How to Unlock Whirlpool Washing Machine

Whirlpool is a global home appliances brand. The Whirlpool Washing Machine is one of the brand’s top innovations in laundry technology and development. From analog wringer washers in the early 20th century to modern high-tech and sophisticated washing machines, Whirlpool is a force to reckoned with in the laundry industry.

With the brand’s perfect mastery of the science and technology of laundry management, your whirlpool washing machine comes with built-in safety technologies. It can automatically lock when it spots errors or mishandling. Impairment of critical parts of the device can also trigger a lock.

Why Your Whirlpool Washing Machine Is Locked

Before you attempt to fix a locked whirlpool machine, understanding what causes your device to lock is necessary. Knowledge of the cause of the lock will allow you to proffer possible solutions and fixes. Below are factors that can cause your washing machine to lock

Lid Switch Switch Failure

If the lid switch of your Whirlpool washing machine has failed, your device will be locked. Lid switch failures always cause most accidental locks in washing devices.

An Impaired Door Latch

Your whirlpool machine will lock when dirt and clogs block the space between your latch and striker.

Actuator Sensor Not Working

Your actuator aids your whirlpool washing cycle. If the wire used on the actuator is loose, your whirlpool washing machine will stop working and be locked.

Impaired Sensor Actuator

The sensor actuator aids the spinning mechanism of your machine. If it is not working, it will stop the operation of the device, forcing it to lock.

Defective Drainage System

As a safety precaution to protect your whirlpool washing machine, the device will be locked if the water does not drain due to a defective drainage system.

Dysfunctional Drain Pump

A clogged or damaged drain pump will cause your whirlpool washing machine to lock as the flow of water and control into the device will be affected.

Drain Hose Damage

The drain hose damage is another factor that can inhibit the operations of your whirlpool washing machine. If faulty, it will affect the drainage system, also causing the device to lock.

Control Board Not Working

If your Whirlpool washing machine is locked, a control board that is not functioning may be the problem. The Control board manages your device signal systems and transmission. An impaired control board causes the device to send the wrong signals that can lock your whirlpool washing machine.

How To Unlock Your Whirlpool Washing Machine

You can deploy specific DIY measures to help unlock your whirlpool washing machine. However, applying DIY is mainly dependent on the cause of the lock. You can use DIY methods if the lock results from minor faults and infractions. If a breakdown of a complex triggers the wave, you may have to consult a technical expert. Below are steps to unlock your whirlpool washing machine

Press The Power Button

Unlock Whirlpool Washing Machine

During a wash cycle, pressing the Fan Dry icon will cause your whirlpool washing machine to lock. When this happens, use the power button to cancel the Fan Dry feature by pressing it.

Drain Out Excess Water From Your Device

drain water from Whirlpool Washing Machine

When your whirlpool washing machine retains excess wastewater without draining, it may lock the device. Press the Drain and Spin button to clear stubborn and undrained wastewater. After the drain and spin cycle, it will unlock your whirlpool washing machine.

Use The Add Garment Button

You can utilize the Add Garment Button to unlock your washer. When your Add Garment Button is active, simply hitting the start button will open your whirlpool washer.

Use a Screwdriver

If the above methods do not work, Disconnect your washer from power and use a -T-20 Torx screwdriver to lose the screws at the bottom of your washer.

Use The Release Ring

You can reach out to your release ring to unlock your whirlpool washing machine. Locate the door lock through the open panel. Then drag down the release ring to unlock your whirlpool washing machine.

NOTE: A Whirlpool washer that often locks after a wash cycle is a sign of severe dysfunction. Check the pressure switch or pump. You can replace them if need be.

Tips To Prevent Accidental Locks In Your Whirlpool Washing Machine

All Whirlpool washing machines come with door-locking designs which lock the device automatically during wash cycles. These door-locking features are programmed to unlock your device after each wash cycle. A fault or malfunction in your device can offset the door-locking system. Below are tips to prevent accidental locks in your whirlpool washing machine.

Check Your Lid Switch

When your lid switch is not functioning, you risk accidental locks that scuttle the laundry process. Check and repair or replace the faulty lid switch in your device

Clear Clogs In Your Door Latch

Clogs and dirt accumulating in your door latch will cut off your door latch from the striker. The space between both should not be filled with dirt. Clear them to avoid sudden locks in your whirlpool washing machine.

Check Your Sensor systems

When built-in sensor systems malfunction, it will impair the machine’s ability to read and communicate errors in your Whirlpool washing machine. Ensure that your sensor systems are functioning.

Check Your Drain Pump

Whirlpool Washer Drain Pump

If your drain is not functioning, one of the disruptions you are likely to encounter in your device is accidental locks. Check and repair damages to your drain pump. Replace them if necessary. 

Clear Clogs And Replace Damage Drain Hose

Always check for a dysfunctional drain hose in your device. Your Whirlpool washing machine will lock if the drain is clogged, kinked, or worn out because the draining function will be impaired.

Check Your Drainage System

This is a critical aspect of your Whirlpool washing machine. When the drainage system is not working, your device may lock, accidentally stopping the wash cycle.

Keep Your Whirlpool Device Clean Regularly

Clogs, dirt, grime, gunk, detergent residues, and bacteria impair your device’s smooth functioning. Clean your device thoroughly to avoid impairments that could result in accidental locks.

Consult A Technician When Necessary

Do It Yourself (DIY) guides may not fix accidental locks resulting from more complex impairments in your whirlpool washing machine. Consult an expert to help fix more technical and complex impairments.

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