Barefoot Dreams Washing Instructions

Barefoot Dreams is a luxury loungewear and bedding brand that produces blankets, wearable throws, robes, cardigans, and slippers made from patented fabric.

As cozy, comfortable, and ultra-soft as they are, they also come in a hefty price range. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on these exceptional items to ruin them before you’ve even had the chance to enjoy them.

Barefoot Dreams products are machine-washable. They won’t shrink or pill during the wash, and they also maintain their signature cushiness.

How to Wash your Barefoot Dreams

Check the care label on whatever Barefoot Dreams item you want to wash. Whether it is the signature 100% polyester microfiber or the nature-like cotton items, they have individual-specific wash instructions.

Although almost all the products have the same fabric, others are different and may have dry clean only washing instructions.

You can wash the items in a washer or hand-wash them to be extra cautious.

With your Barefoot Dreams blanket, ensure your washer is big enough to wash it properly.

Machine Washing Barefoot Dreams

Use a front loader washer or a non-agitating top loader washer to reduce the friction on the fabric.

  1. Separate your Barefoot Dreams items into color, fabric, and type.

Wash your items separately from the other laundry. Place robes of similar fabric together. The same procedure should apply to slippers, blankets, etc. Don’t mix and match items, especially the blankets.

Separating the items by color is crucial because you will not be able to decipher which items will bleed color and which ones won’t. It is safer to wash similar colors together.

  • Shake the items.

Shake the items you want to wash to remove dust and debris before placing them into the washer. Dust and debris can cause stains and tears. Do not fold the items when placing them in the washer, or they will not wash properly.

  • Wash settings

Set the washer to the “gentle” wash cycle and cold water setting to preserve the structure and color. The fabric is not particularly delicate, but you can destroy the softness if you don’t use these settings. Using hot water to wash your items can cause the color to bleed. It can also ruin the softness of the fabric.

  • Wash additives

Pour in mild, non-bleach detergent, especially the type that produces little suds. Using this type of detergent will significantly reduce rinse time, reducing the stress on the fabric. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. They dry up the fiber of the robe or blanket, which can ruin the softness or absorbency of the fabric.

You can pour in half a cup of vinegar or baking soda mixed with water to help maintain the smoothness of the fabric and deodorize the items.

  • Start the wash. Set an extra rinse cycle to ensure the detergent suds remove. 
  • After washing, if you can still see stains, run another wash cycle.
  • When the wash cycle ends, and you see that the items are sparkling clean, immediately dry them. Leaving wet clothing in the washing can cause color bleeding, wrinkles, or worse, damage to the fabric.

Hand Washing Barefoot Dreams

  1. Fill up a large bowl or bathtub with cold water.
  2. Pour in mild laundry detergent and swish to make the water soapy.
  3. Submerge your Barefoot Dreams items in soapy water and wash them delicately for a few minutes.
  4. Rinse gently with clean cold water.
  5. After rinsing, squeeze softly to remove the excess water.
  6. Flap the items to straighten out wrinkles.
  7. Dry your items.

Spot Cleaning Barefoot Dreams

Your Barefoot Dreams blankets or slippers should not enter the washer as frequently as some of the other items like the robes. However, you might encounter stains. Spot cleaning is an adequate replacement for washing.

The steps:

  • Thoroughly search the items for any stains and treat them one by one if you find any.
  • Pour stain remover into a small bowl or spray bottle.
  • Wet the first stain with cold water and then, pour a small amount of stain remover.
  • Leave the area for a while, then dab gently with a white cloth or towel.
  • Gently rinse the treated area with clean cold water.
  • Repeat this process for every stain you find.
  • Lay the item flat to air-dry.

How to Dry your Barefoot Dreams

The amount of time it will take to dry your Barefoot Dreams items depends on the size. The bulky items have a longer drying time and vice versa for the smaller ones.


Immediately you take your robe out of the washer, lay it flat to air-dry to avoid wrinkles, and clumping, and preserve the fabric.

You can also hang your blanket on a clothesline outside or your shower curtain if it is sturdy and roomy.

Tumble Dry

Tumble dry to speed up the dry time.

  1. Place your robe in the dryer.
  2. Use the lowest heat setting or eliminate heat from the dryer with the air fluff setting. High heat will ruin your robe’s stability.
  3. Start drying. 
  4. When the dry cycle is over, check to see if your robe is dry and if there are wet spots left. If there are wet spots hidden, especially in the case of bulky robes or blankets, run another dry cycle. 
  5. Take the robe out of the dryer and lay it flat to air-dry.

You can also hang your blanket for an hour outside and then transfer it to the dryer.

How to Care For Your Barefoot Dreams

Despite all efforts to attain the contrary, you might encounter wrinkles on your robe, blanket, etc., after washing and drying. If this happens, run a steamer all over to remove the wrinkles. You can also use an iron but make sure it is on the lowest heat setting or cold.

It is better to lay your robes or sweaters flat on a rod, a clothesline, or a drying rack. You can also get a drying platform. Hanging them on a hook can cause drag on the fabric, causing tears or pilling.

Wash your blankets at least once every two weeks and your robe and cardigan once a week. Wash your slippers every week, but you can spot clean every other day. This regular washing will help maintain the softness of your Barefoot Dreams items over time.

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