How To Wash Pillows In Washer

Pillows are an essential component of bedding materials and often require that you wash them to prevent any buildup of dirt and bacteria. 

Using pillows is one way to stay in shape, relieve pressure, and prevent a lot of sleep issues, 

The market value for pillows is expected to increase exponentially by up to $18 billion by the year 2026. 

Now, did you know that you could wash pillows with a washing machine like any other fabric? Yeah, you can. Although there are different types of pillows, many of them can be washed using a washing machine. 

How Do I Wash My Pillows In A Washer?

It’s pretty important to know how to wash pillows in a washer. It’ll help you prevent a lot of health and sleep issues. Plus it’s an easy task to carry out. You don’t need to have a master’s degree in science to be able to do it. 

Here’s how you can do it. 

  • Ensure your washer is big enough

The first step to washing your pillow in a washer is to check if your washer is big enough to accommodate a few pillows. It’s often recommended by some laundry experts not to wash only one pillow at a time. 

Many pillows are suitable for front and top load washing machines without agitators. That’s not to say that washers with agitators are not also okay for such pillows.

  • Examine the fabric label of the pillow

It’s important to know the type of cleaning method suitable for each type of pillow. Many pillows require just spot-cleaning or probably dry cleaning while others may require machine washing or even hand washing like memory foam pillows. 

Any one you’ve got, ensure you check the label to get instructions on the type of care you could give the pillows.

  • Put the pillow in the washer

After you’ve examined and are fully satisfied that your pillow is suitable for machine washing, you can proceed. 

Take the pillow and put it into the washer drum. Try to do this vertically. Also, you should add one more pillow to ensure a proper balance in the washing machine. 

  • Add some laundry detergent

Next up, you can add some laundry detergent. Make sure you do not add much detergent so that your pillows might not get too much foam irrespective of whether you use a regular or HE washer. 

1 tablespoon of liquid or powder detergent should be enough to do the job.

Also, use a mild detergent due to the delicateness of the pillow fabric.

  • Set the laundry cycle

After you’ve put the detergent, you can now set the washer to run a standard washing cycle.

To ensure a quality wash for the delicate material of the pillow, set the washer to perform gentle, cold water cycles

It’s important that you do this for pillow types such as cotton pillows, synthetic polyester pillows, and down pillows. It’s what is best for them.

After washing you can take them out to dry them.

Why Should I Wash My Pillows In A Washer?

As with other beddings, pillows need to be cleaned at all times to prevent any buildup of dirt and infectious organisms.

Although not all pillows can be washed in a washer, using washers for those that are suitable for it is quite convenient and saves you a lot of time. 

Here are some reasons why.

  • It’ll prevent you from getting infections and allergies

Pillows are just like any other piece of fabric, only that they’re stuffed with comfortable materials. Fabric tends to get dirty over time and that’s the same with pillows.

Bacteria, dust mites, sweat, and many other microorganisms tend to build up on pillows not just pillowcases alone.

If you’re prone to allergies, then it’s a proper means to stay clear of these dirt and organisms. 

  • It’s a convenient means of cleaning your pillow

You may be surprised that you can actually wash your pillow in a washer. It’s pretty easy too and a convenient method of cleaning your pillows. 

Although some types of pillows require dry cleaning, you can use a washer for the ones that don’t require dry-cleaning rather than a hand wash. 

  • Gives spaces a better aesthetic view

If you want to breathe some new life into your sleeping quarters, washing your pillows in the washing machine is not only going to accomplish that goal, but it will also give your room a nice clean look.

That should be all you require for a restful evening and night’s sleep.

How Many Pillows Can I Wash At A Go?

In case you’re thinking of stuffing all your pillows in the washer, I’ll recommend you don’t. 

Many laundry experts have stated that you should not wash only one pillow in the washer. You can and should wash 2 pillows in the washer.  

Washing 2 pillows simultaneously will prevent any imbalance that’ll be caused by the pillow shifting during laundry to one side. It will help get more pillows and laundry get done with ease and quickly. 

Laundering 2 pillows in the washer would also help the detergent to spread more effectively over the pillows in the washer. 

How Frequently Should I Wash My Pillows?

Pillows, unlike the rest of your bedding, don’t need to be washed as frequently. At the very least, you should consider washing your pillows “at least once every three months” to keep them in top shape.

There are a variety of guidelines for washing pillows depending on the type of pillow involved.

Dust accumulates more quickly on pillows made of various synthetic fabrics. They’re also easier to clean because they’re more friendly with washers.

If you’re looking for a less frequently washed pillow, you may want to consider gel or memory foam.

Even if you have a hypoallergenic pillow, some experts feel that it will eventually need to be replaced.

If you use buckwheat or memory foam pillows, they may only need to be changed once every two to three years.

Drying My Pillows

After washing the pillows, the reasonable thing to do is to dry them.

Drying the pillows after washing depends on the instructions on the fabric label. Some pillows may require air-drying or heating with a dryer. Different drying methods for different pillows.

If you use down or cotton pillows, I recommend that you air-dry them or run them through the dryer cycle with a few dryer balls to prevent any form of clumping.

You should set the dryer to run several cycles to remove the extra moisture from the pillows. If you don’t, you might have a bad case of mildew. 

For memory foam pillows, you should never put them in the dryer unless you want to call the fire service. Foam and heat are a terrible combination.

Instead, you should air-dry them for long hours to eliminate the moisture that might still be in them.

You can also fluff your pillows anytime they’re being dried to improve even-drying. 

Not just bed pillows only, throw pillows too used in interior decorations can also be cleaned in a washing machine. 

You can prevent a lot of dirt and stains from your pillow by using a pillowcase or pillow protector for them too. 

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