How to Get Latex Paint Out of Clothes

Paint stains on fabric are often assumed to be impossible to remove; they leave such stubborn stains that may (or may not) fade progressively after many washes. Latex paints are relatively easy to remove because they are water-based paints. However, you can’t just toss said garment into the machine and expect the stains to go away (they won’t!). 

In this article, you will discover tried methods to get latex paint stains out of your clothes fast. 

7 Ways To Get Latex Paint Out of Clothes

Latex paint dries relatively fast, so when it comes to handling stains due to accidental spills, there’s one golden rule: treat stains as soon as possible, ideally before they stick to the fabric. Dry stains are more difficult to remove, and in some cases, impossible.

In this article, you will discover 7 effective methods for getting latex paint out of your clothes. While you may be inclined to use any method necessary to remove water-based paint stains from your work cloth, you might want to use a gentler approach for your delicate garments.

The most extreme treatments, in addition to being more expensive and environmentally unfriendly, may remove the paint, but along with it some of the garment’s dye. In this post, we describe how to eliminate latex paint stains starting from the gentler methods. Let’s jump right in: 

1.  Use Baking Soda Paste

Baking soda is a master of many trades, including getting tough latex paint stains out of clothing. The ingredients in baking soda are able to dissolve all kinds of grime when in contact with water; that’s why it’s so effective. Thankfully, baking soda is one of the gentler ways to get latex paint out of garments, so you should try it first. 

To use this method, add 6 spoonfuls of baking soda to 70 – 80 ml of warm water in a small container, then mix both thoroughly until they form a consistent paste. Next, smear the paint stains with the paste, then wait for 15 minutes before you toss the garment in the machine. 

2. Saturate Stain With White Vinegar

Using white vinegar is another way to treat latex paint stains on delicate garments made from cotton, acetate, or other delicate materials gently. Vinegar contains tartaric acid, which is gentle on fabrics yet hard on hard-to-remove stains like paint. In this case, vinegar helps to break up the latex paint particles so that it’s easy to wipe away. 

Using vinegar to remove latex paint from your delicate clothing is easy. Before you begin, blot as much paint from the clothing using a clean rag. Next, saturate the paint stain with white vinegar, then wait for it to dry. You can now wash your garment using the normal settings in your washing machine. This method is also terrific for getting acrylic paint out of clothes.

3. Use Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol (or isopropyl alcohol) can be used to remove latex paint stains from a variety of surfaces including fabrics. Even the dried-on paint stains are dissolved by the solvent’s stain-removing power. You might also like to know that it works great for removing latex paint from carpets. 

To use rubbing alcohol, you need to remove as much paint as possible using a paper towel. Dab (don’t rub) at the stain until excess paint is off the fabric. Afterward, apply rubbing alcohol to the stain using an old toothbrush. Gently work the alcohol into the fabric until you see the stain lifting. Keep working on it until the stain disappears completely. 

4. Try liquid glycerin

Using liquid glycerin is an effective way to get that stubborn paint stain out of your cloth. It is also effective at removing various types of oil stains. If you have liquid glycerin handy, apply some to the site of the stain until the fabric is saturated. Then leave it to sit for about two hours. 

For more effect, let it sit overnight, then apply equal parts of water and dishwashing soap to the spot. Gently work the soap solution into the fabric using an old brush. Your cloth should be clean as new afterward. Don’t forget, however, to do a spot test first. 

5. Paint solvent or Thinner

Some latex paints have excellent staying power, which makes them stick to walls effectively. But this can also mean that when there’s a spill on your clothes, you have to take drastic measures to get them out. One of those measures includes using a paint solvent or thinner on the stain. 

However, with this method, you must always do a spot test on a small, hidden part of the garment before you proceed. Once you’ve ascertained that the paint remover is safe to use on the garment, then you can proceed to use it. 

A good paint remover you can try out is turpentine. Its chemical composition allows it to dry quickly against the paint stains after which you can peel the paint off. To proceed, soak a small rag in turpentine, then pat the stain with it until fully soaks the fabric. Next, wait 5 minutes for it to act, then peel off the paint easily. 

6. Go With a Brush Cleaner

You can follow this step, especially when the paint stains have dried on the fabric. Brush cleaners or restorers are specifically designed to remove wet and dried-on paint stains from brushes. All you have to do is soak the used brush in the liquid and you will get a clean brush back. Brush restorers can also be useful for removing water-based paint stains, especially when all hope is lost. 

If you want to give this method a try, grab a good paintbrush restorer like the US art supply brush cleaner, then soak the paint stain with it using an old brush. Let it soak for the specified time, then load the garment into the machine to be washed. 

7. Use a Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish removers contain acetone, a powerful ingredient that can dissolve paint stains on numerous surfaces. However, we strongly advise that you test a small, conspicuous part of your garment before using a nail polish remover on it. 

When you’re sure that a nail polish remover can be used without ruining your clothing, dab the paint stains using a nail polish remover-soaked cotton ball. When the stained spot is saturated, let it sit for about 15 minutes, then load the garment in the washing machine to be washed. 

What Removes Latex Based Paints From Clothes

As far as stain removal is concerned, all 7 methods in this post work effectively for removing latex paint from clothes. Some work faster and more efficiently than others. The method you choose to use should be determined by the strength of your clothing material. 

If you use a dedicated work cloth, for example, they are made from tough materials, so you can try any method on this list that suits you. However, for fancy T-shirts and other delicate garments, you might want to try the first four methods first. If they don’t work as you like, then cautiously use any of the last three methods to get latex paint out of your clothes.

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