancing errors, it is expedient to understand what may cause your Samsung Washer to display UR errors due to balancing problems.

Causes Of UR Error Code Display on Your Samsung Washing Machine

UR Error Code Caused by Overloading


Overloading means forcing more clothes on your washing device than necessary. Overloading poses difficulty to the device’s ability to process your load seamlessly through the wash and spin cycles. It mounts pressure on the device, causing it to vibrate, posing balancing problems.

Unlevelled Leg And Slippery Surfaces

How you place your Samsung Washer is essential in preventing the frequent display of UR errors. A slant and tilting washing machine will make the device vibrate or shake during a laundry cycle.  A loose device that is not firmly fixed or tightened will throw your washer out of balance, disrupting the operation of your device.

Heavy Clothes

The nature of the clothes you insert into the wash tub is also a factor. Heavy clothes such as bath mats, blankets, and heavy towels can cause balancing problems for Samsung Washers. These heavy laundry items can get tangled or stuck in one side of the washer making the device unbalanced. Heavy clothes can also result in other malfunctions, such as pumping and draining problems.

Selecting the Wrong Wash Cycle

Your Samsung Washing machine has different wash cycles and programs for different kinds of laundry. There is a delicate, ultra-delicate, and bulky cycle to process all varieties of laundry.  Using a delicate cycle instead of the bulky cycle to wash your pillows, heavy blankets, and bath mats can result in an unbalanced device making the UR error flash. Select a delicate wash cycle for lighter clothes and a bulky wash cycle for a heavier load.

NOTE: Using a bulky wash cycle to process heavy laundry doesn’t entail overloading your wash tub with damp and heavy clothes. Even the bulky wash cycle has limited capacity. Maintain optimal load in your device irrespective of the applied wash cycle. 

Dysfunctional Shock Absorbers

The UR Error code will be displayed if the shock absorbers of your Samsung washing machine are not functioning. Shock absorbers help reduce the transmission of vibrations from one component of your device to the other. The spin cycle is most efficient when your shock absorber is in top shape. When it fails, your device shakes violently, making it susceptible to UR error. 

NOTE: Faulty shock absorbers are a more technical aspect of the impairments that can result in UR disrupting the functioning of your device. Don’t attempt a DIY fix here. 

Dysfunctional Tachometer

Your Samsung Washing Machine uses the tachometer to measure the spinning speed of your machine. It enables the smooth functioning of the spinning mechanism by ensuring that other components are not compromised in the spinning process.

If the device’s tachometer is broken, impaired, or not functioning, your device will emit strange sounds and noises during operation, posing challenges to balancing the device.

Cramped And Broken Bearings

If the bearings of your wash drum are broken, it will offset the smooth functioning of the device, setting the device out of balance. Cramped drum bearings put your device under intense pressure disrupting the functioning of the device and the overall performance of the device.

Failed Sensor Systems

When your device’s sensor system fails, there will be errors in transmitting signals from the sensor systems. The UR error can result from a failed sensor system, not necessarily due to the imbalance of the device.

Failed Suspension Springs

Suspension springs help maintain balance in your Samsung Washing Machine. It keeps the wash tub firmly in place and forestalls the rattling wash drum when the device is not working. If the drum of your device rattles during operation, it may kick the device out of balance.

How To  Fix UR Error In Your Samsung Washing Machine

Fixing UR errors may require simple DIYs depending on the magnitude and severity of the error. Unlike remedies for most other error codes, which require specific diagnostic steps, UR errors can be fixed by taking these simple steps below

Reduce The Load In Your Wash Drum

If your device displays a UR  error code, the load may be too heavy for the device. Switch off the device. Disconnect it from electricity. Rearrange the load or possibly reduce and return to the laundry cycle. This can help clear the UR error code.

Check The Balance Of The Device

If you place your device on an uneven or slippery surface, you risk balancing errors. Place your washer on a plane, leveled, and solid floor. Tighten the legs of your device firmly to the stand.

Optimal Load Combination

You would have probably mixed heavy and light clothes together, causing problems with the device’s spinning mechanism. Stop the machine and remove all light clothes and wash them separately. Wash all heavy clothes separately too. This will help clear the UR error.

Apply Appropriate Cycle For Different Load Types

If you mistakenly applied a delicate wash cycle when washing your heavy towels, bed bath and bed sheets on the device, Quickly switch to the appropriate wash cycle to clear the UR error code on your device.

Check Your Sensor Systems

Peruse through your sensor systems. Repair all glitches and faults. The UR error flash may not genuinely reflect balancing problems but signal transmission errors. 

Replace Cramped Bearings, Drive Belts, And Faulty Suspension Springs

Cramped Bearings and loose drive belts will affect balancing in your Samsung Washer. Clear UR errors by ensuring they are in good shape. Replace them if necessary, including the suspension springs.

NOTE: There are quick DIY fixes to UR errors in your Samsung Washing Machine, such as load reduction and rearranging the load positioning the device well. Fixing components such as sensor systems, bearings, and suspension springs may not require DIY. Consult your technician.

Other Error Codes On Samsung Washing Machine

Samsung is one of the leading brands in sophisticated home appliances and other technological gadgets. Samsung Washing Machines is one of the high-tech products developed by the brand to aid and support laundry activities. It comes with built-in safety management systems. 

Error codes are an integral part of the system. Your Samsung Washing Machine will send a signal when a dysfunctional and impaired component is detected. Error code systems check minor oversights such as not closing the lid switch when on a wash cycle, improper load combination, kinks and clogs in your drain hose, uncleared filter, and other minor problems which may affect your washer’s efficiency.

There are various error codes on your Samsung Washing Machine with different signals for different errors. Below is a list of error codes in your Samsung Washer 

Error CodesCorresponding Errors
LEIt checks whether your Samsung Washer is leaking
OE Signals excess water in your washer, which can be damaging to your device
4E This means that you don’t have enough water in your device
3EAn excessive electric current in the device’s Direct Drive Motor
UEThe load in your washer is not balanced
DE or DCThe device’s spinning function is affected due to an unbalanced load
4E2The water used is too hot for the chosen wash cycle
H1Water getting hot slowly or not at all
DCThe device’s door is locked
SudToo much froth and foam during the wash cycle
tEDysfunctional temperature sensor
OE Your device’s tube is overfilled

Tips On How To Care For Your Samsung Washing Machine

  • Do not overload your device. Use optimal load during the wash cycle.
  • Avoid loads of disproportionate sizes and weights. Wash light and heavy clothes in separate laundry cycles
  • Ensure that your device is firmly fixed on a solid floor.
  • Check the nature of the load before using a wash cycle.  Don’t apply a delicate wash cycle to a collection of heavy loads.
  • Attend every error in your device promptly to avoid complications.
  • Check, repair, and replace defective components of your device.
  • Consult a technician where necessary.

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