How to Get Cat Hair Out of Clothes

Being a cat parent is extremely fun and intriguing as you get to spend time with one of the most intelligent animals on earth, however, it has its struggles; there’s always a loose cat hair on your clothes. 

Getting cat hair out of clothes is tricky because they have static cling on clothes due to static electricity; however, it is not impossible, but you’ll have to rely on some household items. 

10 Ways to Get Cat Hair Out of Clothes

Having cat hair on your clothes makes you look unkempt, and this is one of the daily struggles of a cat parent. So, as a cat parent, these ten methods can come in handy to help get rid of cat hair on your clothes. 

1. Use Liquid Fabric Softener 

Fabric softeners help to loosen cat hairs on your clothes, making them easy to remove. Here is how to make use of fabric softeners to get rid of cat hair below: 

Step 1: Fill a spray bottle with two tablespoons of fabric softeners with one cup of water to make a solution. Shake the bottle to mix properly. 

Step 2: Spray the solution lightly all over the clothes. Use a clean cloth to dab the excess liquid dry. Then, remove cat hair and see how easy it would come off. Allow clothes to dry naturally.

2. Use Rubber Gloves

You may not be aware, but rubber gloves are a huge blessing when it comes to getting cat hair out of clothes. There are two ways you can use rubber gloves to get rid of the rubber gloves, they are:

First method: 

Put on the rubber gloves and rub them over your clothing. What this does is create a static cling that will cause the cat hair to stick to the rubber glove making it easy to pick up.

Second method:

The difference between this method and the first method is water.  To do this, wet your rubber glove, and rub it over your clothes. 

While running, the loose cat hair on your clothes will stick to your wet rubber glove with ease.

3. Use White Vinegar 

White vinegar is a multi-purpose household ingredient that can help you get rid of cat hair. Here is how to make use of white vinegar to get rid of cat hair below: 

Step 1:  Make a solution by mixing warm water, and essential oil with white vinegar, and add the fabric to the solution one after the other.

Step 2: Allow to soak for a few minutes, gently wring, and wash as usual — either by hand or with a machine. 

Add these sheets to the clothes dryer with wool dryer balls and your clothes. Run a dry cycle before you wash, and the dryer ball and fabric sheet will collect loose pet hair and keep it from ending up in your lint trap or washing machine.

4. Use Dryer Balls

One way to get cat hair out of your clothes is using dryer balls to remove cat hair in the washing machine. Follow these simple steps to use dryer balls: put the clothes covered in cat hair into the dryer with wool dryer balls and let it collect the excess hair before putting the clothes in the washing machine.

Putting the clothes directly in the machine creates clogs of hair and may do lasting damage to your machine.

5. Make use of a dish sponge

Your dish sponge can also come in handy for more than just washing dishes; it can also be used to get rid of cat hair from your clothes. 

When making use of a dish sponge, It is advisable to make use of the abrasive side  — the side you use for scrubbing your dishes — because it’ll get rid of the hairs faster.

If you’re going to do this, make sure to do it outside or over garbage bags, so you can collect the hairs after removing them and so that you don’t end up with hair all over your floor. 

6. Use duct tape

Using duct tape to get rid of cat hair is a good idea because it works just as a lint roller would. So, to use the duct tape follow these simple instructions below: 

Step 1: Cut your tapes into swaths and place them on your clothes. When placing them on your clothes, make sure that the sticky side of the duct tape touches the hair then, press it onto the fabric. 

Step 2: Peel the tape away slowly but steadily because if you yank it off, it may lose its grip on the hairs before they come free from the clothes. 

7. Use a lint roller

A lint roller is the most popular tool for removing pet hairs from clothes. The lint roller is sticky enough to weave out all the stubborn cat hair from your clothes and it doesn’t damage your fabric. 

Interestingly, lint rollers keep all the hairs in one place and allow you to roll your fabrics without the fur falling to the floor, but some lint rollers are better than others at removing lint. 

When using the roller, roll it over your clothes several times until all the hair is gone and then gently scrub the more difficult regions with a dry sponge before collecting the hair with the roller. 

8. Use a Dryer

One of the easiest ways to get cat hair off clothes is with your dryer. To use the dryer to get rid of cat hair, you don’t have to put the hairs through the washing machine first. Just put them through the dryer first. Here’s how to remove pet hair from clothes while doing laundry:

Step 1: First use a lint roller to remove as much hair as you can from the clothes. Then set your dryer on low heat or no heat.

Step 2: Add some dryer sheets and run your laundry through a short tumble cycle. Wash and dry your clothes as normal.

9. Use Clothes Brush

Another alternative to getting cat hair out of your clothes is by using a clothes brush. A clothes brush has stiff bristles that can trap hair for easy clean-up.

However, before using a clothes brush, try it out on a small area of the fabric to ensure no plucking occurs.

To use the clothes brush, run the brush over the outfit from one side to the other in a light sweeping motion. Once all the cat hair is collected, empty it from the tool and enjoy clean, hair-free clothes.

10. Use a Velcro Curler

A Velcro curler is a great tool for styling your hair, and also great for getting rid of cat hair. To use the velcro curler, lay clothes out on a hard surface and press out any wrinkles. Then, roll the Velcro curler back and forth over the fabric to remove all the cat hair. However, be careful not to cause any damage to the clothing.

How to Get Cat Hair off Your Clothes in The Washing Machine

You can’t stop your cats from shedding hair, and because you love up on them frequently, the hair will always get into your clothes. The ways listed above can be used to get rid of cat hair from your clothes, however, if you decide to wash the clothes in the washing machine, it is also possible. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how you can get cat hair off your clothes in the washing machine below: 

Step 1: Use A Dryer. Getting cat hair off your clothes in the washing machine is pretty straightforward; run your clothes through a 10-minute tumble dryer cycle to soften them before washing them in the washing machine. The fabrics become more flexible, and the cat hair becomes loose and gets caught by the dryer’s lint trap during the softening process. So, shake the clothes to get as many pet hairs out as possible.

Step 2: After shaking, load your washer with the clothes and add laundry soap and a softener if you desire. Select the temperature and load size using the control panel. A control panel will often have knobs for making these selections on most washers. 

Step 3: Run an empty wash cycle after you’ve run a pet-hair-heavy load in your washing machine. If you want to prevent leaving stray pet hair behind, wipe the entire machine down with a wet cloth after the cycle is over.

Step 4: Run the washed clothes through a rinse cycle to clean them. You can go the extra mile to add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse, to be extra sure that no hair is left on your clothes.

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