How to Self-Clean Samsung Washers

Your Samsung washer takes good care in washing and caring for your laundry. But who cares for and cleans your Samsung Washer? You probably haven’t thought about that before. 

Samsung Washers are equipped with a Self-Clean feature that allows them to clean themselves, especially after many laundry cycles. 

Your washer provides quality care for your clothes, so, ideally, it is always kept clean. 

Using the Self-Clean feature on a Samsung Washer is not rocket science. In fact, all it takes is the push of a button. It’s quite easy for first-timers too.

How Does The Self-Clean Feature on Samsung Washers Work?

Self-Clean Samsung Washer

The Self-Clean feature on your Samsung washer is a sort of special wash cycle created to give it a thorough cleaning.

The washer does this by removing any dirt and residues that may have accumulated over time in areas of the washer that a normal washing cycle cannot access. 

A pretty good explanation of it how it works is that when you activate the feature, the washer removes the dirt by soaking its laundry drums in water.

Then the washer swirls its laundry drums continuously at maximum velocity to dislodge the accumulated dirt and later rinses it. 

How To Self-Clean My Samsung Washer 

Using the Self-Clean option on your Samsung washer is pretty much easy and doesn’t really require the need for a technician. 

If you want to know more about it, you can look it up on your Samsung washer’s manual to use as a guide. 

Here are the basic steps. 

  • Check your Samsung washer to see that it’s connected

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to check if your washer is connected properly as it won’t work or even activate the Self-Clean option if it’s not.

If the washer’s already on and you want to reset the connection, you can disconnect the washer from the power source and reconnect it after a few minutes. 

  • Make sure the washer is empty.

Next, make sure the washer compartment does not have any laundry. Adding dirty clothing to the dirt already inside the washer is not a good idea.

That can be pretty bad for your laundry. 

Emptying your washer makes it easier for the Self-Clean feature to function properly in swirling and removing dirt at high velocity. 

  • You may add a little bleach to the washer to remove mold

Adding bleach to the washer drum helps to eliminate the bad musty smell from the mold growing in the washer. The wet area of the washer makes it easy for mold to thrive.

Your clothes might develop a musty smell if the washer is used without the odor removed. 

  •  Switch on the power source and activate the Self-Clean feature

After you’ve added the bleach, you can power up the washer if it’s properly connected, as I mentioned earlier. 

Next, locate the Self-Clean option on your washer and activate it. The location of the self-clean button will depend on the model.

Self-Clean Samsung Washer

After activating it, you can leave the washer to Self-Clean on its own. The cycle should take up to an hour before it’s done. 

  • Clean the washer

When the process is complete, you can clean off the moisture with a clean cloth. Microfiber clothing would be preferred to do this.

Before you clean the washer, you can add your dirty clothes if you want to do your laundry and set the washer to perform a proper washing cycle. 

Why Should I Self-Clean My Samsung Washer?

Caring for your Samsung washer is very important to maintain its effectiveness in providing you with clean and durable clothing. 

After so many laundry cycles, your washer is bound to accumulate dirt, suds, and residues from detergents and fabric softeners.

This can result in your washer developing a mustiness that’s associated with damp areas of the washer’s drums. It can lead to bad stains on your laundry. 

Your Samsung washer may even start giving off bad smells. This can rub off on your clothing when you do your laundry. Surely, you wouldn’t want that.

You wouldn’t want your laundry coming out from your washer, badly soiled as it was.

The Self-Clean option on the Samsung Washer has a reminder feature to inform you whenever your washer needs cleaning. It’s pretty important to adhere to the washer’s calls if you want a durable and efficient electronic. 

What’s The Time Frame For Using The Self-Clean Feature?

If you’ve got a Samsung Top load washer, the Self-Clean cycle should run for about 1 hour and about 3-4 hours for a Front Load washer before using. 

Depending on the number of times you do your laundry, you must use the Self-Clean feature at least once a month if it’s rarely used and often if you use it regularly.

It’s the Samsung recommended usage, although the Self-Clean option will probably remind you to do it after about 20-40 wash cycles depending on the type of Samsung washer you use. 

However, If a problem develops with this feature, it’s best to seek support from Samsung’s customer support

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