How to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes

Owning a dog comes with peculiarities, like having dog hair weave its way into the fibers of your clothes, but don’t let it deter you as there are various ways to get dog hair out of your clothes.  

In this post, we will show you how you can achieve removing dog hair from your clothes in various methods.

10 Ways to Remove Dog Hair From Clothes

Here are ten excellent methods and products for removing dog hair from your clothing before and after washing.

1. Use a lint roller

lint roller

This popular approach involves rolling sticky paper over your garments to pick up loose fur or fabric. Although it’s named a lint roller and replaced the dryer’s lint trap, they’re now readily available for pet owners. Some lint rollers are more effective than others.

Your fabric should not roll with the lint roller, but it should be sticky enough to weave out all the hair stubbornly ingrained in the clothing. Use the lint roller to roll over your clothes until all the hair is gone; you can use a dry sponge to scrub the stubborn areas gently and then collect the hair with the roller.

An interesting thing about a lint roller is that it keeps all the hairs in one place. You can roll your fabrics without the fur falling to the floor, but some lint rollers are better than others at removing lint. 

Roll the lint roller over your clothes several times until all the hair is gone. If desired, gently scrub the more obstinate regions with a dry sponge before collecting the hair with the roller. 

You can roll your fabrics wherever you want without fear of the fur falling to the floor. 

2. Make use of a dish sponge

dish sponge

It is advisable to use the abrasive side that you’d typically use for scrubbing your dishes because it’ll get rid of the tough hairs faster.

If you’re going to do this, do it outside or over garbage bags so you don’t end up with hair all over your floor. 

Hair should be collected and thrown away after cleaning, so cleaning will be more successful in the long run.

3. Use duct tape instead of a lint roller

HVAC Duct Tape

If you can’t find a roller or it’s been emptied recently, duct tape is always a good idea.

So, to use the duct tape, cut it into swaths and adhere them to your clothes. So that the sticky side of the duct tape may make touch the fur, press it onto the fabric. Peel it slowly but steadily. If you yank on it, it may relax its grip on the hairs before they come free from the clothes. 

4. Dry, wash, and dry

First, put the fuzzy garments in the dryer before washing and run the dry garments through a 10-minute tumble cycle without any heat.

Tumbling your clothes first softens them and loosens any trapped hair. Some of it will start to come out and gather in the lint trap during this cycle. To get rid of dog fur as possible:

  1. Shake out the lint trap and then the garments.
  2. Wash them as usual before putting them back in the dryer.
  3. Clear your lint trap every time you take your clothing out of the dryer.

5. Use dryer sheets

Dryer sheets not only smell lovely when your clothes come out of the dryer, but they also help minimize static while making your laundry softer.

The most crucial component of assisting in removing pet hair is removing static. Instead of clinging to the clothing with higher static electricity, the dog fur can’t stick to them and gets trapped in the lint trap.

6. Utilise white vinegar

White vinegar works wonders, and I always have one on hand. Putting your garments in the washer doesn’t always make them “pet fur clean.” You can use a low-maintenance solution by washing your garments with twelve cups of distilled white vinegar. Vinegar is a “holy grail” of cleaning remedies, and the same can be said for removing dog hair from your clothes.

When you wash your clothes with vinegar, the static in your fabric is reduced, and the fur has less grip.

The vinegar reacts with the cloth, making it impossible for any loose hair to attach to it, and It also works with lint.

Pet hair will often loosen at the end of the wash cycle, and all of it should be caught in the lint trap by the end of the dry cycle.

7. Vacuum upholstery, carpets, and fabric furniture

vacuum cleaner

It’s not just when your dog rubs up against you or cuddles that fur sticks to your clothes. These hairs can readily move from these textiles to your garments if they want to sit on the couch or sleep in your bed. Keep your house tidy to avoid this and keep fur out of the air and off the furnishings.

Vacuuming and sweeping can assist, but the carpets and upholstery are the most important surfaces to clean.

To keep dog hair out of the house, vacuum the carpets and drapes and wipe the spaces between the couch cushions.

8. Use a garment steamer for delicate materials

garment steamer

There are other options if you have delicate textiles that you are concerned about washing, such as more excellent velvet or wool tops.

To begin, use a lint roller or duct tape to roll over them gently. Next is making use of a clothes steamer. The wetness and gentle warmth help release the fur’s grip and simplify blowing it out. After lightly steaming the fabric in downward strokes, use a lint roller or tape to remove the remaining lint.

It is easier to use a steamer when the clothes are hung up. If you are steaming a lot of the fur onto the ground, be prepared to vacuum it up afterward. If you’re on a budget, you can find a less expensive portable steamer for less than $50 instead of the more expensive standing steers that can cost more than $100.

9. Brush your dog’s hair more frequently

Pet Grooming Hair Brush

Collecting dog hair right from the source is one of the most effective ways to reduce the quantity of dog hair on your clothes.

Use a rubber curry brush; use a shedding rake for dogs with longer hair and undercoats.

Brushing them at least twice a week is recommended if your dog sheds a lot. Brushing your dog is a great way to strengthen your bond with them.

It allows you to spend more time with them, and they will not shed any hair you collect from their bodies on you or about the house.

10. Taking your dog to the groomer

As their coats transform with the seasons, some dogs shed more in the spring and fall. You can take them to the groomer to get their coat blown out at this time of year.

Instead of coming out in chunks about the house, this procedure efficiently removes most of their shedding hair.

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