Can You Wash Shoes in a Washing Machine?

The simple answer is yer you can. Apart from using your washing machine to wash clothes, you can use it to wash and clean off your shoes. However, there are specific conditions and settings which must be deployed when washing shoes in your washing.

You cannot apply the same wash cycle you use in handling your clothes to your shoes. Also, different types of shoes require different washing methods depending on the type of shoe and the specific care tips recommended by the manufacturer.

Some of the guidelines to follow when treating your shoes with a wash include; the nature and temperature of the water, spin setting, and shoe packaging for machines.

Check Care Directions On The Label

Different types of shoes come with specific care instructions from their manufacturers. It is a precaution manufacturers take to save themselves from warranty issues. Ensure that you check through the guidelines as specified by the manufacturers before proceeding to clean your shoes on washing machines

However, the care instructions may not be present. In such cases, you can take steps to clean up your shoes in your washer successfully. Generally, approaches to cleaning shoes differ due to the material used in designing your shoe. Some shoes that can be washed easily with your device are nylon-made athletic wear, canvas shoes, polyester and cotton products. How you package your footwear and choice of detergents is also essential.

Take Off Removable Parts

Apart from enclosing your shoe in a mesh laundry bag, some parts of your shoe may be device-friendly. For example, your device should not be exposed to shoes with fasteners and other parts that are made up of leather.

Separate your shoes when washing them on your device. Putting them together may not ensure effective cleaning and removal of dirt, grime, stubborn stains, and other unwanted substances. Don’t wash the laces in your shoe in your washing machine.

Take them off. Wash it separately in a separate cleaning solution. You can preferably hand wash your laces and attach them to your shoe after washing them in the machine.

Use Brush Where Necessary

Washing your shoe in your washing machine does not mean that you should not use other cleaning tools and accessories on your shoe. Dirt and grime on parts such as the soles can be attended to using toothbrushes and toothpicks. Most often, your device may not be able to access these areas. The tools will help complement and put the finishing touches to the whole cleaning process.

Use Specific cleaning Solutions 

Leather products can easily react to chemical solutions. Use a white vinegar solution to soak and clean your shoes made up of cotton. You can also use it for other leather wears. Experts recommend a half cup of water mixed with a white vinegar solution

Use Baking Soda For Your White Sneakers

Use two teaspoons of baking soda. Mix it with a good laundry detergent. Add water to the solution. Apply the solution to the stubborn stain on your white sneakers and leave it for some hours, preferably five to six hours. After that, use a brush to scrub off and remove the stains from the sneakers. 

NOTE: The above steps should be taken before any attempt to wash your white sneakers on the washing device. This is because your shoes typically require a gentle wash cycle which may not act hard on stubborn stains on your shoe.

Clean the Insoles Manually

Don’t allow insoles into your washing device. It could act against the wash run of your device and also hinder the spinning mechanism. Remove and apply a damp sponge to them. To clean out the dirt from your insoles, put water into the bowel.

Sprinkle your cleaning solution into the bowel. Dip a rag or cotton cloth into it and use it to wipe off the dirt from your insole. After wiping it with the cotton cloth emerged into the cleaning solution, use a dry cloth to clean it. Apply baking soda to the insole and leave it for hours. You can insert it back when it is dry.

Don’t Use Powder Detergent

When using ‘shoe laundry’, it is advisable to avoid powdered detergent in your clothes during the wash cycle. Use liquid detergents and recommendable vinegar and baking soda solution. Powdered detergents will stick to your shoes and may also settle as residues.

Wash Your Shoe In cold Water Wash Cycle

When using laundry machines to wash your shoe, set your device to a cold wash cycle. Don’t use hot or slightly warm water. Hot or warm water will act on your shoe materials. It can drag it and make it warp, and can even damage it.

Another damaging impact of a hot water wash cycle on your shoe is color run which disfigures the design and color of your shoe.

Use A Gentler Wash Cycle When Washing On Top Loaders

Unlike impellers and front loaders, top loaders are mostly agitator washers and are often rougher and harder on your clothes. If you want to clean your shoe in your top loader washer, ensure that you use a gentler wash cycle. Shoes don’t need the tough, rough and hard touch of agitators.

NOTE: It is more convenient and easy to use front loaders and impellers than loaders on your shoes. This does not mean you should not wash your shoes on top loaders if you don’t have access to front loaders. Just follow the precautions above, and your shoe is set for a perfect laundry touch.

Applying Disinfectant To The wash Cycle

You can apply disinfectants to clean up and exterminate any bacterial or fungi residue when washing your shoe in the device but follow these precautions below

  • Add your disinfectant at the beginning of the wash cycle, not in the middle or at the near end of the wash cycle.
  • Your disinfectant should be mostly oil and pine, and you will have to run the device through hot water for perfect action on the target fungi and bacterial elements.

NOTE: Using disinfectant during shoe laundry is not mandatory. Some shoes, depending on the material, can react to it. But if your shoe is a pony with a furry design, it is okay to apply it to check terminal footwear-related diseases such as athlete’s foot.

Add Towels As Part Of Your Shoe Laundry Exercise

Don’t just throw your shoes into the washer and expect it to give it a perfect laundry touch. Throwing naked shoes may cause balancing problems for your washer, disrupting your device’s operations. Insert towels into the device before placing the shoes into the wash drum. Use Mesh bags too

Use Low-Speed Spin And Delicate Cycle

Low-speed spin and the delicate cycle are why front load washers are preferable to top load washers in shoe cleaning. Low-speed spin reduces the likelihood of setting the device out of balance. Delicate cycles prevent damage to your shoes. These two settings are easily obtained with the front loader washers. 

Use Only Device-Friendly Shoes 

Not all shoes can be washed with the washing machine. Your device can only process shoes with materials that are similar or nearly similar to your clothing materials. Shoes made from thick and strong leather materials are not washer-friendly. Vinyl and suede should also be avoided. Shoes with decorations made of steel or other embellishments should not be washed in the device. Hand clean them. 

Safety Tips For Your Washing Machine When Cleaning Shoes

Some experts have recommended that shoes should not go into the washing machine whether they are top loader or front loader. Shoes are more likely to damage your washer than clothes. However, advancement in laundry technology has made ‘shoe laundry’ possible but with precautions. Below are steps to avoid impairments to your device while cleaning it.

  • Don’t insert a naked shoe into the device. Use laundry mesh bags to prevent wear and tear to the device and the shoe.
  • Don’t put on more shoes than necessary. Use the optimal number of shoes at a go.
  • Shoes with embellishments should not be used in the device.
  • Ensure that your device is balanced and in perfect condition before starting a shoe cleaning process.
  • Remove laces and insoles. They can get entangled with your device and obstruct the functioning of your device. 
  • Only shoes with materials that are friendly to the device should be used in the washing machine.
  • Ensure that your device is firmly fixed to its position before commencing a shoe cleaning cycle. 
  • Use towels for your device drum to aid balance before inserting your shoes. It helps keep the device balanced and prevents damaging collisions with the drum.
  • Don’t use damaging detergents on your device while cleaning your shoes. 
  • The washer may not access some parts of your shoe while washing. Don’t use a longer wash cycle than necessary. You can use brushes and hand cleaning when necessary.

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