How to Fix LE Error on LG Washing Machine

Your LG Washing machine has built-in display and maintenance systems designed to detect faults and malfunctions. These are called error codes. When your washer detects errors or malfunctions, an error code corresponding to that malfunction will be flashed.

Error codes address specific malfunctions and impairments in your washing machine. LE errors are one of the error codes displayed in your LG Washing machine.

LE Errors on Your LG Washing Machine

LE Errors LG Washing Machine

The LE error codes appear in the display of your LG washing machine when your washer’s motor is not functioning. Other minor oversights can also bring up the LE error. The washing machine motor has evolved over the years and is a central and indispensable part of the machine.

The Washing Machine’s Motor utilizes belts, built-in gears, and other accessories to facilitate the operation of the machine. It is attached to a transmission system that controls the washers’ mechanism. 

When your washer is powered, the motor helps it operate by setting relevant parts in motion. The pump, draining and spinning mechanism, and other washer functions rely on the motor’s efficiency.

It has a control console that manages basic functions and features of the washing machine, such as water level controls, softeners, and detergents dispensers, spinning processes, draining mechanisms, and other dynamics of the washing machine.

When the LE error flashes, it means all the machine’s mechanisms, processes, and dynamics stop functioning. The LE error may be the most damaging of errors. It blocks and locks the motor and halts every other motor-controlled laundry process.

Causes Of LE Error Display In Your LG Washing Machine

You were processing your laundry, and the LE error suddenly flashed, halting everything with your clothes stuck in the drum, and the machine not draining. Some factors may be responsible, which, if checked, can be corrected and the washing cycle resumed.

Wrong Installation

Another minor oversight that causes the LE error to flash in your LG washer is when you wrongly installed your device. Wrong installation may cause a disconnect between your control panel and the motor making the device malfunction.

Excessive Froths From Detergents

When too much froth gathers in your washing drum than necessary, it will bring on the LE error. Excessive foam and growth are always a result of highly-concentrated detergents.

Tripped Thermal Circuit

If Your LG washer is too hot, it may cause damage to that device. A built-in feature designed to check excessive heat pressures on the motor (thermal protection circuit) automatically trips off when overheating. When this happens, the device automatically displays the LE error.


Overloading is one of the most common causes of sudden breaks and halts of the washers’ operation. If your LG washer is overloaded, the likelihood of the motor being locked and halting operation is high.

Excess clothes in the drum increase the pressure on the machine. It can cause severe damage and impairment. Hence, your LG washer will automatically self-lock, flashing the LE error when overloading the device.

Faulty Rotor Position Sensor

Modern washing machines deploy state-of-the-art sensor systems to detect and manage the operations of the washing machine.

Rotor Position Sensor is a built-in safety system that monitors the washing machine’s motor. It ensures that the motor works with great precision in any laundry cycle. An impaired rotor position sensor will cause the motor to malfunction, resulting in the LE error.

A Faulty Motor

If your LG washer flashes the LE error, it is usually a motor problem. Any impaired part of the motor system will cause the LE error to flash.

Even insignificant and minor oversights such as a weakened drive belt and worn-out bearings are captured by the LE error because it affects the functioning of the motor of your washer.

Faulty armature coils, brushes, and damaged cords are more complicated and technical aspects of the motor, which could cause the LE error to flash.

Dysfunctional And Damaged Sensors

Sensors are essential features of your washing machine. Specific sensors that control highly motor-related risks such as pressure and balancing in your device are vital. If they are damaged, your device’s motor is at risk.

It will run blindly without detection and control of these risk factors. Your device will flash the LE error when your motor is subsequently affected by a breakdown of the sensors.

How To Fix LE Error In Your LG Washing Machine

LG Washer overload error

The motor will lock automatically if your LG washing machine flashes the LE error. It will move, and the device will stop working instantly.

One could take safety measures to prevent LE error and remedy an LG washing machine with a locked and malfunctioning motor. Below are possible measures to help fix the LE error in your LG washing machine

NOTE: When LE error flashes in your LG washer, something is wrong with your washer’s motor. LE error-related impairments are mostly technicals requiring a technical expert to help fix them. But there are minor problems due to oversight that you can fix.

