Samsung Dryer Squeaking – Fixes

While researching buy dryers, I found a common problem with Samsung dryers. Many users complained that their Samsung dryers developed squeaking noises after some time. The good news is that this noise often isn’t anything technically serious.

If you turn on your Samsung dryer and hear unusual squeaking noise, it indicates something is wrong with the machine. Sometimes, the noise could result from trivial mishaps, like when the machine is not on level ground. Broken components in the dryer may also make the dryer squeak. While some components are easy to fix, others require technical skills.

Have you caught your efficient dryer squeaking lately? Then it’s time to take action. But before you call your manufacturer or repairman, this piece details some common causes and possible solutions for squeaking dryers you can try out. Let’s get started. 

How to Troubleshoot Squeaking Sounds in a Samsung Dryer

A faulty dryer could severely disrupt your daily household operations. A typical dryer comes with numerous mechanical and electronic parts, and any of them can break down and result in troublesome dryer issues. But because these parts are all concealed inside the machine’s housing, it can be difficult to immediately see what’s wrong with your appliance. 

To start, you need to pinpoint where the noise comes from; the machine’s top, front, rear, and bottom.  This will give you an idea of which component might be faulty and provide insight into the magnitude of the remedy needed. When certain components develop faults, it is best to seek professional assistance so you don’t want to miss this step. 

The following is the list of diagnoses and how to fix the problems faced with your dryer. Let’s go on 

1. Door Felt Issue

 Samsung door felt

The dryer cabinet or the door may be the squeak source (or both). The door may rotate inside the frame and bump onto metal components. Even with a tight hinge, movement can still produce sound. When the door opens and closes, a rubber strip along the lower edge of the door helps keep air out and reduces vibration.

Over time, squeaks may be produced by the metal components of the door pocket rubbing against the rest of the dryer. Some versions have a piece of felt in the door pocket to prevent this, but you might need to replace it if it has worn out or been damaged. 

How to Fix Door Felt Issues

Fixing door felt regarding issues in your Samsung dryer is very simple. You can fix this simply by removing the old adhesive, smoothing the felt, and adding fresh high-heat glue. Applying two fresh pieces of felt to cushion the door’s contact with the dryer housing once the fresh glue has had time to dry for around 30 seconds. Easy right? 

2. Drum Bearing Needs Lubrication

 Samsung dryer drum bearing

Another concerning issue that can make your dryer give a squeaking sound is when the door bearing is faulty. The drum edge of your dryer is surrounded by a pair of greased wheels called drum bearings, which allow the dryer drum to rotate smoothly. They are usually formed of steel or a synthetic plastic substance, and because they run on synthetic oil, they can start to wear down and generate noises like squeaking or grinding. 

How to Fix Dryer Drum Bearing

When the drum in your Samsung dryer begins to squeak, if the bearing is not broken and needs replacement, then it may be fixed by simply lubricating it. If oiling the bearing doesn’t solve this problem, then it’s time to replace your faulty bearing. We recommend that you allow a professional to take it from there.

3. Broken Dryer Belt

We suggested that you first find out where the squeaking noise is coming from. Well, if it’s coming from the top of the dryer, this may indicate that the belt from the dryer needs to be checked for damages. The belt is a crucial appliance component to ensure optimum drum rotation. Your dryer may perform poorly or possibly stop working completely if the belt is damaged or worn out.

The energy your dryer produces transfers through dryer belts to the drum to spin clothing in your machine. If a belt is worn out, it either won’t have a strong enough grip to keep in place while the machine is working. Needless to say, it won’t be able to convey enough energy.

How to Fix Broken Dryer Belt

  • First, ensure the dryer is unplugged and cooled off to a temperature where it can operate safely.
  • Take off the front panel of the dryer after opening the top panel. 
  • If you have done that correctly, the belt should be visible. 
  • Carefully remove the damaged dryer belt from the machine. The new belt should then be snugly wrapped around the drum shaft. Take your time and do this. 
  • Replace any dryer accessory removed, then replace the front and top panel. With this, you’ve fixed your broken dryer belt.

4. Faulty Idler Pulley or Motor

Samsung dryer motor

Your machine might not give out a squeak from any other place except the area near the floor of the dryer. You may need to check either the idler pulley or the dryer motor. The dryer idler pulley, also known as the dryer idler tensioner, is a hidden part of a dryer. Its major purpose is to prevent the belt from slipping against the dryer drum, keeping it tight and secure. The belt rubbing against the drum might produce a continuous noise when it malfunctions.

How to Fix Faulty Idler Pulley or Motor

If your dryer is squeaking, there might be a simple solution. The idler pulley, a component on top of the dryer and in charge of directing the belt around the drum, is frequently the source of the issue. Give it an oil treatment if it seems to be in good condition but is still squeaking (using a special silicone spray). If the pulley looks worse for wear, it may be time to replace it.

Is a Squeaking Dryer Safe to Use?

By all means, do not use a squeaking dryer. Squeaking, scratching, or screeching noises from your dryer indicate a problem that needs immediate fixing. Using a squeaking washer “just one more time” may cause irreparable damage to vital components, costing you a lot more in repairs than if you immediately fix the underlying problem.

Most Samsung dryers will typically squeak when they have any of the four problems listed in this post, so it should not be too hard to figure out where the problem is and where to fix it. One thing is sure: the earlier you fix a noisy dryer once you detect it, the better.

Sometimes, grinding, squeaking, and other noises may not result from a faulty dryer component but from overloading. When the load in the dryer is too large, these noises will most likely occur. If you hear your dryer making those noises, stop the cycle immediately and remove some of the load.

Before placing the goods in the dryer, use the washer’s spin cycle to eliminate extra water and lighten their load. This way, the load is lighter and can be handled properly by the dryer.

Visit our Samsung Support Center to request a service if the noise persists even when the load weight is normal.

PS: Normal load weight is about four towels.

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