How to Wash Polyester Jacket

The polyester jacket is a multi-functional comfort clothing available for every occasion. It also serves as outdoor and sportswear.

Because of its versatility, you should know how to wash the polyester jacket without ruining the fabric or damaging its structure – there is nothing more annoying than an ill-fitted jacket.

Calvin Klein Brown Polyester Jacket
Calvin Klein Brown Polyester Leather Jacket 

Luckily, the polyester jacket has a simple-to-follow washing procedure that will guarantee a lengthened life span.

Polyester Jacket Washing Instructions

Polyester jackets should spend as little time in the wash as possible, so ensure to select suitable wash settings and laundry additives and carry out pre-treatment procedures before washing.

Step 1: Choose the Correct Detergent

Polyester is a synthetic fabric capable of withstanding many varying conditions. Although it can handle harsh detergent chemicals, bleach is not one of them.

When choosing a detergent to wash your polyester jacket, choose one that can wash delicate fabrics without having adverse effects. This detergent will keep your jacket safe if you’re unsure of cleaning methods.

Over subsequent washings and following the washing instructions on the attached care label, you should have a regular detergent for your polyester jacket.

Use the correct amount of detergent when washing the polyester jacket to avoid overdosing on the laundry. Detergents can damage your clothing or leave a residue that only deep cleaning can remove.

If you’re using powdered detergent to wash a polyester jacket, dissolve it in water before washing the jacket.

Step 2: Pre-Treat the Stains

Polyester can resist mechanical damage, dust, and residue; unfortunately, it absorbs stains quickly, especially oil-based ones.

Luckily, you can remove the stains from a polyester jacket. Sometimes, the treatment occurs without placing the jacket in a washer.

Spot Cleaning

When little droplets of food or drinks spill on your precious jacket, you should spot clean it immediately before it dries up; because if it does, removing the stains will be strenuous.


  • Lay the polyester jacket on a flat surface for better visibility.
  • Gently dab the stains with a paper towel to remove excess.
  • Spray the affected area with a suitable stain remover and leave the treatment to soak for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Use another paper towel to clean the treatment from the surface.
  • Check to see if there are other stains and repeat this process.
  • Air-dry the jacket.


When the stains on your polyester jacket are massive, you will need a little more than spot cleaning to treat them. Sweat stains can cause odors and permanent discoloration; you should treat them by soaking the jacket before washing.

Another situation that calls for soaking is when white polyester jackets suffer from yellowing or loss of brightness.


  • Fill a sizable bowl with cold water.
  • Pour a suitable stain remover into the water and stir till it dissolves.
  • Submerge the polyester jacket(s) into the solution.
  • Allow it to soak for 15 minutes or the recommended time on the stain remover label.
  • Place the polyester jacket(s) in the washer.
  • After washing, check for leftover stains and repeat the process before drying.

Step 3: Wash the Polyester Jacket

wash polyester jacket

After choosing the detergent and treating the stains, it’s time to wash the polyester jacket. The washing is straightforward as long as you create the proper atmosphere for a successful wash.

A successful wash is when the polyester jacket comes out fresh and clean without damage.

Factors to Consider to Achieve a Successful Wash

  • Remove any belts and attachments on the jacket before washing.
  • Turn the jacket inside out to hide the buttons and zippers.
  • Repair any tears or loose seams because the washer will worsen the condition.
  • Wash the polyester jacket with similar colored polyester clothing. However, it is better to wash it alone.
  • Choose a gentle wash cycle to reduce stress on the polyester jacket, thereby reducing the potential for wrinkle formation.
  • Use cold or lukewarm water to wash the polyester jacket because heat can cause shrinkage.

Machine Washing Polyester Jackets

Washing your polyester jacket with a washing machine is the easier route to follow because it takes minimal effort. A front-loading washer is gentle with reduced agitation, so it is better for your polyester jacket, although a top-loader works fine.

Polyester Jacket laundry care tag


  • Read the attached care label for information on the washing procedure.
  • Pour a mild liquid laundry detergent into the washer.
  • Choose the “gentle” wash cycle and select the cold water temperature.
  • Remove belts and attachments, turn your polyester jacket inside out, and place it in the washer.
  • Start the wash cycle.
  • After the wash cycle ends, remove the jacket from the washer and dry it to avoid wrinkles, color bleeding, shrinking, etc.

Hand Washing Polyester Jackets

Some people prefer the calm they have when hand-washing polyester jackets. It allows the seamless transfer from treating the stains to washing the polyester jacket, and you control the level of agitation the jacket endures.


  • Read the attached care label for information on the washing procedure.
  • Select a clean, sizable bowl that can contain the jacket(s), or you can use a bathtub.
  • Fill the bowl or bathtub with cold or lukewarm water.
  • Follow the pre-treated method stated above if there is a need.
  • Pour a mild liquid laundry detergent into the water.
  • Remove belts and attachments, turn your polyester jacket inside out, and place it in the water.
  • Use gentle movements to wash the polyester jacket.
  • After washing, replace the water with clean cold water and rinse the jacket till there is no more soap.
  • Dry the polyester jacket.

How to Dry Polyester Jackets

How to Dry Polyester Jacket

Drying polyester jackets with high heat can lead to shrinkage, wrinkles, and melting. Preventing these problems should be the priority when drying the polyester jacket(s).

Air-dry the Polyester Jacket

Spread your polyester jacket on a clothesline or drying rack in a well-ventilated area to air-dry. The well-ventilated area could be indoors in a room with a fan and window access or outside in an airy area but away from direct sunlight.

Jackets are bulky, and leaving them wet for too long can cause mildew and odors, so it is better to start drying immediately under the proper weather conditions.

Tumble Dry the Polyester Jacket

Placing your polyester jacket in the dryer is not an ideal drying method because of the potential for high heat. However, you can optimize the dryer for polyester by using the lowest heat setting available. Some dryers have the “air-fluff setting,” which is essentially cold drying because it does not utilize heat.

Place a few wool dryer balls with the jacket to reduce static and wrinkles, and shorten drying time.

How to Care for Polyester Jackets

  1. Read the care label on the polyester jacket to avoid damaging mistakes when washing and drying.
  2. Empty the jacket pockets before placing them in the washer to prevent the loss of random items.
  3. Polyester has wrinkle-resistant properties, but certain conditions like high heat can cause wrinkles to form. Straighten the wrinkles by ironing on low heat with a cloth barrier between the iron and the jacket.
  4. Don’t use fabric softener or chlorine bleach on the polyester jacket; it can cause damage.
  5. Add ½ a cup of white vinegar during the rinse cycle to increase softness and brightness, remove leftover detergent residue, and reduce static.
  6. Freshen the polyester jacket between washings by spraying it with a laundry spray.
  7. Hang the polyester in a well-ventilated closet to prevent the formation of mildew. Or, fold the jacket and place it in a breathable bag; plastic bags will attract moisture, which can damage or discolor the polyester jacket.

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