How to Fix UE Error Code on LG Washing Machines

LG laundry washers are state-of-art washing equipment with inbuilt mega functions designed to give users an excellent laundry experience. They’re customized for both commercial and personal purposes.

The LG Washing Machine delivers a great customer experience and ensures a seamless laundry process. With the LG Washing machine, you can give your fabrics those gentle and soft laundry touches required for durable, clean, wrinkle-free, and fresh clothing.

LG washer types include top-loaders, front-loaders, automatic and semi-automatic brands, twin loaders, and washing and drying combos. With continuously refined and upgraded technologies, LG Washing Machines are optimized to meet customers’ convenience.

However, like every other human technology and laundry equipment, minor glitches and cracks can cause the LG Washing Machine to malfunction!

One such fault which can develop in your LG Washing machine is the UE error. Why do UE errors appear on your LG washing machine? What are the likely causes of UE error? How can you care for your machine to prevent it from showing and developing the UE error? Finally, how can you fix these errors?

Sit tight as we dive into the depths of UE errors, beaming searchlights on what it means for your LG Washing Machine and the possible causes, control, and management of UE errors in your LG Washing Machine.

What is a UE Error on Your LG Washing Machine?

UE Error LG Washing Machine

Tom was comfortably going through a round of seamless laundry process with his LG Washing Machine when it suddenly displayed the UE code.

No need to panic, rush to the LG customer care line or hit the telephone to ring a nearby technician. The UE error code displayed means that your LG Washing Machine is having difficulty processing the laundry load because the load is unbalanced. The quickest fix is to reduce the laundry load.

It means your LG Machine is trying to balance the laundry load to no avail like a heavily laden juggernaut heaving with great effort on rocky and rough terrain.

For another more explicit example, imagine a truckload of bags of rice with unequal sizes randomly distributed across the truck with the big bags dumped together and small bags stacked together.

The result will be a truck that cannot glide smoothly due to a skewed load. UE errors are not different. They are a result of an unbalanced load in your LG Washing Machine. An unbalanced load will always be a problem for your LG Washing Machine.

Do You Need A Technician To Fix An UE Error In Your LG Washing Machine?

It will depend on what caused the UE error code. It is not always necessary to rush to your phone for a technical assistant. It may be a minor glitch or fault in your LG Washing that you can easily handle.

Instead of wasting hours on hold or spending hundreds of dollars on a technician to help fix a minor fault, always check and recheck your LG Washing machine to determine what could be causing the error.

Common Causes of The UE Error On LG Washing Machines

Causes of UE Error LG Washing Machine

Most faults and hiccups in your LG Washing Machines that might cause the UE error are not technical errors. They could result from non-adherence to basic usage guidelines and care methods.

There can also be technical faults that may require the services of a technical assistant or an expert. We will highlight human and technical errors that can cause UE errors in your LG Washing Machines.

Some of the human errors that cause your LG Washing Machine to flash the UE error code are:

  • A slanting washing machine tilted to one side can cause the UE error message to appear.
  • A washing machine packed with skewed loads will warrant the UE error to flash.
  • An unbalanced drum with irregular loads can be another problem. A drum that is not balanced will make the machine show a UE error.
  • Not leveling or positioning the device well can disrupt the functioning of the machine.
  • Using heavy items and loads can limit the functionality of your LG Washing Machine.
  • Overloading is another error that can cause the machine to stop spinning and stop functioning.

Apart from the aforementioned human errors, which can be controlled and managed, other technical faults cause your LG Washing Machine to stop functioning. Below are some of the technical issues you should be on the lookout for:

  • A Broken Suspension Spring is a major technical problem that requires immediate attention.
  • A worn-out suspension rod and shock absorbers in your top loader and front loader washers can hinder your LG Washing Machine from operating smoothly.

Care And Maintenance Tips For Your LG Washing Machine to Prevent UE Errors

Flashes of UE errors on your device are mostly a result of human errors. Technical faults are relatively uncommon. Apply the following measures to take care of your LG Washing Machines if you want to avoid UE errors and make your washer durable.

  • Frequently check for technical breaks and tears and replace them if necessary
  • Don’t overload your washing machine.
  • Ensure that the machine is well balanced and steady when in operation
  • A tilting or slanting machine may grind to an abrupt halt or not even spin or drain, so ensure that it is erect and balanced on its legs.
  • Let your drum be as light as possible. Do not overload it.
  • Be selective of the kind of items you use in your LG Washing Machine
  • Position your washing machine well.


LG Washing Machines are sophisticated technological innovations in laundry services and processes. Good care and maintenance can help you avoid UE errors and preserve your machine. Most UE errors are human errors, follow the above tips and watch the machine pamper your fabrics and transform your laundry experience.

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