How To Wash Towels With Other Clothes

it’s common to wash bath towels alongside bed linen or table sheets, a lot of people do this so as not to waste soap and water washing a few pieces at a time. But if you can choose to separate the pieces, it’s best not to mix sheets with bath and face towels.

And if you still want to wash your towel with some other type of fabric, we recommend a mixture of towels and your tough sweaters.

How To Wash Towels With Other Clothes

If possible, let several bath and face towels accumulate until you they can comfortably fill at least half of the machine. When washing, use a shorter cycle, with less water, so you don’t waste water.

Also, instead of fabric softener, try using a glass of alcoholic vinegar (it has to be white), because, in addition to disinfecting, it helps to make the fibers softer.

And if you can’t accumulate many towels, you can mix sheets and pillowcases that are made of less sensitive fabrics. When buying new bedding, always opt for thicker fabrics so you can wash everything together with your towels.

In general, avoid mixing thicker fabrics with thinner ones, and mixing white and colored items because they can stain. These are the main tips to not make mistakes when washing and keep your pieces in good condition for longer.

Washing Your Towels With Your Wearable Fabrics

Washing your towels with your wearable fabrics is not a good practice due to how easy doing that might shrink your wearable clothes (shirts, pants, vests, etc.).

Towels are thicker, unlike most wearable fabrics that are more delicate, if you put them together in the washing machine, the towels can damage the fabric of the sheets, leaving them with the fibers in clumps.

Then your sheets will rip and tear in less time than expected. The same goes for pillowcases, depending on the fabric they are made of.

The Color Of Towels You Can Wash With Other Clothes

Towels and other tough fabrics of vibrant colors such as purple, red, orange, and yellow can be washed together. Blue and vibrant green can also be washed in the same load. If you have an item that doesn’t match any of the other colors, consider hand washing.

Although it is not recommended to wash the towels with the sheets on a day-to-day basis, it is possible to put them together in the machine from time to time – especially if there are not many dirty clothes and you want to wash them without spending too much water.

Knowing When To Change Your Towel

Changing the bath towel and face depends on a lot of factors like how frequent you use it and your location. Our recommendation is to exchange them between three days and one week, considering the humidity of the site, ventilation, and frequency of use.

Another perfect environment for the proliferation of fungi and bacteria is within towels’ fabric fibers, especially when wet. Not even washing is enough to clean them completely after a while.

Ideally, every individual is supposed to have their own towel. But you need not worry much if your towel is a shared one; just ensure you wash it very often.

It should also be noted that your towels need to be changed every 1 to 3 years.

How To Wash Towels With Dish Clothes

You can also add the dishcloths and wash them together in the washing machine. Do not place wet dishcloths in the laundry basket as they may mold.

Just add a 100ml solution of baking soda and vinegar to the drum, this is to ensure your clothes are properly washed and disinfected from any germs. You can rinse them and hand them out in the open to air-dry afterward.

How To Wash Towels And Sheet

The ideal way is to wash the sheets in their own cycle, with cold or warm water, and can even make a transition, starting with the cold, and dry in the shade, because too much heat also harms the fabric in drying.

Washing bath towels with vinegar keeps the fabric softer for longer

White vinegar is a great option to wash new bath towels, as it contains acetic acid, an excellent substance to eliminate stains and draw moisture out of towels while softening them.

You can use a 50ml quantity of vinegar mix with a 50ml quantity of fabric softener to leave that nice smell on the piece, but you should not apply too much quantity to avoid waterproofing the fabric.

The vinegar also works as a potent disinfectant as bath towels and other types of fabrics can accumulate a lot of bacteria due to daily use.

After the washing process has been successfully completed, you can spray a small quantity of perfume on it; this is to give the towel a lovely scent for use.

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