How to Iron Polyester

Polyester is a synthetic type of clothing material, and like all fabrics, it requires proper attention.

To take proper care of it in terms of washing, drying, and ironing the wrinkles, always follow recommended steps, as that will ensure you don’t damage your fabric.

These methods and tricks range from washing, and thorough drying, to ironing, but the emphasis in this article would be placed on the ironing as that is where much of the laundry-related damage to polyester fabrics occurs.

How do you iron and get wrinkles out of polyester?

If you are used to the iron-on curtain fabric technique, chances are you don’t have a great deal in terms of variety when it comes to your ironing procedures. This is because the fabrics are mostly durable enough not to get easily damaged. Polyester, however, is not likely to be as enduring and rugged as cotton.

To avoid damaging your polyester material during ironing, any of the following methods can be used depending on the suitability, texture, and quality of the particular item being ironed as well as your personal preference:

Polyester fabrics can generally withstand a medium iron temperature between 110 and 150 degrees. Again, the temperature will depend on the type of polyester fabric you have. For 100% polyester, you want to use the lower temperature, but for polyester mixed with other fabric, you can go higher.

For the iron temperature level, stick to control level 2. You can also check on the control button to see if your iron has a polyester cloth setting, this may be present on the temperature dial indicator or in the product manual. Try to also get an appropriate heat setting by checking the care label of that clothing material.

At Tender Touch Laundry, we’ve always emphasized spraying your fabric, so ensure you lightly spray the material before ironing. You can use the spray button on your iron if it has one.

Kindly note that this technique doesn’t require you to wet the material until it’s dripping. All you need is to spray the surface lightly, so a spray bottle will come in handy. Ensure that the water used is clean (distilled water preferably); after doing this, you can start your ironing.

Ironing a Polyester Dress

Polyester Dress
  1. For ironing dresses made from polyester materials, prepare the ironing surface properly.
  1. Try to check the product label (always do this for any type of clothing) to see the recommended heat setting, or you can just set your iron to the temperature you normally use.
  1. Ensure you remove any added features to the polyester dress, things like wrap or belt.
  1. Iron until the wrinkles are gone, and turn to the other side to do the same thing.
  1. Finally, hang the fabric or just spread it on the ironing board while it cools.

Ironing Polyester Pants

EUC Nike Dri-Fit Small Polyester Pants
  1. Set up the ironing surface or ironing board to be used.
  1. Check the product label attached to the pant to determine the most appropriate temperature for ironing, or stick to your regular iron temperature.
  1. Start from the pocket lining, and when ironing the waistband, iron and lift instead of moving the iron along with the band.
  1. When ironing the legs of your pants, press and lift the iron along the length rather than smoothing the iron over the material.
  1. Iron it carefully until all the wrinkles are gone, and once done, fold the fabric instantly or spread it on the ironing surface until the material cools.

Ironing a Polyester Shirt

White Polyester Tshirts
  1. Prepare the ironing board or ironing surface just like you’ll normally do for any other type of dress.
  1. Unbutton the shirt and dampen it with a spray bottle or the spray function on your iron.
  1. Check the label for instructions on the best ironing temperature.
  1. Start the ironing from the collars and the cuff of the sleeves with another material on top, as using it directly with the iron’s soleplate could lead to stains.
  1. Be careful with the buttons. You don’t want them damaged.
  1. If the shirt has sleeves, iron around it, swing it around, and turn to the other side, if necessary, to ensure that every inch is evenly ironed.
  1. Iron the shirt thoroughly until all wrinkles are gone, then hang the shirt immediately or leave it on the ironing board to cool.

Ironing Polyester Curtains

Brown & White Polyester Curtains
  1. To iron polyester curtains, prepare the ironing board as appropriate.
  1. Keep moving your machine from one spot to the other until the wrinkles are gone, wait for the curtains to cool, and then move onto a new section, rinse and repeat.
  1. Just after ironing, hang up the curtains to let gravity remove any remaining wrinkles for you.

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