How to Use Powder Detergent

Many people today prefer to use liquid laundry detergents because they sometimes think that it’s more active than their other counterparts.

On the other hand, while the liquid type gives your laundry load a nice clean, the powder detergent is no different in that regard. 

Getting to know how to use powder detergent is no big deal. It’s also easy to use just like you would the liquid detergent. You can even create your unique type of powder detergent too. 

Steps to take when using Powder Detergent

If you do not know how to use powder detergent for your laundry,  you can follow the steps below. 

You should take note that there are different methods for adding powder detergent in different washing machines. 

Before you add the detergent, make sure to check your washer for specifications on what type and the method for applying detergent. 

Using powder detergent for HE washers

There are some HE powder detergents you might see in the grocery store. Knowing how to apply them is key to getting properly washed clothing. 


  • Know the type of powder detergent to use

The first step to using powder detergent is to know the type and brand that would wash your laundry better. 

You should also check the labels of the clothing to ascertain if the detergent is suitable for your piece of clothing.

  • Measure the amount of detergent you want to use

Now, it’s time to measure the powder detergent. The detergent packages or bottles usually have got measuring cups to help you gauge the amount of detergent you should use. 

You should measure an adequate amount of detergent to prevent issues with your washer and laundry. 

  • Apply the detergent to the washer drum

For HE washers, you should apply less detergent than you would normally use because HE washers use less water for their washing cycles. 

Using too much powder detergent can cause build-up in your washer and result in stains on your laundry. 

You can add the right amount of laundry detergent to the washer drum before you begin washing.

  • Add your laundry to the washer

After applying the detergent to the washer drum of the washer, you can now add your laundry to the washer. 

Take care so that you do not overload your washer because it can cause smells in your washer and on your laundry. 

Before you add the laundry, ensure you sort them to avoid different colors rubbing off of your laundry.

  • Select wash cycle

Now you’ve added the clothing, you should select the washing settings on your washer. You can select the temperatures best suitable for the clothing in the washer be it cold or warm cycles. 

That’s why it’s important to check the clothing label of the fabric to get an idea of the best temperature to use. 

Using Powder Detergent For Regular Washers

Samsung Washing Machine

You can also use powder detergent for regular top-loading and front-loading washers. The steps to do this are pretty easy to follow although the application methods differ for both types of washers.


  • Figure out the type of powder detergent you should use for laundry

As I mentioned earlier, you should carry out this step to determine the type and brand of detergent to use for your laundry. 

Some brands of powder detergents are best for your whites and inners and not so good for other fabrics. 

  • Measure the correct dosage of powder detergent

When you’ve checked out the detergent you wish to use, you can now dose it with a measuring cup that usually comes with the detergent pack.

It’s pretty much different from the liquid type. So you can check the back of the detergent to find out the right amount to use.

Although some dosages specified are really supposed to be less than whatever is given there. 

  • Now, apply the powder detergent to your washer

Next up after measuring the right dosage, you can apply it to your washing machine.

If you’ve got a front-loading washer, you can apply the detergent to the detergent receptacle in the washer directly or you can mix it with some hot water before adding it to the receptacle. 

On the other hand, if you’ve got a top-loading washing machine, you should just apply it directly to the washing machine drum.

  • Add the laundry and close the washer

When you’ve finished putting the powder detergent in the washer, you can now add your laundry to the drum. 

As I mentioned for HE washers, you should remember that overloading your washer would mean that the detergent does not get to every piece of laundry in the washer. 

Regular washers use a lot of water. That means your laundry comes out the same way it was and that’s not ideal. 

You can select the type of cycle your laundry requires based on the level of dirt in the laundry. Warm cycles for high to medium levels of dirt and cold for lower levels.

You can launder your whites, office wear, and baby clothing with the cold cycles.

Also, I’ll prefer you set your washer to carry out slow spin cycles so that all the dirt can be removed. 

Can I use Powder Detergent in Dishwasher?

Samsung dishwasher

Yeah, you can actually use powder detergent in your dishwasher. But I wouldn’t advise that you do it.

One reason is that you could be exposed to dangerous poisons when you use them for your dishwasher.

Powder detergents contain sodium percarbonates, sulfates, brighteners, stain removers, anti-soiling compounds, and so on. 

These chemicals can be pretty bad if you inhale them when they’re being heated up by the dishwasher. You don’t want that especially if you’re one with allergies or asthma. 

Using Powder detergent in your dishwasher will most likely also void its manufacturer’s warranty. 

How Much Powder Detergent Should I Use?

The amount of powder detergent one can use for laundry depends on many factors. For powder detergents, it might be difficult getting the right dosage for your laundry load. 

Different factors such as the level of soil in the laundry, the type of washer, the hardness of the water, and so on come to play.

For powder detergents, it’s usually recommended that you do not use too much so that they can properly dissolve in the water before washing begins.

I recommend you use dosage levels of up to 2 tablespoons for laundry loads of average size and 1 tablespoon for lesser laundry loads. 

This will depend however on the specified dosage on the detergent pack by the manufacturer.

If you use homemade powder detergent, the same applies to it too.

How should I store Powder Detergent?

After using the powder detergent, you should keep it in good shape to preserve its efficacy and value.

You should store them sealed and airtight because powder detergents are prone to clump together. They clump together whenever they’re stored in areas with much heat and high moisture levels. 

So, it wouldn’t be ideal to keep them in such areas because they would be unable to dissolve in the washer and that means bad value for your money. 

Ensure to keep them secure in areas with temperatures of 60-80° Fahrenheit and out of the reach of kids.

When you use too much detergent, the water struggles to remove all of the soap, leaving a deposit on your clothes.

If you use too little detergent, your clothing may not be totally clean when they come out of the washer.

It all boils down to striking the perfect balance.

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