How to Iron Velvet at Home

Velvet is a high-quality material generally used in clothing, furniture, and other items. Since pure velvet is often an expensive and somewhat delicate clothing material, it can get tricky to wash or iron out the wrinkles and creases.

Using an iron machine, a spray bottle, and an ironing board to touch up errant creases will always make them look much better.

You can effortlessly get rid of the wrinkles on most velvet fabrics. All you need is the right setup, methodical ironing, and some tricks here and there which will help keep delicate velvets in the best condition.

Can You Iron Velvet?

 Iron Velvet

Yes, you can. Just ensure you don’t put much pressure on the material as pressure is one of the causes of wrinkles and can damage the embossing. You will almost certainly want to reach for the iron when you see wrinkles on your velvet. Just make sure you’re careful with the ironing process.

Steaming the material is the best first step to removing wrinkles from velvet. This means that the procedure will be a bit seamless if you have a steam feature on your iron.

Just try to hold the iron above the velvet fabric and gently move it all over the wrinkled spots with much precision, as any mistake here will render your velvet useless.

By following the step-by-step process given above, you will be able to keep your velvet materials in top shape and impress your guests when they spot it over your pillows, like windows, or even as a fine dress.

The Best Ironing Temperature For Velvets

There are a few words of caution that need to be stated here. Do not iron any sequins type of velvet material. The sequins can melt on you; this warning also goes for sequins on any fabric type.

Another word of caution here is that while you may have been successful using a pressing cloth and the iron set at temperature level 3, this is not recommended, and you will be very lucky if the velvet manages to escape any harm.

In case you need a real temperature mark, you must stick to 148 degrees C and 300 degrees F. You can also check to see if there are any manufacturer’s recommendations on your fabric label.

How to Iron a Velvet Dress

Velvet Dress

If you’ve just bought a pretty-looking dress made from velvet material, and you’re wondering how to iron out the wrinkles and not get that extra aerobic-type exercise in through steaming, tender touch laundries have covered you.

Turn the dress inside out, then lay it on a plush white towel. You can even use a pressing cloth if you want, but it is not compulsory. Use light pressure with your iron set at a temperature of 300 degrees F or level 3 setting.

Once you’re through with one side of the clothing, just turn the fabric right side out again and make use of the steam function on your iron or a hand steamer. You can refresh the pile afterward. Ensure you don’t steam on the inside of the garment.

Remember always to check your fabric labels. When the instruction says do not dry clean, do not dry clean. The same principle works for velvet materials when it says do not iron, then avoid ironing it but use steam instead to get rid of those wrinkles.

How to Iron Velvet Curtains

Velvet Curtains

For ironing curtains, just initiate the steam function on your ironing machine, then as the iron warms up, hang your curtain material up just so you can avoid them bunching up on the floor. Doing this will ensure you don’t add wrinkles to the fabric.

Next, hold the iron about an inch away from the fabric and start at the bottom of the material. After hanging up those curtains, ensure the perfect side is facing you and your iron.

Try to go slowly while moving from side to side and moving up when one level is done. Don’t forget to rub your hand gently over your velvet curtains to remove those wrinkles. After reaching the top, turn the curtains and repeat the same process.

Another option is to follow the instructions using the needle board but be careful not to bunch up the ironed curtain portions when you move the fabric. Try to keep the curtains straight at all times

If this is too much hassle, make use of a hand steamer or send the velvet curtains off to a professional dry cleaner. They have better setups and tools than you may have at home.


Velvet is quite fragile, so it takes delicate, careful work to remove those ugly-looking wrinkles. Just be patient and stick to the right recommendations to get the job done right.

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