What Does Soil Mean on a Washer?

In laundry, soil can refer to a variety of things. It could be dirt on your laundry that has to be cleaned properly, or it could be a feature on your washer that allows you to wash different levels of dirt using different techniques.

The soil level feature is found in current HE washing machines to help people do their laundry more efficiently and fast. 

The soil level settings occur due to the demand for more clean clothing, the reduced stress involved in obtaining it, and the speed with which it is completed.

What Does Soil Mean On My Washer?

Soil on your washer refers to the soil setting on your washer, which allows you to choose how your laundry is washed.  

“Soil level” is a washing machine feature that reveals the level of dirtiness of your clothing after the user has entered the soil parameters.

In other words, it safeguards your washing machine by preventing it from washing filthy clothes that it cannot handle.

The light, medium, and high-level soil settings on your washer are the three possibilities for the soil level feature.

You only need to program your washing machine by indicating the level of dirt you want it to wash off. 

How Does the Soil Level Setting Function On My Washer?

soil washer meaning

Just got your new washer and don’t know anything about the Soil feature or probably don’t pay much attention to the buttons on your washer? It might be a good idea to get used to it.

Soil settings work through three options on the washing machine. 

  • The Heavy Soil Wash Setting

You can define how much dirt your clothing is covered using the Heavy soil settings. Because most washing machines have a soil level feature, their cycle can be adjusted accordingly.

The heavy soil option is for clothes that are very dirty or discolored. This is the ideal setting to use when your clothes are heavily stained.

You wouldn’t want to utilize this function on apparel for your children or clothes for the office or school.

For bulky or huge objects like heavy garments, or clothing for heavy-duty activities, the Heavy soil setting is also suitable. 

It takes the longest time, and the washer agitates quite vigorously.

It is vital to highlight, however, that it has a disadvantage. It gets the clothing heavily creased

  • The Medium Soil Wash Setting

This setting is normally recommended for everyday casual clothing.

The medium soil setting is the most common choice for frequent washing and is ideal for clothes with moderate soiling.

Because the timeframe of a wash cycle grows as the soiling settings are advanced, this setting takes longer than the low soil setting.

There is also increased agitation, which means your clothes are more likely to get crumpled.

So, if you want to eliminate such unpleasant odors, I recommend washing at the usual or medium soil level.

  • The Light Soil Wash Setting

For clothing with mild dirt, the light soil setting is perfect.

As a result, it takes the shortest time and suits delicate materials best. The washer agitates slowly, keeping clothing tangle-free and wrinkle-free.

The light soil settings save quite a lot of time and energy and help keep your soft fabric clean and longer-lasting. 

You’ll just need the most gentle of settings to clean because the fabrics are lightweight and don’t carry much dust or debris between the stitching.

Why Is There A Soil Level Feature On My Washer?

Soil Level LG Washing Machine

There are several advantages to selecting the right soil level for your laundry.

From fully washing your clothes to selecting the appropriate soil level while ensuring a higher quality wash time. It’s all very efficient. 

It also preserves the water depending on the level of dirt on your clothing, and it’s a relatively calm operation in case your kids are asleep at laundry times.

Does Soil Level Mean The Same Thing As Water Level?

To function properly, different soil levels require different water levels. The more water the washer uses, the bigger the soil level settings are.

Having said that, the soil level is not the only factor influencing the water level; other factors, in addition to the soil level, influence the appropriate water level.

A moderate rinse with elevated dirt settings may use less water as a perfect example.

Compared to the Medium and Heavy Soil settings, the lowest settings may utilize the smallest volume of water and have quicker washing cycles.

As a result, adopting Low-Soil settings reduces the intensity, uses less water, and completes the washing cycle considerably faster than any of the other two settings; it’s also much softer.

Similarly, the Medium option will have a relatively increased intensity and extended washing cycles.

What Soil Level Can I Use For My Towels And Absorbent Clothing?

Whatever soil level you use will largely be determined by how dirty your clothes are.

The first step is to decide on a water temperature. When your towels are extremely stained, I recommend using very hot water and warm water for lightly soiled towels and apparel.

To preserve the color quality of dark or brilliant clothing, wash it in warm water.

How Can I Set The Soil Level On A Washing Machine?

Set Soil Level LG Washing Machine

The type of clothes you have and the quantity of dirt on them will determine how you program your washer’s soil settings.

On a washing machine, you can regulate the soil level as follows:

  • Look for dirt in the washer

To begin, check to see whether there is any dirt in the washer. If there is, cleanse the washing machine dirt by running a standard cycle or using the clean washer button. You don’t want your clothes to become even more stained after washing them.

  • You can use the presoak option

You can presoak your clothing directly or use the soak mode on your machine if they are highly soiled or extremely dirty.

  • Use the soil level feature now

If your washer’s dirt settings button does not indicate automatically, locate it on it and push the button. 

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