How to Fix LG Washer That Won’t Turn On

LG washers, like any other electronic item, are prone to malfunction. This can be annoying, especially if you need to do some fast washing before rushing to work or somewhere else.

You put your laundry in the washing, add the detergent, close it, and try to turn it on, but it won’t power up! What could be the root of the problem?

Don’t worry! In most cases, you can quickly fix problems that cause your washer not to turn on.

Why Won’t My LG Washer Turn On? 

LG Washer

To know how to remedy any problem that emerges from your LG washer, you must first understand it.

When you try turning on your washer, it may not come on for various reasons. Some of these reasons should be identifiable.

  • Contact to the power supply is faulty

A faulty power supply is the typical cause of an LG washer that won’t turn on. If your LG washer doesn’t turn on, it may be because the connection to the power source is damaged and requires repair.

It’s also possible that the current supplied to the washer is insufficient to allow the washer to function and, therefore, cannot circulate and operate the washer.

The washer connection to the power supply may become loose during laundry cycles, which might be a cause.

  • Defective washer power cord

Apart from a faulty power source, the cord that connects the LG washer to the power source can also become faulty. 

It may become defective in the event of thunderstorms when there are electrical surges through the cord. 

If you’ve got pests around the house, they could also be a factor when they eat up wires and cords. 

  •  A faulty control board

The control board in your LG washer has circuitry and switches that control how it works.

Of course, it could fail due to electrical surges, age, or other factors. When it fails, the washer is at a loss for what to do next.

The microswitches behind the buttons send signals to the control board. When the panel is defective, the washer will not turn on even if you press the power switches to turn it on.

  • The electromagnetic noise filter has been damaged

Noise filters remove static noise associated with electromagnetic waves in LG washing machines. They have a habit of causing a lot of harm to the circuit board of the washer.

When this filter becomes destroyed, most likely due to excessive use or a poor current, the noise filters into the electrical circuits, disrupting the washer’s normal operation.

Your washer will not respond to the power command due to this.

  • Defective washer cover lock system

Most modern washers have a “turn on” feature that accompanies the lock system. 

Due to the lid’s connection with the control board, the feature is activated whenever the cover of the washer is locked before laundry can occur. 

This feature also activates the command for power to reach the washer to turn it on. 

When the lock system of the washer is defective, your washer may be unable to turn on. 

  • Overheated washer

When your washer has performed a lot of laundry cycles for some time, it’s being overworked and gets overheated.

As a result, the washer might take some time before it powers on, or it may not even turn on again because the thermal fuse in the washer is damaged. 

How To Fix My Washer That Won’t Turn On

Your washer sends you error codes to inform you of defects in the washer. If you discover your washer not turning on, it can be due to many reasons like the ones listed above.

You can follow the DIY steps below to fix this issue. 

  • Check the power source of the washer

If you discover that your LG washer won’t turn on, the first thing to do is to examine the washer’s power source.

If that’s the cause of the power issue, first turn off the power supply and check the power socket. You can connect other electronic appliances to the power socket to assess if the socket’s blown. 

Also, if the socket’s badly damaged, you might want to repair or replace it. 

Changing the power source is important to prevent further breakdown of your washer.

  • Examine the washer power cord

After checking the power supply to your washer, disconnect and examine the power cord that supplies current to the washing machine.

The cord and the washer’s line fuse may have been badly damaged.

You’ll know if the cord is the problem by testing it with a multimeter.

If it is, you should consider replacing it to avoid any injury from electric zaps. 

Also, disconnect the washer whenever there’s a thunderstorm to avoid surges that blow the washer’s circuits.

  • Assess the washer’s control board

The washer’s control board is the main center responsible for the proper functioning of your washer. The buttons on the exterior send signals to the electrical circuits within as commands for the washer to turn on. 

If the buttons do not work, replace the control board since it’s difficult to get a button replacement. You can check the washer’s manual to get an idea of the wiring of the control board. 

However, if you don’t know how to repair or replace the control board, you should seek technical assistance to avoid causing irreversible harm to the circuits.

  • Reset your washer

Once you’ve done all the above steps, you can assess your washer’s function by resetting the washer. 

It’s quite simple. Simply unplug the washer from the power source and set it aside for 5 minutes. This will allow all excess currents in the washing machine’s circuit boards to discharge.

Then, for about 5 seconds, push and hold the power button on your washer, followed by another 5 seconds of pressing and holding the “play” button.

Then you can try to turn on the power.

  • Allow your washer some minutes to rest

As I mentioned earlier, overworking your washer is not too good for your washer. 

Giving your washer time to rest is essential for its maintenance to prevent the thermal fuse in the washer from being blown due to overheating. 

However, if your LG washing machine doesn’t turn on even after following the steps listed above, you should contact LG customer support to get technical help for your washer. 

Some Maintenance Tips For Your LG Washer

LG Washer Problems

It’s necessary to keep your LG washer in good working order if you want it to last a long time. You can find a wealth of maintenance advice on LG’s support page.

You can also look through your washer’s handbook to find one particular to your machine.

  • Remember to fix error codes on time to prevent further breakdown of your washer. Codes like CL on your washer are pretty easy to fix.
  • During thunderstorms, ensure you disconnect your washer to prevent any power surges that can damage your washer.
  • Take care not to overload your washer. Also, ensure you clean your washer from time to time to remove any residue that may have accumulated over time. Your washer needs it.

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