How to Get Red Wine Out Of Clothes 

Red wine is very much enjoyed by many around the world. Yet on many occasions, you could find yourself in a situation where your cloth gets stained by red wine. On such occasions, what do you do?  You don’t need to get fussy. There are different ways to get red wine out of clothes. All you need to do is follow the necessary steps, and the stain will be gone in no time.

3 Ways to Get Red Wine Out Of Clothes 

The following procedures should be followed to get red wine stains out of clothes:

Method 1: Take Immediate Action

Remember that the longer the red wine stain stays on your clothes, the more difficult it becomes to remove it. It is very important to take immediate action once you have a red wine spill on your clothes. 

  • The first action to take is to prevent the stain from further soiling other clothes. To do this, position a cloth or, better still, a napkin beneath the stained cloth. This action guards against any further stain spread to any other cloth.
  • The next immediate action to take is to soak up the spot stained by the red wine. To do this, locate your paper towel and apply pressure on the affected part of the soiled cloth to absorb as much red wine as possible. Note that you could also use a napkin to carry out this action.
  • Try to ensure that you do not rub the material while you’re doing this. This is so that you don’t spread the wine stain further along with the material or fabric. Using your napkin, carefully soak the spot that has been affected.
  • Removing the red wine stain from the cloth completely is possible and easy if the wine stain is not dried up on the cloth. Keep the stained fabric in a damp condition until you have acquired all the necessary tools to remove the stain.
  • You can use clean water to keep the stain still damp. Ensure to avoid hot or warm water as it can worsen the stain on the clothes. Then take your clothes immediately to a dry cleaner.

Method 2: Use Salt and Baking Soda or Club Soda

salt and baking soda
  • Pour salt on the stained region of the cloth and apply pressure on the salt against the damp cloth. What the salt does is that it soaks up the wine and helps to remove the red wine stain. After this, blot the red wine stain to remove as many color stains as possible. 
  • Use a napkin to dab the area with a little cold water; then, you can apply salt again to the region stained by the wine. Allow this to remain for about six minutes to absorb as much wine as possible. If the stain in the cloth seems to prove stubborn, you can leave the salt on the stain for a longer period, overnight if possible.
  • After the time allows for the salt to soak the red wine stain on the cloth, use cold water to give a thorough rinse carefully. After rinsing the salt off the cloth, repeat method 4 and method 5 for a better result if you notice the stain is still present. 
  • Where salt seems not to be working as effectively as you would want, try using baking soda instead. To use the baking soda as a red wine stain-removing agent, follow the same procedure you would when using the salt. You could either apply some quantity of baking soda to the affected region, or you could rather make a baking soda solution.

To make the solution, here are certain options:

  • Put a part of your baking soda. 
  • To make a solution add water (3 parts)
  • Into the solution, add a one-quarter cup of baking soda and mix.
  • Locate your white vinegar into the solution, and add a tablespoon full.

When you’re done preparing the solution, cover the affected region of the cloth with the solution and then allow it to dry in an airy region. After this is done, try blotting the red wine stain again. If the outcome does not meet your desired expectations, redo the process until the outcome meets your desired expectation. 

The next best option is a club soda, where baking soda is unavailable. After using the blotting procedure to remove as much wine as possible from the cloth, apply the club soda to the stained region and allow this to fizz for eleven minutes. The carbonation that results from the application of the club soda will begin to dissolve the red color pigments of the wine stain on the cloth. 

After this, you can either use a napkin, a small towel, a hard sponge, or any other clean, soft cloth available to soak up the liquid. Again, if the outcome does not meet your desired expectations, redo the whole process until the outcome matches your expectations. 

In addition, you could acquire and apply an effective stain remover to your soiled clothes. This application acts as a pre-treatment. Do this following thoroughly the provided instructions on the body of the product, particularly the label if provided.

Method 3: Wash Your Fabric

Wash fabric with portable washer

Washing your fabric is an effective way of getting rid of red wine stains. Study the cloth care instructions to know the producer’s information on the cloth about washing with a machine. Make use of a detergent that can remove stains. While washing, ensure to control your temperature, as very high temperatures could further worsen the red wine stain. 

If the red wine stain on your cloth persists, re-apply your stain remover and try pre-soaking your cloth before engaging it in a wash. After washing the cloth with a machine, examine the stained region to ensure that all the stains are perfectly removed. After you ascertain that all the stains have been removed, you can go ahead and dry or iron your cloth.


If your cloth gets stained by red wine, carefully follow these alternatives thoroughly, and you should be on your way to having your cloth cleaned up as quickly as possible. Following these procedures could easily save you lots of money you would use to purchase a new cloth if you dispose of your cloth that has been stained by red wine. You know how the saying goes, “knowledge is gold.”

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