My Pillow Washing Instructions and Care

My Pillow is a favorite for many because it has a unique and fully patented foam design that gives you the exact fit for whatever function – head, neck, body, etc. The pillows are soft, light, easily foldable, and fluffy.

How else did the company manage to sell over 50 million products?

As a regular user, you will want to make sure your favorite pillows, sheets, pillowcases, and towels, are cleaned regularly and appropriately.

Regular cleaning refreshes your pillows and elongates their shelf life.

How to Wash Your My Pillow – To Preserve the Foam

My Pillow

The manufacturer recommends machine washing and tumble drying your pillow every 3 – 4 months to protect and rejuvenate its signature polyurethane foam.

My Pillow accommodates different foam fill levels for whatever function and sleeping or lying position. These various fill levels affect wash frequencies, washing times, and dry times.

The pillows with less fill will likely use single spin cycles because they soak up smaller amounts of water, although this is not guaranteed.

What is a guarantee is the pillows that have more fill or the longer pillows, like body pillows, will take up multiple spins, rinse, and drying cycles.

Machine Type

If you have a front-loading washer, place the My Pillow with a load of laundry with similar colors to the pillow. If you have no laundry, use similarly-colored towels.

With a top-loading washer, place two pillows at a time in the washer for balance. When washing one pillow, you should balance your washer by adding towels of the same color.

Balance is vital because pillows get heavy when wet, which affects spinning.

A front-loading washer gives a better wash experience because the pillows will not float to the top during the wash. Place a towel at the top of a top-loading washer to prevent the pillows from hovering at the top.

Another reason front-loading washers are better for washing My Pillows is that top-loading washers have agitators that can be tough on pillows.

Other Care Instructions

The manufacturer recommends washing your My Pillow with cold water or warm water. But, your preference determines the water temperature you will use. 

Cold water conserves energy, while warm water is better for sanitization.

Ensure the washer is on the regular/normal cycle for efficiently washing your My Pillow. Use an extra spin cycle to squeeze out more water and reduce drying time.

You can just set your washer on an extra rinse cycle from the start.

Use any detergent you like; however, a high-efficiency liquid detergent is preferable.

Some benefits of high-efficiency liquid detergent

  • It produces little suds.
  • It works perfectly with a smaller amount of water, as is common with high-efficiency washers.
  • It allows a significantly reduced rinse time.
  • It will not leave residue on your My Pillow like dry detergents.

If you choose to use a regular detergent, use a third of your normal amount of detergent when washing your pillow.

Do not use fabric softener or any other additives during the wash. They can cause considerable damage to the foam.

My Pillow Drying instructions

Immediately you are done washing your My Pillows, place them in the dryer. Leaving them wet will damage the foam.

Tumble dry on high heat to reduce drying time and increase drying efficiency with little or no wet spots. Avoid air-drying because it will stay wet for an extended period, causing foam clumping. The same can happen if you use low heat when tumble drying.

Do not use dryer balls, tennis balls, or dryer sheets. This tip is an unpopular requirement during tumble drying, as dryer balls usually make laundry fluffier and softer.

In the case of a My Pillow, you should manually fluff it after every drying cycle to prevent the foam from clumping.

Gently press the My Pillow down with your clean hands or face to make sure it is thoroughly dry. If they are still wet, continue running drying cycles till dry.

Washing Your My Pillow Sheets, Pillowcases, and Towels

Like the pillows, you are to machine wash your My Pillow sheets, pillowcases, and towels. Place the pillows in the washer with similar-colored clothes. Use warm water, detergent, and non-chlorine bleach to aid washing, depending on your needs.

 You do not need a high-efficiency detergent in this case, but you can use it if you prefer.

The towels require tumble drying on medium heat, while the sheets and pillowcases require tumble drying on low heat.

Do not dry clean the sheets and pillowcases; you can dry clean the towels.

My Pillow Care Tips

My Pillow Care Tips
  1. Use a good pillow covering.

Use a My Pillow pillowcase or any other high-quality 100% cotton pillowcase as a covering. This cover will protect the pillow from dirt, dust mites, sweat, oils, hair products, etc.

My Pillow pillowcases come in different sizes and a wide variety of pretty colors that enhance your room’s decorative feel and offer protection.

  • Dry your My Pillow immediately after use

After purchasing your new My Pillow, you may feel a rush to use it immediately due to excitement. However, you may notice that it is a bit flat. Tumble dry the new pillow for 15 – 20 minutes with a slightly damp cloth on high heat. This drying will “activate” the interlocking material of the foam.

Do this also after extended use.

  • Wash regularly

Even with the best pillowcase, your pillow can still get dirty. Wash regularly every three to four months to keep it fresh and clean and prevent the foam from destroying.

People with allergies, people who use a significant amount of hair products, and people who sweat a lot should wash their pillows more frequently.

Regular washing will also preserve the squeaky-clean color and stop it from turning the dreaded yellow.

  • Dry regularly

Air-dry your pillow every other week – even if you’re not washing it – or tumble dry for 10 minutes. Drying will kill dust mites and remove allergens. It also helps to remove odors.

  • Fluff your pillow.

Fluff your pillows every day to maintain their shape.

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