Reset Your Device

If you wrongly installed your LG washing machine and it causes the LE error, disconnect it from power and hit the start button, holding on for at least five minutes. Connect it back to power and hit the rinse-spin cycle. This will help correct the displayed LE error.

NOTE: If the error persists after resetting your device, consult a technical expert

Avoid High Suds Detergents

LG Washer detergent dispenser

High suds detergent pressurizes your drum and hampers essential draining and pumping processes. Use the brand’s recommended detergent for your laundry.

If excess foam builds up in the wash drum, making it flash the LE error, leave the device for a while, preferably 30 minutes, to allow the foam to dissolve. Empty the load. Refill the tube with water. Hit the drain cycle and clear the drum before restarting your laundry cycle.

Avoid Hot Laundry Solutions

It is advisable to use mildly warm or cold water for your laundry. High-temperature laundry solutions are a risk factor for your washer’s motor

Don’t Overload Your Device

Overloading is one of the risk factors to look out for when fixing LE errors in your LG washer. How does overloading cause the LE error to flash? An overloaded washer is more likely to damage the rotor of your motor system as it puts pressure on the machine.

The rotor is a vital part of your washer’s motor system. If damaged, the motor will develop a fault. Ensure you don’t put in more clothes than necessary, and always be cautious when stocking your drum with heavy clothes.

Check And Manage Pressure Systems

Your LG washer’s motor responds to both external and internal pressures. If your washer is rightly positioned or vibrates and shakes during operation, it will weigh heavily on the motor. A vibrating, noisy, and shaky washer can cause a twist, tear, disruption, and even damage some parts of the motor system. 

Always ensure that your washer is balanced and well-positioned. Internal pressures such as blocked drain hoses, dysfunctional pumps, heavy loading, and uncontrolled water levels are also risk factors to the motor’s efficiency. Always check and monitor your washer’s draining systems.

Check And Fix Faulty Sensors 

Sensors are like ring lights monitoring and controlling motor risk factors mentioned above. If they are faulty or damaged, fix and repair them. Sensors can help prevent motor breakdowns by sending warning signals to users before a subsequent impairment occurs. 

Monitor And Fix Rotor Position Sensor

Your rotor position sensor needs optimum attention. Ensure that your washer’s Rotor position sensor is not impaired. The rotor position sensor links your motor to other essential and critical features and systems of the machine. Fix and attend to minor faults before they worsen, requiring a technical expert.

Check And Repair Faulty Motor Parts

LE error in your LG washing machine is directly linked to a malfunctioning and impaired motor or parts. Monitor and fix defective parts of the machine.

Replace weakened drive belts and worn-out bearings. Call a technician where necessary, especially when it involves more complex device features, such as the armature coil, damaged brushes, and motor wires.

How To Care For Your LG Washing Machine Motor

  • Always use recommended detergents for your LG washer. Avoid high suds detergent. It will affect the efficiency of your washer’s motor.
  • Don’t use high-temperature laundry solutions. Mildly warm or cold water is recommendable.
  • Ensure you install your washer correctly. Disconnect from power when it is not in use.
  • Avoid heavy laundry items. Don’t overload your washer. Use optimal quantity per laundry cycle.
  • Ensure that your LG washing machine is balanced and well fixed in its position to prevent.
  • Your sensor systems are vital. Always ensure they are not damaged and be proactive in attending to fault signals before they worsen.
  • Don’t allow wear and tears in any part of your washer’s motor. Monitor it frequently. Replace damaged motor wire, worn-out bearings, and weakened drive belts. 
  • Consult a technical expert to help you fix more complex impairments in your washer’s motor. Don’t try to do them yourself unless they are minor oversight stated above.

Like other built-in error codes, LE error focuses on disruptions in the motor system of your LG washer. With the care and maintenance tips outlined above, you can clear LE errors on your LG washer and prevent them from occurring.

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