How to Wash Newborn Clothes

Parenthood is fun but comes with many new things to learn and do. Washing newborn clothes is one of those things new parents need to add to their list of tasks. Newborns wear a lot of clothes daily, and they can be easily irritated by dirty clothes. For this reason, it’s best to wash their clothes frequently using the right methods. Today, we will be going through some steps and tips to wash your newborn clothes. 

How to Wash Baby Clothes

Stained Baby Clothes

Here are the steps and tips to consider when washing baby clothes: 

Choosing Detergent 

A detergent is one of the first things to consider before washing your newborn cloth. Using any random detergent on your baby’s clothes is not a good idea because babies are very sensitive and susceptible. So, always go for mild and, if possible, a fragrance-free detergent that will clean their clothes without irritating their skins. 

Also, liquid detergents are better than powder because the latter tends to leave behind residue that may irritate baby skin

Many parents sometimes make homemade detergents to ensure every ingredient used is safe for the baby. To make your homemade detergent, you will need to mix up the following ingredients: 

  • Soap flakes
  • Borax
  • Washing soda

However, using homemade detergent means you must rinse the clothes properly to get rid of soap residues.

Sorting and Loading Baby Clothes

It’s okay to wash your baby clothes with another laundry if you use a safe baby detergent. However, if you prefer to use your regular and fragrance detergent for your clothes, it’s best to wash the baby’s own separately. 

Dealing with Baby Stains

Stained Baby Clothes

As with every clothes, it’s best to treat the stains before loading them into the machine. When it comes to babies, you can’t really avoid stains, can you? You may have to deal with common stains, including poop, oil, and soil. 

How to Remove Urine Stains from baby cloth

Ammonia is a great product to remove urine stains from baby clothes. Dilute a spoonful of ammonia solution with a cup of water and dab the affected area. Ensure you perform a colorfast test before going ahead with this method. 

How to Clean Poop Stains From Baby Clothes

You can experience diaper blowouts that may cause poop stains on your baby clothes. To remove poop stains from your baby’s clothes, it’s best to presoak the cloth in warm water. Afterward, apply lemon juice or stain removal on the surface and leave for 10 minutes. Use a sponge to scrub the area and then wash as usual. 

How to Clean Spit Stains From Baby Clothes

Newborns tend to leave a lot of spit and stains during and after being fed. This means they may have many breastmilk or formula stains on their clothes. You can use lemon juice to treat breast milk stains before washing as normal. However, for formula stains, you may need first to soak them in warm water. Next, treat with baking soda and club soda before scrubbing with a toothbrush.

How to Clean Baby Oil Stains From Baby Clothes

You can use a dishwashing liquid to treat oil stains on your baby’s clothes. Then scrub the area with a toothbrush before washing as normal. You can also prewash using an all-purpose stain remover, then wash at the hottest temperature safe for the clothes. 

Washing Newborn Clothes

Here are the steps to washing a baby’s clothes: 

Step 1: Read the Care Label 

Before washing any clothes, ensure that you read the care label. Some clothes may have special instructions based on the material. For example, most baby sleepwear is flame resistant and should not be washed with bleach. 

Step 2: Check for Stains

Before throwing the cloth in the washer, scan carefully for stains. If there is a stain on your newborn clothes, treat them using the best stain removal method. 

Step 3: Sort Your Baby’s Clothes

Divide your dirty newborn clothes according to colors and materials. If clothes have different washing temperatures or techniques, sort them into different piles. Also, it’s best to wash baby diapers separately from the regular laundry. 

Step 4: Use a Mesh Bag for Delicate Items 

laundry mesh bag
Mesh Bags

Your baby socks, hats, and mittens are best washed in a laundry mesh bag to keep them from going missing. 

Step 5: Set Your Machine

Set the washing machine according to the recommended temperature and washer cycle. For clothes without labels, the general recommendation is to wash in warm water and run in a regular cycle. On the other hand, flame retardant clothes are best cleaned in cold water. Once you’ve sef the machine, add your mild or homemade detergent.

Step 6: Load, Wash, and Rinse Clothes

Add your baby clothes into the washer and wait till the end of the cycle. Do not overload the machine so that the clothes can be thoroughly cleaned. Once you’re done washing, rinse your baby clothes at least two times to remove soap residue in the clothes. 

Drying Baby’s Clothes 

Most baby clothes are cotton and prone to shrinkage. It’s best to dry the baby’s clothes by hanging them on a rack or clothesline. 

If you prefer the dryer, a low heat tumble dry is the best way to prevent shrinkage. High heat can mess up your baby’s clothes, and you don’t want that. You can also dry with a delicate setting if your dryer has one. 

How to Wash Baby Cloth Diapers

Baby Cloth Diapers

Baby diapers are heavily soiled, so they are best washed away from other clothes. Here are some steps to washing baby diapers: 

Step 1: Scrape off Residue

The first thing to do is scrape off the solid residue from the diapers

Step 2: Soak Overnight 

Pre Wash the cloth diapers in cold water or soak them overnight with Vinegar to remove tough stains. You can also apply detergent to the stains and dab with a cloth. Do this for up to 5 minutes before washing clothes as usual. 

Step 3: Wash in Hot Water

Wash the baby diapers at the highest possible temperature to remove the stains effectively. Also, wash with a baby-safe and fragrance-free detergent to prevent irritating the newborn’s skin. 

Step 4: Rinse and Dry The Diapers

Run the diapers through a warm rinse cycle two times to remove residues. Then, dry as normal or as advised by the manufacturer’s label. 

How Often Should You Wash Baby’s Clothes?

Newborn clothes with stains like poop, medication, or urine should be washed immediately. This prevents the stains from setting in or becoming a harbor for germs. For other clothes, it is best to put them in the basket once they are worn and wash them at least once a week.

Washing Baby Clothes Before Use

Dermatologists advise parents to wash new baby clothes before they start wearing them. Whether you got them as gifts or bought them from a store, clothes can pick up dust and other contaminants in the markets and during distribution. So, always wash the newborn clothes before to get rid of irritants on the fabric.  

Tips To Wash Baby’s Clothes

In summary, here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind when doing your newborn’s laundry: 

  1. Keep baby’s laundry separate from regular laundry
  2. Get rid of stains before running through the washing cycle
  3. Use a mild detergent on the baby’s clothes 
  4. Don’t wash dark and white clothes together 
  5. Don’t wash diapers with other clothes
  6. I don’t know overload the machine so the clothes can get cleaned
  7. Do not use fabric softener on newborn clothes 
  8. Baby clothes are beat dried in sunlight

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