How to Use Gain Flings Detergent

Gain Flings produces laundry packets that effectively clean your clothes while leaving them with an almost delectable scent. They have numerous functions and are highly convenient.

How Do Gain Fling Detergents Work?

Use Gain Flings Detergent

Inside the compact pacs of Gain Flings are concentrated detergent, an oxi boost for extra stain removal power, Febreze for the freshest scent, and other ingredients that ensure your clothes are sparkling clean after washing.

Gain Flings undergo careful measurements before assembly to prevent the issue of overdosing with laundry additives that occur while washing.

The pacs have a water-soluble lining that breaks the instant it touches water, releasing its content. Ensure the Gain Flings are in the washer before mixing with water to avoid waste.

Unlike some other laundry pacs, Gain Flings works in all kinds of washers – regular and high efficiency – and dissolves in hot and cold water, providing more options to users.

How Many Gain Fling Detergents Per Load?

Because of its pre-measurement and aggregate laundry additives, Gain Flings are convenient to use during laundry. You will not need many products as the laundry pacs substitute them well.

However, overdosing the laundry is still a possibility as people may feel the need to use numerous Gain Flings because of their size.

The packaging comes with instructions on the quantity for different sized loads, but usually, one laundry load requires one Gain Fling, and larger laundry loads may require two.

Gain Flings have that size because of the highly concentrated ingredients and contain very little water quantity. Comparatively, one laundry pac is equal to one dose of liquid detergent.

How to Use Gain Fling Detergents

Using Gain Flings is tricky because without proper caution, they will not dissolve in the washer, and you will waste a wash cycle. You also don’t want bits of the Gain Flings stuck in the clothes afterward.

Refer to the instructions on the packaging for guidance before you start washing your clothes.

Machine Washing With Gain Fling Detergents

  • Always read the care label of the clothes you want to wash to ensure you are not making any mistakes that can damage them.
  • Sort the clothes into different loads according to their color and fabric type.
  • Place one Gain Fling into the empty drum of the washer before putting any clothes. Use two Gain Flings for larger loads.
  • Check the care label and select the water temperature that suits your clothes – Gain Flings work in any water temperature.
  • For top-loading washers, wait for the Gain Fling to dissolve in the water before you continue.
  • Choose your preferred wash cycle according to the care label instructions.
  • Place the clothes in the washer, on top of the Gain Flings, and start the wash cycle.
  • After the wash cycle ends, the clothes should come out sparkling clean and smell fresh.
  • Dry the clothes.

Hand Washing with Gain Fling Detergents

Although this process is not ideal, it is possible as long as you follow the instructions given for machine washing.


  • Sort the clothes into different loads according to their color and fabric type
  • Fill up a bowl or bathtub with your preferred water temperature based on the care label instructions.
  • Place one Gain Fling into the water and allow it to dissolve before putting on any clothes. Use two Gain Flings for larger loads.
  • Use your hands to swish the water till the Gain Fling dissolves.
  • Submerge the clothes into the soapy water and leave them to soak for 20 minutes.
  • Start washing the clothes.
  • Drain the water and refill the container with clean water.
  • Rinse the clothes till there is no soap. It should not be a lengthy process because Gain Flinds does not produce many soap suds.
  • After rinsing, the clothes should come out sparkling clean and smell fresh.
  • Dry the clothes.

How to Store Gain Fling Detergents

  1. Keep the Gain Flings dry.

Store the Gain Flings in a cool, dry place to avoid rupturing them because of the increased humidity. Also, leave the Gain Flings in their original packaging to keep humidity out of the laundry pacs.

Make sure your hands are dry when touching the Gain Flings.

  1. Keep Children away

Keep them in a high location far from the reach of children and pets who may mistake the colorful laundry pacs for sweet treats.

The original packaging is tightly shut and would be difficult for children and pets to open, so it is another reason to leave them.

  1. Avoid Contamination

Don’t repurpose your Gain Flings packaging when it finishes to avoid contaminating other items.

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