How to Wash Canada Goose Jacket

Canada Goose jackets are among the most expensive jackets you can buy, and they are also the warmest ones you can find.

The unique design of the Canada Goose can withstand sub-zero temperatures, and they can fight frostbite and keep you warm. But Canada Goose also possesses one of the most delicate fabrics. They are expensive, so you want to be careful about how you go about washing them.

In this article, you’ll get a few tips on washing different types of Canada Goose jackets.

How to Wash Various Types of Canada Goose Jackets

The way you wash your Canada Goose Jacket is dependent on the type of jacket you purchased. 

The most popular type of Canada Goose jacket is The Canada Goose Parka Jacket which is also its warmest and most expensive jacket. The other types of Canada Goose Jackets are lightweight and shell jackets.

How To Wash a Canada Goose Parka Jacket

A Canada Goose Parka Jacket is a large long jacket designed for freezing weather. Most Parka jackets can withstand temperatures as low as -30°C, and they are preferable if you spend much time outdoors under frigid weather.

However, washing Canada Goose is not straightforward. The company has clearly stated that using a washing machine to wash your Canada Goose Parka would nullify its warranty, and it expressly recommends that you dry clean the jacket. 

Since dry cleaning involves using less water than machine washing, you can assume that soaking a Canada Goose Jacket in water is detrimental to its fabric.

Contrarily, you don’t want to dry clean your jacket too often as this would lead to a loss of color at the seams. If there isn’t much stain, you can safely spot clean the jacket without harming it.  

How to Spot Clean Your Canada Goose Parka Jacket

Spot cleaning is a safe way to remove stains from your parka jacket without risking much damage to it. The Canada Goose company recommends this process so it won’t void your warranty.

What you need for this process is:

  • A small sprinkler bottle
  • A mild bleach-free detergent
  • A microfiber cloth
  • A hanger or air rack

Now follow the steps below to spot clean your jacket:

Step One: Spread out Your Jacket 

You will need place the jacket on a flat surface. Spread out your jacket, and remove the fur in the hood if it’s detachable.

Ensure that you zip up all zips and close and fasten all pockets and velcro straps.

Step Two: Scrap Out Excessive Stains

Use a blunt end like a blunt knife or the edge of any card to scrape any excess stain on the jacket.

Be careful not to rub the stain off the jacket as this will only worsen it. The stain would go deeper into the jacket.

Step Three: Mix Detergent with Water and Sprinkle on The Jacket

Thoroughly mix the detergent with the water. Pour the soapy solution into the sprinkler bottle. Then sprinkle the solution on the jacket, and scrub down with the microfiber cloth.

Wipe down vigorously, and go through every part of the jacket until everywhere has been completely covered. Hang up on a rack and allow to dry.

Cleaning Stubborn Stains With The Spot Cleaning Process 

If the stain proves too tough to remove with the sprinkler bottle method, you will need to try something more potent.

Bring a small bowl of water mixed with a mild liquid detergent that is bleach-free. Dampen a clean white cloth with the water and place it firmly on the stain. 

This process should allow the white cloth to absorb the stain off the jacket. You can change to the cloth’s clean side and give the stained area a good scrub.

Removing Bad Smell from Your Canada Goose Parka Jacket

With time and consistent use, your jacket may develop a smell. If you are not yet ready to send your jacket to the dry cleaners, there is a way to remove any odd smell.

Follow the steps below to remove the odd smell from your jacket:

Step One: Spread the Jacket on a Flat Surface

Spread the jacket on an appropriate flat surface and detach its fur hood. Also, open up the jacket and expose its inner fabric.

Step Two: Add Some Baking Soda to The Jacket

Pour a good amount of baking soda all over the inner coating of the jacket. Make sure to spread the powder to all parts.

Step Three: Fold the Jacket into a Ball

Zip up the jacket to lock in the baking soda. Carefully fold the jacket until it is into a neat ball. 

Place the jacket into a waterproof bag and seal up the bag with tape. Leave the sealed jacket for a week.

Step Four: Vacuum the Jacket

After the week has expired, remove the jacket from the bag and spread the jacket on a surface. Open it up to expose the baking soda.

Use a vacuum to remove every trace of the soda from the jacket, and wipe it down with a dry clean towel until every powder is gone.

Air dry on a clothesline or in a well-ventilated area of your apartment.

Note: Eventually, you would have to dry clean your parka jacket. Make sure you follow the instructions on the care label and talk with your dry cleaner about their methods.

How To Wash Other Types of Canada Goose Jackets

Other types of Canada Goose Jackets, such as the lightweight down and shell jackets, can be machine washed without damage.

Follow the steps below to wash them without any damage:

Step One: Pre-Treat the Jacket

Even though the jacket you intend to wash the jacket in a washing machine, you should still prepare the jacket by spot cleaning stains.

Take a small cloth, a white cloth, and a mild bleach-free detergent. Dampen the cloth and gently wipe down any place where stains appear.

Note: To avoid any damage to your jacket, test the detergent on an inconspicuous part of your jacket. It is safe to use on your jacket if there is no adverse effect.

Step Two: Place the Jacket in the Washing Machine

Set the washing machine to use cold water, add a little mild detergent and ensure that they mix thoroughly. 

Zip up the jacket entirely and place it in your washing machine. Remove all detachable parts of the jacket, such as fur hoods. Also, ensure that all the pockets are empty. 

Wash the jacket by itself to avoid damage to the fabric. Some fabric can bleed out and stain your jacket during laundry. 

If possible, use a washing machine without a central agitator. Most front-loading machines are preferred because they don’t have a central agitator.

Set the machine on a gentle setting to avoid damage to the fabric.

Step Three: Drying the Jacket

Canada Goose Jackets do not do well with dryers, so avoid putting the jacket in a dryer. Do not tumble dry under any setting.

Instead, bring out the jacket from the washing machine, place it on a hanger, and air dry on an airing rack.


Canada Goose Jackets are one of the best outdoor jackets you can purchase. However, they are incredibly delicate. Never machine wash your Canada Goose Parka Jacket, and dry clean or spot clean them.

On the other hand, other types of Canada Goose, such as the lightweight or Shell Jackets, should not be dry cleaned but should be washed with a washing machine.

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