How to Get Urine Out of Clothes

Urine stains leave marks on many types of fabrics even after washing them, but there are several tricks to use, both natural and chemical, to get rid of the bad stains and smell of urine.

Soaking it in bleach or washing it with an enzymatic soap can go a long way. In case your clothes just got dirty and smelly, then try washing them and soaking them in vinegar.

5 Ways To Get Urine Out of Clothes

1. Vinegar

Vinegar is a product with many uses and it’s well known for its disinfectant ability, being very useful when cleaning objects, and walls and even removing mold from surfaces that are in damp places such as bathrooms and laundry rooms.

In addition, vinegar can also be used when cleaning fabrics that have come into contact with urine, which means it’s a very efficient product that comes in handy when removing the smell of human urine.

The best and easiest way to apply this method will be:

  • Fill an empty bottle, one that has a sprayer, with two-thirds of hot water and one-third vinegar.
  • Then, shake the bottle to mix both layers and spray the liquid over the urine area of ​​the garment until wet.
  • Then, put the piece in the washing machine to wash it with your usual soap.

After washing and drying, the stain will be gone and so will the smell.

2. Paper Towel

Another efficient method to remove urine stains and smell from clothes is to use an absorbent paper towel. First, buy a roll of this type of paper, then place them on the urine area, repeating the process until the fabrics are dry.

you can use wet wipes afterward, especially if it’s the scented type, they are a great method of getting the pee smell out of clothes.

After performing the steps above, rinse the garment with water and rub the stain with a cloth or sponge with white vinegar. When the piece is clean, place it out in the open to air-dry, once dry, wash it as you normally do, either by hand or in the washing machine.

What if you don’t have a paper towel at home? Another very good option best is to use a cloth that is not very useful for cleaning

3. Mouthwash

opting for a mouthwash can also salvage the situation for you. First of all, we recommend that you do a test run to ensure that the trick works properly, this means that you should test it first on a cloth that is no longer good for anything.

The procedure consists of spreading mouthwash over the stain, secondly, put the piece to dry and then wash it as you’ll normally do.

4. Lemon

Like vinegar and baking soda, lemon is also a powerful cleaning agent capable of getting rid of unpleasant odors that may have been caused by dirt and mold.

To sanitize clothes that have been stained with urine, you will only need to mix half a cup of lemon juice with 2 cups of water, also adding a little bit of baking soda if possible.

Mix the elements in a spray bottle and spray over the entire urine-stained area.

Once the clothing is already in contact with the mixture of lemon, water, and bicarbonate of soda, wait for approximately 10 minutes and wash the clothing as usual.

One of the advantages of using lemon to remove the urine smell from clothes is that, in addition to achieving the objective, you will also be able to leave the affected pieces with a pleasant citrus aroma that is typical of any lemon fruit.

You must also note that this lemon trick can be a great solution if you want to get the urine smell out of your fabrics. However, you need to be careful when spraying the mixture with lemon juice to avoid wetting the fabric excessively.

For best results, first, dry up the affected part with a paper towel.

5. Yeast

Soak the clothes for half an hour, add soap, and spread yeast to neutralize the urine smell. After the stipulated wait period, put the garment in the washing machine with half a cup or a cup of one of the following products which will help to remove the smell

Always verify that you are not allergic to the selected agent before applying them to your clothes.

In addition, you can insist on washing a couple of times (if you prefer that), this is to ensure the pieces are completely clean.

When you’re done washing, put the clothes in the dryer with towels dampened with baking soda. Doing this will ensure the total eradication of the stain.

Importantly, if you are going to use bleach, make sure that all the fabrics involved are white, after all, bleach is capable of fading materials and will eventually stain your clothes.

How To Get Urine Smell Out Of Clothes

Soaking In Bleach

Mix chlorine with tap water to soak white clothes. Put ¼ cup of chlorine bleach in a large bucket or bowl containing 4liters of water, and stir until well mixed. Do the same mixing ratio for colored clothes, but use non-chlorine bleach, suitable for colored clothes.

Put on rubber gloves when dealing with chlorine.

Before putting on any clothes that reek of urine, make sure the bleach has chlorine in it.

Be careful to check that the bleach is chlorine-free when washing colored clothes because this substance will fade and stain clothes.

Let the smelly clothes soak in the bucket for three or four hours or even overnight. Put your clothes in chlorinated water and soak them well. If they are white, let them soak overnight. If they are colored, wait at least three hours before taking the clothes out of the bucket.

Try to also keep the chlorine bucket in a place that is difficult for small children and pets to reach.

Washing With Soap And Chlorine

Put soaked clothes in the washing machine and put a cup of soap and a cup of chlorine bleach. Set the machine to run the normal cycle with water at your preferred temperature. Leave it there and just let the chlorine do the rest of the work.

Let The Clothes Dry Naturally.

Take the clothes out of the washing machine when the cycle is over. As soon as the machine turns off, hang all the pieces on a clothesline in the open, giving preference to the heaviest ones.

Repeat this method as needed or until the urine smell is gone.

Be careful when hanging light clothes outdoors, as they will fade in direct sunlight.

Using An Enzyme-Based Soap

Buy an enzyme-based soap that works with protein stains. Look for an enzyme-based soap on amazon or in the grocery store close to you. 

Ensure the product works on protein-based stains such as urine, blood, and stool stains. It doesn’t matter if the soap is liquid or powder, as long as you can use it in the washing machine.

Since you’re probably dealing with clothes that have already been washed, soap is the best way to get rid of old smells.

Measure Out The Soap Before Putting It In The Washing Machine.

Read the soap label to find out how much to add per wash. If you’ve washed smelly clothes before, wash them alone or with other clothes. However, remember that all clothes that are in the machine will be washed with enzyme-based soap.

If the soap is powder, make sure you’re putting it in the correct compartment.

Wash Clothes On The Normal Cycle With Hot Water.

Set the machine to run a normal cycle and set the water temperature to the warm level (we recommend 75 degrees Fahrenheit). You can also check the laundry instructions for these settings before proceeding.

If the clothes can only be washed in cold water, then use cold water. Repeat this process until the stain and smell is gone.

Let Clothes Dry Naturally In An Open Environment.

Hang wet clothes in the laundry room or other open areas in ​​your home. Wait a day or so for the clothes to dry. See how they are from time to time. If it’s easier, hang wet clothes on a clothesline outside.

Washing With Vinegar

Put the urine-stained and smelly clothes in the washing machine with white vinegar. Pour a cup of white vinegar into the designated soap compartment on the machine. Since you will be using vinegar for the entire cycle, only wash clothes that you need to deodorize.

Vinegar helps to remove any uric acid that is left in the fabric, which is the major substance that makes your fabric smell bad.

Hot Water Wash

Run the normal wash cycle with the water temperature at the hot level. Don’t worry about choosing a different wash cycle for this part of the process. What matters most is that the clothes are soaked in vinegar.

Soak The Dry Stains In White Vinegar Water Overnight.

Place a cup of white vinegar in a bucket full of tap water. As soon as the vinegar mixes with the water, put the smelly clothes you’ve already washed into the bucket. All parts must be completely soaked. Let them soak overnight.

If you need to wash a lot of clothes, use a large basin.

Wait for the clothes to dry and repeat the process if necessary. Let the pieces dry naturally in an open space for 24 hours. Once the fabrics are dry, see if you can still smell any bad smells on them. If they still smell like urine, try to wash and soak the fabric again till you’re satisfied with the result.

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