7 Ways to Remove Wrinkles from Clothes

Your appearance is the one way to speak to people before you alter a word to them and another way to make an impression before introducing yourself. A major part of your appearance is the clothes you put on. These clothes, and how smooth or wrinkled they are, greatly contribute to how good of an impression you make.

You do not want to appear like you just got freed from the bottom of an unkempt bag just because the clothes on you are full of wrinkles. Wrinkles, irrespective of the source, hide the beauty of your outfit and make you look unprepared.

How do you get wrinkles out of clothes with or without an iron?

To help you appear at your best and prevent you from committing a faux pas of fashion, this article provides 6 ways you can remove wrinkles from your dress. They include:

1. Pressing Iron

Pressing Iron

The most popular and effective way of getting wrinkles off clothes is undoubtedly using electric pressing iron. The electric iron is designed to allow users to regulate the amount of heat pressed on a dress while the dress is being ironed gently to remove wrinkles.

This makes it usable on virtually all kinds of clothing materials since the heat from the iron could be maintained within the heat limit of each cloth material.

Though the most effective way, using electric iron could be exhausting and time-consuming. For this reason, some people find it very difficult to commit their time and energy to use this method. Hence, the need for easier alternatives.

2. Hair Care Tools

Hair Care Tools Can Do More in the Laundry Room. The flat iron, a device for straightening and styling hair, is a very good tool for removing wrinkles from clothes. The device has two flat, rectangular, metallic, or ceramic plates, which, when heated, are used to straighten and style hair by pressing and pulling sections in between them.

This device serves well as a makeshift iron you could use to readily remove wrinkles off your clothes, especially in small sections that are easy to reach, such as the hem of your clothes. Just plug your flat iron, then press and pull the desired section between the two heated metallic plates, such as the collar, cuffs, and hems of your cloth. It helps to reach places that pressing iron is unable to reach.

This method requires a bit of caution, as clamping the iron too long on the cloth could cause it to burn. Also, it is important to clear all hair products on the iron before use to prevent possible stains from getting to your clothing.

This should be done even if the plates appear to be clean. Most importantly, pay attention to the settings. It is advisable to use a low temperature for silk materials and a higher temperature for cotton and thick clothing materials.

3. Cooking Pot

Cooking Pot

Similarly, your cooking pot could do some fast-ironing work in the laundry room. Another easier way to remove wrinkles from clothes is by using a kitchen pot. Though not as effective as electric and flat irons, it is a good makeshift iron that could be close enough to what the irons mentioned above could do.

To use this method, boil water in a medium-sized pot and dump it when it gets very steamy. Then as fast as possible, press the desired clothing with the bottom of the pot on a table or any hard surface. With this method, you will need to be efficient because of the inconsistency of the pot’s heat. This is just one of the flaws of this method.

Another downside of this method is that its heat cannot be regulated. Hence, you must be careful not to burn the clothing or yourself. But then, it will help you look better than you would in a wrinkled dress.

4. Clothes Dryer


Another easy way to remove wrinkles from your clothing is by using a dryer. This could be achieved with a couple of ice cubes or a damped towel.

Put the ice cubes and the desired clothing into the dryer. Set the dryer to medium, and allow the clothing to dry for about 10 to 15 minutes. Inside the dryer, the cubes will melt and change to steam, which will aid the removal of wrinkles from the clothing. You could as well add a fresh scent to the process.

Alternatively, you could use a damp, but not soaking wet, towel to the dryer instead of ice cubes. The aim is the same: to provide the steam to help remove the wrinkles.

This method works well for shirts, pants, and items that are wrinkled all over, unlike the use of flat iron, which best works for just a section of the whole clothing. It also works best for cotton materials and items with cotton blends.

Good practice in using this method is to hang the clothing once it is removed from the dryer. Leaving them in the dryer will make them end up wrinkled.

5. Shower Steam

Using shower steam is another way to remove wrinkles off clothes while focusing on other related or unrelated important tasks. Here, you will have to remove wrinkles from clothing by spreading them on a hanger in the bathroom to allow the steam from the hot water shower to get to it. This way, you can remove wrinkles from your clothes while taking a shower or shaving.

The following are things to pay attention to while using this method:

  • The hotter the water from the shower, the better the clothes.
  • The closer the clothes are to the shower, the better the clothes. However, you must take caution not to splash water on the clothes. This implies that the clothes should be as close to the shower as they could still be dry and not wet.
  • Shut the doors and windows of your bathroom for a better result.
  • Pay attention to timing. This method isn’t the safest when it comes to environmental safety. Hence, do not keep the hot water running for too long. This could cause serious hazards.
  • Make sure the rail of your hanger is well-cleaned. This will help to prevent stains that could come from the hanger.

6. Wrinkle Removing Spray

Wrinkle Releaser Plus Sealed Spray Bottle

This method is the easiest and fastest way to remove wrinkles from clothes. You can get a wrinkle-removing spray from a grocery store, or you could make yours in the comfort of your home.

For this method to work efficiently, you will need to dampen the clothing and then use your hand to straighten them while spraying. If commercial sprays are not available, you could make your spray by mixing a cup of clean water with 15ml of liquid fabric softener.

Though other ways are not discussed above, the ones above have proven to be the most effective on the list. You could try as many of them as you want, but the most important thing is that you can get wrinkles out of your clothes anytime and create the best impression on people.

7. Use a Towel


Dampen a towel and place it on top of the wrinkled clothes. Keep pressing down until the cloth smoothens. Ensure you use the towel on all parts of the clothes. You can air-dry the fabric to ensure the wrinkles disappear entirely.

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