How to Fix UE Error on Samsung Washer

Samsung washing machines are utility appliances designed to ease your laundry activities. It comes in various sizes, capacities and features for a good laundry experience.

Like other devices, you may encounter glitches or sharp breaks while processing your laundry. Samsung Washers come with mechanisms to help you read and manage minor breakdowns.

Error Codes On Samsung Washers

Samsung Washing Machines have error codes. These are in-built diagnostic sensor systems designed to check erring parts that need attention in the machine. Different error codes flash for different types of problems that require specific fixes.

Samsung Washing Machine error code track incidences as minor as not closing the door correctly (dE or DC error), not having enough water in the machine (4E error), excessive water (OE error), water leak (LE error), draining problems (5E/SE error), to major faults such as hearing sensor error (tE error), water heating error (HE error) and others. This article will focus on UE errors and how you can fix them.

If your Samsung Washer suddenly stops working, it may result from one of the abovementioned errors. Also, the machine will flash an error code to help you know the particular fault that you should fix at that time.

What is UE Error on Samsung Washing Machines?

UE Error on Samsung Washing

You may observe that your Samsung Washer flashes UE error and immediately stops working. The UE error in Samsung Washing Machines is a built-in safety technology designed to enable the device to respond to a particular type of pressure, just like other error codes.

What Happens When Your Samsung Washing Machine Shows a UE Error?

When the Machine flashes the error, it means that you have overloaded it. Do you know that if you put more clothes than necessary into the drum of your washing machine, it will stop working? It happens because the device does not have much space to spin and clean the clothes in the drum. It is called overloading.

The effect is that your Samsung washing device will rotate with heavy clothes that are not distributed evenly in the drum. The machine will not be efficient, with the laundry not being adequately handled. The machine stops working immediately to prevent a breakdown and flashes the UE error code.

How To Fix UE Errors In Your Samsung Washing Machine

There are several ways you can prevent your Samsung Washing from flashing the UE error code

  • Fewer Clothes At A Time

You may think that you have enough space in your drum before overloading it. Ensure that you put fewer clothes at a go and insert them slowly into the drum. Don’t just overload your washing machine because you want it done as fast as possible.

  • Don’t Use Too Many Heavy Clothes

The heavier the load in the drum, the more likely it will flash the UE error. The machine works well with light laundries. It will not be able to spin and move freely when the clothes are too heavy.

  • Mix Weight And Number Appropriately

If your clothes are too heavy, let the number inserted into the drum be less. If they are light, you can put more. Make optimal use of weight and number appropriately.

  • Enough Space And Gap In Your Drum

Always check to ensure that your drum is relatively free and not choked with more clothes than it can handle. Whether cleaning heavy or light clothes, provide enough space for the drum. The recommended space is at least a 10cm gap.

  • Position Your Samsung Washing Machine Well

How you place your washing device is essential because it will affect balancing. If your device is tilted, it will affect how the machine operates. An unbalanced washing machine is more likely to flash the UE error code than a balanced machine saves other significant factors like clothes’ size and quantity.

  • Do This If Your Samsung Washer flashes the UE error

Switch it off. Open it and rearrange the clothes. Choose the load of optimal weight and restart the device. Before restarting the device, ensure that it is balanced. Check the legs of the machine and ensure they are straight. If the device’s door is locked, use the special filter attached to the bottom of your device to drain the water before restarting your washing cycle.

NOTE: Not all UE error codes flashed by your Samsung Washing Machine result from overloading the drum. Some can be caused by severe damage to critical components of the machine, such as a breakdown of the control module. If this happens, consult your technician immediately.

Basic Care And Maintenance Tips For Your Samsung Washing Machines

Samsung Washing Machine Maintenance

Taking care of your Samsung Washing Machine should be a priority if you want it to be durable and more efficient. Below are essential m care tips to help you care for your device.

NOTE: Before effecting any adjustment in your Samsung Washing Machine, ensure that it is switched off and disconnected from electricity

  • Empty And Clean The Lint Filter

Unremoved lint can impair the efficiency of your washing device. Check the washtub or the agitator tube and frequently empty and clean it.

  • Always Clean And Wash Your Device

Remains of detergents should be immediately washed off the machine by rinsing it with warm water or other cleaning solutions after each washing cycle.

  • Use Appropriate Quantity Of Recommended Detergents

Ensure that you apply detergents optimally. Check the type and quantity of detergents you use in your device. Excessive use of detergent can affect your washer and cause damage.

  • Avoid Bulky Laundry Loads

Your machine will react to overloads. Choose the size and quantity of your laundry well. Don’t insert many heavy clothes or lighter clothes. Balance your laundry load and ensure at least a 10cm gap in your drum.

  • Frequently Check For Wears And Tears

It is a device. It needs intense care and monitoring. Frequently monitor and check for faults and possible damage to prevent minor damage from worsening. Fix, reset and readjust faults where necessary.

  • Consult Your Technician Where Necessary

Not all damage is superficial, requiring just a readjustment of some parts. Some wear and tear in the machine may be so complex and technical. Consult a technician when damage is above a quick reset.

  • Install Your Samsung Washing Machine On Solid Floors

Your Washing device should be installed on solid and less sleek surfaces. Tiled floors are not recommended. The Machine vibrates and moves on sleek surfaces, making it tilt and unbalanced.

  • Metals And Sharp Objects Should Not Be Close To Your Device

Sharp objects and metals can damage critical parts of your machine. Check your clothes before you insert them into the device.

  • Adhere To the Brand’s Care And Maintenance Policies

The Samsung Washing Machine comes with elaborated care and maintenance guidelines. Please go through it and adhere strictly to it.

UE Error codes on Samsung Washing Machines are built-in safety technology designed to check overload. You can quickly fix the errors and continue your laundry activities with the above steps. Also, ensure your device is properly maintained.

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