Ugg Comforter Washing Instructions

There are different types of Ugg comforters with unique materials. Each of these materials is beautiful and comfortable in its way.

Proper washing of your comforter is the key to preserving its appearance and the breathtaking feeling you get when you lay on your bed.

How to Wash Ugg Comforter

Don’t jump into washing just yet. There are a few preliminary steps you should take before resorting to washing your Ugg comforter if you want to lengthen its lifespan and quality.

Check the Label on Your Ugg Comforter

Before you get an Ugg comforter, you should check the care label for instructions about the cleaning and care of the comforter.

Different comforters have unique care labels telling you the general care and wash process because of the distinct materials.

For instance, Ugg comforters are mostly polyester, but some are sherpa – the signature Ugg material – and some are faux fur.

These different materials have different wash instructions.

Spot Clean your Ugg Comforter

Always spot clean before you wash your Ugg comforter. Wet comforters are heavy and harder to manage, so you should spot clean when the comforter is dry.

Do not skip this step because the delicate wash process will likely miss the stubborn stains.

Use the best stain removers to spot clean the comforter. Other options for spot cleaning are; baking soda mixed with water to form baking soda paste or white vinegar.

The Steps:

  1. Thoroughly search the Ugg comforter for any stain.
  2. Treat the stains one by one.
  3. Wet the first stain with water and then pour stain remover on it.
  4. Allow the stain remover to work for 30 seconds before dabbing with a white cloth or towel.
  5. Rinse the area but be cautious; so you don’t wet the whole comforter.
  6. Use another white cloth or towel to dampen the spot.
  7. Repeat this process for every stain you find till the comforter is stain-free.

Washing your Ugg Comforter

Ugg comforters are machine washable, but they require extra care because of their delicate texture. The care label specifies what wash cycle settings you should use; most times, the comforter requires a cold wash on a gentle wash cycle. The care label can also let you know you can dry clean your comforter.

Always check for stains after washing. If there are still stains on the comforter, spot clean them again and put the comforter in the washer for a new wash cycle.

Machine Washing Ugg Comforter

Ensure the washer capacity is enough to fit the Ugg comforter properly. The suitable washer capacity will stop the comforter from hiding dirty spots and becoming lumpy.

Go to a Laundromat if your washer can’t handle your comforter.

The steps:

  1. Gently place the Ugg comforter into the washer.
  2. Pour in mild detergent. A mild detergent is best for washing the comforter. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.
  3. Set the washer to the “delicate wash cycle” and cold water setting. If necessary, use an extra rinse cycle to ensure the soap suds are gone. It’s safer to use cold water if the water temperature is not specified because cold water preserves the color and fabric of the comforter.
  4. Start the wash.
  5. After washing, if you can still see stains, run another wash cycle.
  6. Dry your comforter.

Enzyme Washing

Enzyme washing is a specific procedure that uses naturally occurring enzymes to clean clothing by breaking down stains into smaller molecules that standard washing can remove easily.

The manufacturers at Ugg recommend enzyme washing for some of their comforters. Check your care label to see if it specifies enzyme washing before moving forward with this step.

The steps:

  1. Fill up a large bowl or your bathtub with cold water.
  2. Pour in the enzyme detergent. Check the bottle for the appropriate wash directions.
  3. Submerge the Ugg comforter into the water.
  4. Leave the comforter to soak for at least 30 minutes.
  5. After 30 minutes, wash the comforter in the washer.

Dry your Ugg comforter

Never leave your Ugg comforter in the washer for too long. Dry the comforter immediately after the wash cycle ends. You can either tumble dry your comforter or air-dry it. Drying time is lengthy with both procedures.

Ensure your Ugg comforter has no wet spots after drying. Wet Spots become breeding grounds for mold and dust mites. They are uncomfortable, and they can cause your comforter to develop odors.

Gently press down different sides of the comforter after drying to guarantee no wet spots.

Tumble Drying

  1. Place your Ugg comforter into the dryer. Fluff the comforter before placing it in the dryer; so the comforter doesn’t clump. Clumping will increase the drying time.
  2. Put the dryer on low heat. Some comforters may require an “air fluff” setting. This setting will prevent your comforter from damaging.

It may require multiple dry cycles for your comforter to completely dry. When the first dry cycle ends, bring out the comforter and fluff it to expose the wet spots.

Air Drying

Take your comforter outside. Fluff it and spread it wide on the line. Leave the comforter to dry under the sun for hours. Check occasionally for wet spots. Turn the comforter to the other side after a while.

You can also air-dry your comforter after tumble drying to ensure there are no wet spots.

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