7 Ways to Get Lint Off Pants

Lint is the grey fluff that can be found on the surface of both old and new clothes and is especially noticeable on dark clothing. As you may well know, nothing ruins the appearance of an otherwise perfect outfit more quickly than a smattering of lint.

In this post, you will learn how to get rid of this fuzzy condition on your clothes by using a few simple remedies; and your outfits will look as good as they should in no time. 

What Causes Lint On Clothes?

Many cloth fabrics are made of short plant-based fibers, which are made into long threads. These, in turn, are spun to make cloth materials as you know them. The reason why you see lint on your favorite clothes is that some of the short fibers that make up the fabric have come loose. 

These (short) fibers tend to congregate around places of friction while the garment is worn. Clothing made from linen, cotton, wool, and other materials tends to produce a lot of lint for this reason. 

How To Prevent Lint From Forming 

The best way to tackle lint is to prevent them from happening in the first place. This way, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort. To this end, here’s what you should bear in mind: 

  • Set up a schedule to clean your washing machine and dryer filter. This is because these machines pick up and store lint, which then transfers to your next load. 
  • Separate clothing items that produce a lot of lint and wash them separately. While you’re at it, turn them inside out before you toss them in the washing machine.
  • Dryer sheets are a great help in preventing lint from sticking to your clothes – use them when you need to. 
  • Hand wash that lint-producing cloth. Clothes not tumbled in the washing machine have the advantage of being lint-free. But it’s not feasible to hand wash all your clothes, so you may as well only hand wash only your fancy clothes.

7 Proven Ways To Get Lint Off Your Pant

Now that we’re clear on how lint forms and how to prevent them, we need to tackle the present dilemma: how to get lint off pants. Without wasting your time, here are 7 proven ways to remove lint from your pants and other garments: 

1 . Use A Lint Roller

Lint rollers are the default tools for taking out the lint from your clothes, so they take the top spot on this list and have our recommendation. These handy tools come equipped with adhesive pads that are made to run over the surface of your cloth, picking up lint as they go. 

To remove lint using a lint roller, peel off the roller’s protective wrapper, then roll its sticky surface across the cloth in an up-and-down motion. The lint roller will become less tacky as you continue to roll. Peel off the adhesive layer to reveal a new sticky layer underneath when this happens. Roll and remove sheets until no more lint is visible.

Do this until all the lint comes off. 

2. Make A Homemade Lint Roller Using A Rolling Pin And Packaging Tape

Rolling Pin And Packaging Tape

Not everyone has a Lint Roller at the ready all the time. If you need to take the lint off but can’t get your hands on a proper lint roller, don’t stress. If you have packaging tape and a rolling pin, it’s time to improvise. 

Unroll a small piece of tape and lay it against one of the rolling pin’s ends. The sticky side of the tape should face you, while the smooth side should face the rolling pin. Wrap the tape in a spiral around the rolling pin, like a candy cane, making sure to overlap each round. 

Cut the tape when you reach the opposite end of the rolling pin. It should stay together on its own, but if not, a little piece of tape can be used to secure it to the pin. Now you can begin rolling the improvised lint roller in an up-and-down motion until it catches all the lint. 

3. Wash The Clothes Without Detergent

If you take your clothes out of the washer only to discover that the lint never left, wash them again but this time, without detergent. After the second cycle is completed, remove the clothes and shake them to dislodge any remaining lint, then dry the clothing as usual in the dryer; this should eliminate any remaining lint from your clothes. 

It helps to turn your clothes inside out as you wash them the second time. This will prevent it from getting a coating of lint as it tumbles in the washing machine. Also, try separating the clothes based on color before washing them: whites should be washed separately from colored clothes. 

4. Pull lint Off Using A Clean Shaving Razor

If you’re struggling with lint on your clothes, using a clean shaving razor can do the trick; this method works well especially if the lint is deep-rooted in the fabric. 

To do this, place a shaving razor just above the clothing and use it to shave along its surface. Drag the razor a few inches down the fabric, then remove it and shake off any excess lint. Pull the razor along the fabric’s surface, pausing after a few moves to shake the lint away. Just repeat until all the lint come off. 

5. Dryer Sheets Work Like Magic

Well, they’re not exactly magical, but dryer sheets excel at taking out lint because of their antistatic properties. Even if used outside the dryer, dryer clothes can help you to remove lint from your clothes. If you have one, rub it on your cloth and let it attract all the lint until your garment is lint-free. 

6. Try Using An Electric Lint Shaver

Electric lint removers, fuzz shavers, or fabric shavers – call them any name you want, they describe the same thing. These specialized devices are made to remove lint and fuzzy particles from your clothes. A good one you can get your hands on is Conair Fabric Shaver. It is battery-powered and does exactly what they said it would do: eliminate lint.

Simply turn on the shaver, then slide its lint-removing surface along your cloth. It will suck up all the lint from the surface of your cloth. When you’re done, simply open the lint container and empty it.  

7. Use Velcro To Remove Lint

Velcro band for Apple Watch

We all know how velcro likes to stick to wool and cotton fabric, so we can also use that sticky property to our advantage for removing lint. Thankfully, you can find Velcro in almost any supermarket. 

To use velcro for lint removal, cut out a piece as big as your palm, then use the rough side to rub down the garment until all the lint drop at the bottom. After that, pick off the remaining hard-to-remove lint at the bottom of the garment using a lint remover or sticky tape. 


An easy way to get rid of vinegar while washing is by adding white vinegar to the laundry load. Pour a cup of vinegar into the load when it’s time for the last rinse cycle. Do this and your clothes will stop attracting pesky lint.

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How Do You Get White Fluff Off Black Clothes?

The unsightly effect of lint is even more pronounced on black garments. It can ruin a sharp, laundered look into a black and white patched expanse of cloth. The best way to resolve this issue is by taking the lint-infested cloth to the dryer cleaner, but you don’t always have to. Below, we have outlined steps to take to remove white lint from your black clothes. Take a look: 

Step 1

Put the load of black clothes in the washing machine. Be careful not to add white garments to the load.

Step 2

Drop ½ cup of baking soda into the load and 1 cup of vinegar into the rinse cup (if applicable to your machine). If your machine doesn’t come with a rinse cup, you can manually add the vinegar during the load’s rinse cycle. Now you can turn on the machine and launder the clothes using the usual settings. 

Step 3

Place the freshly washed clothes in the dryer. Any remaining lint should come out in the dryer with ease.

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