How to Get Foundation Out of Clothes 

One common stain I’ve had to deal with during laundry is foundation stains. When you have a home full of girls, getting foundation stains off clothes and every other thing becomes a regular cleaning routine. Have you ever had your clothes stained with foundation makeup and wondered how to remove the makeup stain from your cloth? Follow these procedures to get the foundation out of your clothes:

7 Ways to Get Rid of Oil-Based Foundation Stains on Clothing

If your clothes are stained with foundation, locate your nearest store and acquire the following items if you don’t already have them at home. You will use these items in the process of removing the stain. 

The items include:

  • A regular butter knife (this would be used when scraping)
  • laundry detergent (specifically enzyme-based and natural)
  • detergent booster(a natural one)
  • stain remover (specifically enzyme-based)
  • oxygen bleach (this is rather optional)
  • hydrogen peroxide, which is usually used with a bar of dish soap (mild)
  • lemon juice
  • vinegar.

You must ensure you quickly make a move as soon as the stain occurs. This is because it is usually easier to remove foundation stains on clothes at their onset than later when the stain has stayed for a while. 

Method 1: Use Cold Water to Pre-treat 

Follow these steps to pre-treat foundation stains using cold water:

  • Take off your clothes and carefully scrape out the stain.
  • Use cold water to make the affected region a bit damp to enable you to remove the stain from your clothing effectively. Doing this will allow whatever solvent you use for this procedure to loosen and break down the stain easily. 
  • It is important to note that when dealing with a very fragile fabric, it is recommended to use a spray bottle so that no further damage will be caused to the clothing.
  • After pre-treatment, take your clothes to a dry cleaning expert for professional aid.

Method 2: Use Dish Soap

Palmolive Dish Soap

It is important to note that you must combine it with a laundry detergent when using liquid dish soap as a stain-removing solvent. 

Follow these steps to remove foundation stains from clothes using dish soap:

  • Using your stain remover, soak the affected region and allow it to remain soaked for as long as possible. Where the foundation stain is old, it would require a longer time to be completely removed compared to a new foundation stain.
  • After the above step, wash the cloth in water using a laundry detergent (enzyme-based). 
  • Ensure the water is moderately hot to remove the stain effectively. Again, pay attention to the label of the cloth you’re washing so as not to cause more damage to the cloth.
  • After the above step, if the foundation stain remains visible, repeat the steps above until you get your desired result. After which, you can then air your cloth and allow it to dry. 
  • Recheck to confirm that all the foundation stains are removed when your clothing has dried up.

Method 3: Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide

Follow these steps to remove foundation stains from clothing using hydrogen peroxide:

  • Add dish soap (one part) to hydrogen peroxide (two parts) and apply it to the affected region.
  • This would help soften the fat strength, lightening the cloth’s stain. 
  • Allow this to remain for about 9 minutes before washing it up.
  • Give your clothing a regular machine wash and allow it to dry.

Getting Rid of Oil-Free Foundation Stains

Method 4: Use Rubbing Alcohol

Follow these steps to get oil-free foundation stains out of your clothes using rubbing alcohol:

  • Locate a clean napkin and rubbing alcohol, and some paper towels.
  • Drop the affected region on the paper towel, then soak your napkin into the alcohol.
  • Use this soaked napkin to dab the affected region carefully. Continue this action until you successfully remove all the dried sharpie ink stains from your clothes.

Method 5: Use Shaving Cream

Monat Black Cream Shave
Monat Black Cream Shave

Follow these steps to remove foundation stains from your clothing using shaving cream:

  • Use any shaving cream of your choice to cover the affected region.
  • Allow the shaving cream to remain on the affected region for 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Use your fingers or a clean napkin to dab the shaving cream into the foundation stain when this is done. Keep doing this to lighten the foundation stain on the clothing.
  • For stains that seem resistant, you could add to your shaving cream some quantity of rubbing alcohol to increase the effect. 
  • Using cold water, rinse the affected region on your clothing thoroughly.
  • After the rinse, if the foundation stains persist, apply some more shaving cream to the affected region of the clothing again and repeat the above steps more thoroughly this time. 
  • Use hotter water to rinse the affected region this time. Hot water will help loosen the foundation stain easily.
  • Locate a clean, dry napkin and use this to dab the just treated region until it is significantly dried to an extent. While doing this, try blotting the area, as this will greatly contribute to removing the foundation stain.
  • After the above process, you can then give your clothing a regular wash.

Method 6: Using Oxygen Bleach for Old Foundation Stains

Oxygen Bleach for Old Foundation Stains

Most times, your normal detergent may be unable to get rid of old foundation stains, but a stronger detergent such as oxygen bleach used in hot water could do the trick. 

Using oxygen bleach would mean you would not have to use any other detergent alongside it, unlike alcohol which you would have to combine with your regular detergent while washing. Also, oxygen bleach can be used as pre-treatment when you want to remove old foundation stains easily. 

Follow these steps to remove old foundation stains from your clothing using oxygen bleach:

  • Apply a little quantity of oxygen bleach directly to the affected area of your clothing. 
  • Allow it to remain for about 8 to 10 minutes. 
  • Locate a clean sponge and use it to scrub the clothes before putting the clothes in your washing machine.
  • Wash your clothing using your regular washing machine and allow it to dry.

Getting Rid of Powder Foundation Stains on Clothes

Method 7: Using Regular Laundry Detergent

Compared to the other foundation stains, powder foundation stains are much easier to remove. 

Follow these steps to remove powder foundation : 

  • Immediately you notice the powder foundation stain on your clothing, blow it off. You could use your mouth to do this or a blow dryer. It is important to note that using your hands to clean it off your clothing will only worsen the stain, making it even harder to remove.
  • On the other hand, if you notice the stain after you have accidentally rubbed it on your clothing already, you may have to use some water and liquid wash to remove the foundation stain completely. 
  • Locate a clean napkin and soak it in the solvent, then use it to dab neatly on the affected region. After doing this, use another clean napkin to rinse the affected area. Repeat this until you notice that the liquid wash is cleaned up from the affected region. 
  • After completing the above steps, wash your clothes regularly and air-dry them.
  • Contact a dry cleaning expert for professional assistance after trying out the above procedures and still can’t seem to remove the foundation stains from your clothing.


If your foundation makeup has soiled your clothes, there’s no need to dispose of your clothes. Simply follow the procedures listed above carefully, and you will restore your foundation-stained cloth to its default state.

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