Samsung Dryer not Spinning – Fixes

On laundry day, nothing is more frustrating than a dryer that won’t spin. The problem becomes obvious when you go into your dryer to remove your clothes, only to discover that they are still dripping wet. Similarly, if your dryer won’t spin even though it is “on,” it may need some maintenance. 

The best appliances, including Samsung dryers, may develop problems occasionally. If you currently have a dryer that won’t spin, don’t fret. In this article, we’re going to enumerate the typical problems that cause dryers to stop spinning, along with possible solutions.

Why Won’t My Samsung Dryer Spin? – Common Problems

Samsung Dryer Won't Spin

Here are a few reasons why your Samsung dryer won’t spin:

  1. Belt fracture
  2. Faulty axle
  3. Drum glide wrecked due to a broken idler pulley
  4. Malfunctioning motor die to a jammed rear drum bearing 
  5. Worn out drum roller

Ways to Fix Issues with Samsung Dryers not Spinning 

With the following techniques, you can diagnose and resolve the issues regarding spinning in your Samsung dryer. 

Problem #1 – Damaged Drive Belt

Sometimes you notice your Samsung dryer is not spinning, and a damaged drive belt could cause this. There are numerous approaches to fixing it. A dryer is driven by long, thin belts called drive belts. After passing via tension and motor pulley, they wrap around the drum to drive it.

The belt may rip over time due to normal wear and tear. Your dryer won’t turn if the drive belt is damaged. To quickly detect whether the belt has been harmed or is not working properly, reach into the load washer and dryer and turn the drum by hand. The belt has most likely snapped if the drum rotates quickly. You may need to.

Problem #2 – The Child Lock Is On

Samsung Dryer Child Lock

If your Samsung dryer won’t spin, but the timer and other features are functioning properly, you probably have the kid lock feature turned on. You can also notice a problem with the Samsung dryer not starting. 

Child Lock is a safety feature that locks the dryer’s Start button to stop kids from messing with the wash cycles. Child Lock can get in the way if you’re trying to start a cycle, but nothing seems to be happening. To fix this problem, locate a baby or lock-shaped symbol towards the top of the control panel; it will either have “ON” next to it if it is activated or “OFF” if it is not. This sign might instead display as a smiley face depending on the type of equipment you own.

To disable the Child Lock button, use one of two methods. The first method involves you holding down buttons on your control panel for 3–4 seconds or turning off the device’s power for 60 seconds before turning it back on. Refer to your dryer’s user manual or control panel for instructions on switching it off if you’re having trouble, then disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet and try again.

Problem #3 – Bad Drum Roller

Samsung Drum Roller

Your Samsung dryers aren’t designed to last a lifetime but can last for ten years or longer. The drum roller is the most frequent offender; because it gets all the pressure every time your clothing tumbles inside the machine’s casing, it can wear out and begin to squeak (frequently before any other part). There are things you’ll observe that will convince you that your drum roller needs a replacement.  

  • Even after they have dried, your clothing still has wrinkles.
  • You observe lint clumps accumulating where there shouldn’t be any
  • If, while using the appliance, you hear an unpleasant sound coming from the back, such as a loud buzzing or whining.

It’s easy. You can change this in a relatively simple manner;

  • Take care not to damage any of the drum’s delicate connections or wires by removing the three screws holding the top cover in place before removing the drum by pulling it in your direction.
  • Locate your old roller and take it out of its housing before putting the new one in place in the opposite direction (making sure to reattach all wire connectors).
  • After you’ve secured everything, replace the top panel and test your machine for a while.

Problem #4 – Dryer Not Getting Power

Samsung dryer troubleshooting starts with evaluating its power sources before looking for a defect. Your dryer won’t spin if there isn’t enough electricity. The power is probably faulty if the control panel displays the error codes 9C1, 9E, 2E, or 9E1. To troubleshoot power problems for a dryer

Verify the Correct Voltage

To check your correct voltage, you have to take all safety measures. With the use of your multimeter, set your multimeter to AC currents. That’s not over. Carefully insert your two probes into the side slots and observe the readings on the multimeter. If your plug works perfectly, your device should read between 220 and 240 volts.

Watch Out For Trip Breakers

Your device is designed with a circuit breaker to protect from damages caused by an overcurrent or short circuit. To do this, inspect the circuit breaker box in your home for any tripped breakers and reset them if necessary. 

Verify That the Power Cord Is Intact And In Good Condition

Use extension cords sparingly. They cannot securely transmit the necessary amount of electricity, resulting in surges and shutdowns. Replace the power cord if it looks to be frayed or damaged.

Problem #5 – Problem With Dryer Settings

Samsung Dryer Settings

You shouldn’t be too distressed when your dryer gets faulty. Continue reading to understand the cause and solutions to the problems.

You start by checking the control panel for error codes that may signal further problems if the dryer receives power. Typically, these codes are made up of a number and letter combination corresponding to a specific issue that can prevent spinning. Refer to your user handbook to decipher the code and solve the problem. 

You might have to reset the dryer to get the code off the control panel. Its circuit breaker must be turned off or unplugged for 1-2 minutes to reset the code. Like the last example, the Control Lock feature is active in the control panel and shows a lock icon or a happy baby face. This feature locks all control panel features and prevents spinning or starting, preventing unintentional beginnings. To figure out how to unlock, consult your user handbook.

Consult your user manual to learn how to enable the Control Lock feature. You may be able to disable it by holding down two buttons for three seconds, depending on the model of your dryer. Another way to disable it is to restart your Samsung dryer. That’s solved, right?

Problem #6 – Broken Idler Pulley

You might probably have a broken idler pulley that also could be fixed. In your dryer, the driving belt is suspended around the dryer drum by two pulleys, one of which is the idler pulley. The belt won’t be able to spin the drum when it breaks. Along with the drive belt, the idler pulley should be replaced if it appears damaged or if it won’t spin freely.

Problem #7 – Worn Out Dryer Belt

With continued use, your Samsung dryer belt may become frayed or loosened as it aids in the drum’s spinning. When this occurs, your dryer can start to create a noise that resembles screeching or thumping. The drum probably won’t even attempt to spin if the belt snaps. A damaged dryer belt needs to be replaced because it cannot be repaired

Problem #8 – Drive Motor Failure 

The drive motor may have failed if all else fails, and the dryer still won’t spin. When diagnosing the drive motor, start by listening for any sounds that can be heard when the Start button is pressed. If your Samsung dryer hums but won’t turn on, there’s a chance that a blower wheel obstruction—not a motor problem—is to blame. 

After pushing the start button on the dryer, if there is no sound, the drive motor has probably failed and has to be replaced. It is recommended that a qualified dryer repair provider do this challenging task. 

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