How to Get Concealer Out of Clothes

No matter how steady your hands are, you cannot escape soiling your cloth with makeup every once in a while. So if you happen to drop concealer liquid and stain your cloth during a makeup session, know this: you’re not alone. 

Thankfully, concealer stains are easily removed as long as you take measures to get them out immediately after they happen. Also, knowing exactly what to use (and how) can save you a lot of time and effort in your fight against concealer smudges. 

Do you want to save time, effort, and your garment? Then check out the 10 best ways to get concealer out of clothes below.

10 Ways To Get Concealer Out Of Clothes

There are several ways to get ugly makeup stains out of your clothes, but it’s always a good idea to first try methods that don’t require harsh chemicals, like using soap and water alone (in the interest of your garment’s color and overall look). 

If you don’t get decent cleaning results, then proceed with other suitable methods, but don’t forget to read your garment’s care tag for clarification. With that said, here are 10 ingenious ways to eliminate concealer stains from your garment: 

1. Bar Soap And Warm Water

It’s simple and easy. First, you need to sprinkle water on the concealer stain until it’s completely wet. Then rub the spot with the edge of a bar soap until there is a fairly thick soap film over the concealer stain. 

Next, work the spot with your fingers for a few minutes so that the soap sud can thoroughly saturate the fabric and bring out the concealer stains. After you’ve done this, rinse the soap suds away under warm, running water. 

Note: This method is effective mostly when the concealer stain is still fresh. For dried-on stains, you might need more drastic measures.

2. Ice Cubes

If liquid concealer spills on your cloth, you can loosen its grip on the fabric by rubbing it with ice cubes. Low temperature can help to lift the concealer so that you can easily wash it off. 

To do this, vigorously rub ice cubes on the concealer stain from the back of the cloth. If you notice that the concealer stain starts to fade, then it’s work. Do this until the concealer stain cannot clean further, then wash the garment normally with cold water. 

For this method to work, the concealer stain must be fresh; it won’t work for old stains. Find out how to get old stains out of clothes here.

3. Makeup Wipes

When you’re out and about, an easy way to get rid of fresh concealer stains is by using makeup wipes, so always have them handy. 

If you have makeup wipes at hand, dab at the concealer stain with it until the stain fades out completely. 


  • Dry concealer stains won’t budge so don’t bother using makeup wipes on those. 
  • Before using makeup wipes on delicate fabric types like silk, do well to perform a spot test on a small area of the fabric first.

4. Dry Cleaning Solvent

Some concealer stains are not easily gotten rid of. In such instances, you may need to use a dry cleaning solvent; they are highly effective for getting rid of a wide range of stains and safe for use on all fabric types. If you didn’t already know, here’s how to dry clean at home

5. Stain Remover

If you don’t have much time, you can quickly eliminate concealer stains on your cloth using a stain remover. Most stain removers like Vanish fabric stain remover comes with usage instructions so application is pretty straightforward. 

Typically, you only need to apply Vanish fabric stain remover to the concealer stain, then let it sit for about 10 minutes. Doing this should significantly reduce the stain. Next, toss the cloth in a machine for a thorough wash. 

6. Detergent Pens/Wipes

Detergent wipes and pens are designed to provide an on-the-go fix for makeup stains including foundation, and they’re very effective at doing that. But whatever your choice, you will get similar stain cleaning results; the only difference is in their method of delivery. 

To clean concealer stains using a detergent pen, rub its time on the stained part of the cloth until the stain fades. With a detergent wipe, however, it’s as easy as wiping the stained area until clean. 

But remember, it’s only a quick fix, so you still need to hurry and give the garment a good wash after treatment with a detergent wipe or pen. You may also be pleased to know that detergent wipes are color-safe and can be used on ‘dry clean only’ garments.

If you’re not already using a detergent wipe, we recommend using Shout Wipe And Go; Tide to go if you prefer a detergent pen. 

7. Pink Solution Clean Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

If you’ve been disappointed by stain removers in the past, then you probably haven’t tried Pink Solution. It may be the only all-purpose cleaner you will ever need going forward, thanks to its super-concentrated formula. So if you’re battling with stubborn concealer stains on your clothes, a single wash with Pink Solution can banish them once and for all. 

Simply load the foundation-stained clothes into a washing and ½ cup (125 ml)  of Pink Solution heavy mix for front-loading washing machines. For top-loading machines, add 1 cup of Pink Solution (250 ml) to the load, then wash using the normal cycle. 

8. Shaving Cream 

Who would have thought that shaving cream had miscellaneous uses? But it does. Shaving cream has excellent stain-removing properties that can also effectively remove concealer stains from your cloth. 

Simply squeeze a generous amount of shaving cream unto the spot of the stain and work it vigorously into the fabric. Let it stand for about 15 minutes then rinse the spot under cold running water. The concealer stain should be completely removed on the first try, but if you still see traces of foundation, just repeat the process again. 

9. Hydrogen Peroxide

It is no secret that hydrogen peroxide is a great stain remover, thanks to its bleaching property. It is also effective for getting makeup stains from clothes. So if all you’ve got is hydrogen peroxide, then you have nothing to be afraid of. Here’s how to get concealer stains out of your clothes using hydrogen peroxide: 

  • Pour hydrogen peroxide on the concealer stain so that it’s completely covered. This is effective for liquid concealers. Simply launder the garment to remove powdered concealer. 
  • Massage the spot gently using an old toothbrush until the stain starts to lift. 
  • Rinse the spot under running water until it’s completely free of stains. Don’t stop there.
  • Toss the garment in the machine and wash it using the normal cycle. That’s it. 

Note: Because of its bleaching property, don’t forget to do a spot test while dealing with hydrogen peroxide. 

10. Alcohol-based Hairspray

Hairspray can help your cause against concealer stains, but you have to use the alcohol-based variant for it to work. The application is simple: spray the concealer stain on your garment and let it dry, then load it into a washing machine for a thorough wash. 

How To Get Concealer Out Of Cloth That Has Been Washed And Dried

Mascara, eyeliners, concealers, and other makeup stains on your garments are easy to remove if you take measures to get them out immediately after they occur. When they dry on the fabric, however, they become difficult to remove. Difficult, not impossible. 

But when makeup smudges still appear after the affected clothes have been washed and dried, you should be worried. Concealers, like all other makeup, should be thoroughly treated and removed before ever you launder the garment. If not, any remnant stain will set into the fabric – and sometimes permanently. 

If this is your present situation, do not throw your clothes out yet. Here’s how to beat the stubborn concealer stains on your clothes: 

Step 1 – Make A Vinegar-Water Mixture

Grab a small spray bottle, then add three tablespoons of white vinegar to it. Make up the remaining volume with water. 

Step 2 – Mix Thoroughly

Do this by shaking the spray bottle until you’re sure that the mixture is thoroughly mixed together. 

Step 3 – Apply The Solution

Apply the vinegar solution to the stained spot and rub it using your fingers. When you’re done, blot the spot dry using a clean rag. 

Step 4 – Launder As Usual

Load the garment into your washing machine and wash it using your usual detergent and settings. When washing completes, inspect the garment to be sure the stains have been eliminated. If you still see spots, just repeat the steps until completely clean. 

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