How to Tub Clean LG Washers

Washtub cleaning is a vital component of your washing machine care. The washtub or wash drum serves as a container for your load in the laundry cycle. Your washer accumulates clogs from lint, dirt, detergents, and other residues after each laundry cycle.

Oftentimes, if the drum is not emptied after each cycle, it leaves a damp and unclean drum sullied with germs and odor. Like every other washing machine, your LG washer drum must be cleaned and washed after each laundry cycle. 

The Tub Clean Cycle on LG Washers

Tub Clean Cycle LG Washer

Tube clean is an essential maintenance feature in your LG washer, which helps clean and clear clogs, detergents, sediments, lint, or gunks. Modern washing machines have built-in maintenance and cleaning schedules designed to restore and keep your device in the best shape after the laundry.

Why You Should Run The Tub Clean Cycle 

Running a tube clean program in your LG washer is vital to the machine upkeep and care. Residues of soap or detergents used during the laundry process, lint and fragments of your clothes, and heavy stains like oils or grease can stick to some parts of the wash drum during the laundry process. An uncleaned washtub can affect your device’s overall performance.

Also, you would not want a bizarre laundry experience where your clothes are not properly treated after the wash cycle. A musty and dirt-filled washtub affects the quality of your laundry. Tub Clean Cycles help reset and clear your LG wash drum of clogs, gunk, and odor.

LG Washers With And Without Tube Clean Feature

Some LG washers come with a tub clean feature which helps automate and facilitate the tub cleaning process, while others don’t. We will take you through the steps to conduct the tube cleaning process in your washer with or without the in-built tube cleaning feature.

How To Use In-built Tub Clean Cycle on LG Washing Machine

The cleaning process is much easier and quicker with a built-in tub clean feature. Your LG washer automates the tub cleaning process with very little input from your end. But there are precautions and steps to take to use the feature.

  • Tub clean features use regular electricity to conduct the cleaning process. Connect it to power and switch it on. 
  • After switching on your device, locate the tube clean cycle button and press it. Your device is now set for a tub cleaning process.
  • Tub clean is different from your usual laundry cycle. Apply your tub cleaning solution. 

NOTE: Use only recommended cleaning solutions to prevent damage, wear and tear to your washtub.

  • After applying your tub cleaning solution, hit the start button, and your machine will start to break and clear dirt, stubborn stains, lint fragments, sediments, and other clogs on the washtub.
  • A few seconds after completing the cleaning process, the machine will automatically go off, and you have your wash drums set for a great laundry experience.

Tub Cleaning in LG Washers Without Tub Clean Feature

LG Washer Tub

Some LG washers do not have automated tub clean features. In such a case, take the following steps to clean your washtub.

  • Add your recommended cleaning solution to the device.
  • Locate your wash tub and fill it with water. The tub should be at least 66% filled. Don’t fill it to the brim.
  • Start a wash cycle to help you mix your water and the cleaning solution. Allow the wash cycle to run for 2-3 minutes before turning it off.
  • After turning it off, allow the device to rest for at least 3 hours before switching it again.
  • After 3 hours, switch it on and run multiple wash cycles, which combine washing, rinsing, and spinning cycles.

How To Care And Maintain Your LG Washtub

Your LG washtub can make your entire laundry cycle an impeccable one. It can also make it unrewarding, depending on how clean and neat it is. Uncleared and unremoved clogs of lint, dirt, detergents, and gunks will make your washtub smell and your clothes.

In addition to a perfect tub cleaning cycle, the following measures can help you maintain a clean, neat, and impeccable wash tub for a great laundry experience.

Good Ventilation

After wash cycles, it is advisable not to always close the lid. Leave them open for a while. It allows air into the washtub and freezes off moldy odor and smells while drying.

Optimal Measure Of Detergents

Adhere strictly to recommended detergents and fabric products. Highly concentrated detergents and fabric-related products may affect the washtub. Dilute them if necessary.

Regular Tub Cleaning

Always clean your LG tub regularly. LG recommends at least a monthly cleaning routine. Leaving it unwashed and uncared for creates room for build-ups of grime, filth, and clogs, which are not good for your clothes.

Don’t Load Your Washer During Tub Cleaning

Before commencing any tub clean cycle, empty your washer. A loaded washer during tub cleaning can damage the machine or cause it to malfunction.

Avoid Soap Detergents

Your washtub quickly builds up grime and dirt on the tub if you frequently use soap detergents. Soap detergents take time before they dissolve. Dirt and grime settle quickly on the tub when soap detergents are used. During tub cleaning, don’t use laundry detergents.

Clear Damped And Smelling Tub

Usually, LG recommends a tub clean cycle done every 30 days. If your washer is damped and wafting off a foul and musty odor, consider using a tub clean cycle daily to clear the odor, especially when using the machine frequently.

Avoid Excess Fabric Softeners

Excessive and concentrated fabric softeners are not good for your LG washer. It sticks to your tub, builds up, and settles as grimes and dirt. Always use recommended fabric softeners; you don’t need them when running a clean tub cycle.

Don’t Expose Your Washer To Dark And Humid Conditions

Dark and humid conditions are not good for your tub. Exposing your washer to dark and moist conditions for a long time allows bacteria to grow and settle on your tub. It can contaminate the tub and can affect the quality of your laundry.

Place Your Tub Cleaners At Appropriate Parts Of Your Device

Different tub cleaning products have recommended placements on the device to avoid detergent build-up. Liquid chlorine bleach should go to the liquid chlorine bleach compartment.

If you are using powdered cleaner, use it in the main wash detergent part of your device. If you use cleaning tablets, you can place them directly into the washtub.

Your LG wash drum requires extreme care and maintenance to minimize malfunctions and improve performance. Tub clean cycles help reset and sanitize your wash drum. Use the outlined measures above to clean and clear your LG wash drum for a great laundry experience.

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