What Do Dryer Sheets Do?

Many people use dryer sheets when doing their laundry, but half of them know why they use them or what dryer sheets do. 

Dryer sheets are one of the most critical aspects of the laundry process because they provide many benefits to your clothes; however, they are optional, and no harm will come to your clothes from not using them.

What Are Dryer Sheets Made Of?

What Are Dryer Sheets Made Of?

A dryer sheet is a thin layer of fabric. Usually, polyester or cellulose is made up of various ingredients like liquid softeners, lubricants, and fragrances. 

The heat from the dryer releases these ingredients as they are included in a laundry load.

What Are Dryer Sheets Used For?

One significant usage of dryer sheets for your clothes is that it makes your clothes come out feeling softer and with reduced static electricity.

However, aside from using dryer sheets for clothes, you can also use dryer sheets for several other purposes.

1. Deodorising Items

Dryer sheets can handle foul odors and freshen up your spaces. Place dryer sheets in sock drawers, shoes, gym bags, or anywhere else you need to deodorize.

2. Dusting

Dryer sheets can also come in handy for dusting surfaces around the house. To do this, swipe a sheet along dusty surfaces like the window shelves or across your car’s dashboard to collect dust.

3. Tackle Stains

Just the perfect way to use the dryer sheet! If you don’t want to wash the stained clothes, you could rub a used dryer sheet against stains like deodorant marks on your clothes to erase them.

4. Eliminate Static

You can also wipe a dryer sheet along the inside of a blouse to reduce static cling.

5. Clean Glasses

If you use eyeglasses, dryer sheets come in handy for cleaning glasses on the go. 

6. Long-Term Decor Storage

If you want to put your seasonal decor away for a long time, and prevent them from getting damaged, use dryer sheets to gently wrap them and put them away for as long as possible. 

7. Clean Toilet

You can also use thin dryer sheets to clean your toilet; surprisingly, those thin sheets can work wonders in getting stubborn toilet stains out. 

8. Handle Kid-Related Messes 

If you have kids, dryer sheets should be your best bet in efficiently cleaning up their messes like crayon marks on the wall or furniture. A few gentle swabs on the mess will be just perfect. 

9. Clean Your Pots And Pans

You can use a dryer sheet to soak your dirty pots and pans to help loosen the grit and grime. This trick works for pots and pans with bits of food stuck on them. 

The longer you soak the pots, the easier it’ll be to wipe the surface clean using dryer sheets. 

10. Remove Pet Hair From Surfaces

Even if you are a diligent duster or vacuumer, you’re bound to come across stray pet hairs from time to time. Keep a few dryer sheets on hand when pet hair accumulates to quickly sweep it up without digging out the vacuum, broom, or duster.

Is It Compulsory To Use A Dryer Sheet?

Use A Dryer Sheet

Aside from being beneficial to your laundry process, it isn’t recommended to use dryer sheets all the time, and it is also not compulsory to use dryer sheets when doing your laundry. 

Though dryer sheets won’t damage your dryer, just as the dryer sheets leave a residue on your clothing that makes the fabric softer, they also leave a residue in your dryer. As a result of this residue, the lint filter screen may become clogged and reduce circulation. We recommend that the lint filter be emptied after every load of clothes.

Are Dryer Sheets Good for All Fabrics?

Leaving a coating of dryer sheets on clothes isn’t ideal for all fabrics, especially children’s sleepwear, which must be flame-resistant by law. Pajamas and nightgowns will burn more easily when coated with dryer sheets. 

Also, the coating reduces the ability of cotton and microfiber towels to absorb water, and it reduces the ability of athletic wear to wick moisture away from the body. 

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