Samsung Dryer Not Starting: Solutions

Even though a dryer is a valuable time-saver, it could be frustrating and time-wasting if the appliance won’t start even when the switch is ‘on.’ When your Samsung dryer suddenly refuses to come on, we like to recommend that you seek professional assistance. But before you do that, ensure that it isn’t a simple glitch that you can troubleshoot and resolve.

This article will guide you in diagnosing and resolving common Samsung dryer issues that users may encounter. Once these problems are accurately identified and resolved, you should be able to use your Samsung dryer for many years to come. Make sure you don’t miss out on any point.

Samsung Dryer Won’t Start – How to Diagnose and Troubleshoot

There are various reasons why your Samsung dryer cannot start; some are more common than others, and some are less common than other issues. Once you discover your dryer won’t start, ensure you follow every step that’ll be listed below. They are as follows:

1. Power Problem 

Although Samsung dryers are some of the most dependable washing machines on the market, even the best appliances sometimes experience issues. Before you doubt – if your dryer is faulty, ensure you have power before starting your Samsung dryer. Voltage can be checked with an electrical tester. Either the wall outlet in your home or the dryer’s power cord terminal can be used for this. 

The Samsung dryer control panel won’t light up if it’s not getting power. The panel ought to light up once you push the start button. You might have a problem with the incoming power if it doesn’t. There’s also a chance the plug is not properly fixed.

How to Fix

Make sure it is plugged in properly first. The dryer might not be grounded if you use a three-pronged socket, which could affect how it receives power. Check the outlet’s functionality by plugging in a working appliance. 

When you turn off a breaker, you are turning off the safety switch that guards your entire home against overload, not the power to it. If it malfunctions, check your home for any dryers or other appliances that may be on while you’re not home. Once everything has been turned off, flip the switch once more, and then turn the breaker back on once it has cooled.

2. Failure of Idler Pulley Microswitch

You probably don’t know how the idler pulley micro switch works, but it will be clear soon. The idler pulley microswitch is an electrical switch that is physically operated, as its name suggests. Simply put, the switch has moving elements that could stop working after many years of use.

 The idler pulley microswitch’s sole purpose is to inform the dryer if the drive belt is damaged, and the idler pulley microswitch is often found someplace close to the motor. More precisely, if the microswitch detects a damaged belt, it will close the electrical circuit and stop power from going to the motor.

Let’s say the switch was inadvertently exposed to too much moisture. That might hasten its deterioration and lead to its breakage, rusting, or even short-circuiting. All of this will also cause the switch to malfunction and stop the dryer from starting. 

How to Fix

Replacing idler pulley microswitches is rather simple. As with many other Samsung dryer components, the biggest obstacle is gaining access to that switch. Make sure the dryer’s power supply is turned off. To determine which access panel to remove, consult the user handbook or tech sheet.

To access the existing switch, you might need to remove the motor casing, the belt, and the pulleys. After that, unplug the connectors and take the switch off. Make sure to reconnect the electrical connectors in the same manner as before installing the new switch.

3. Failed Motor

Samsung Dryer Motor

The Samsung dryer’s motor can be thought of as the heart of the appliance. It produces electricity by absorbing an electrical current. Remember, we previously mentioned pulleys that transmit power to the drum. A working dryer motor should be able to revolve the drum without excessive noise smoothly. Whenever the dryer cycle starts, all you often hear is a soft hum.

As you know, nothing last forever. Dryer motors occasionally experience failure as well. The start winding in your Samsung dryer may have burned out if it won’t turn on at all. What will the outcome be? The motor will get electrical current and might even continue to hum. However, the motor will just not turn on. Therefore, if your dryer is only buzzing and won’t turn on, the motor most likely has burned out.

How to Fix

Replacing a vital part like the dryer’s engine is not a simple do-it-yourself project. So don’t hesitate to ask a qualified technician to do it for you. Regardless of your choice, here is what the task will look like whether or not you decide to replace the motor yourself.

Disconnecting the power source is the first step in the process. The drum can then be removed by taking away the larger access panels. You’ll have easy access to the motor as a result. There are many items attached to the motor that you must remove because it performs such an important role.

That comprises the blower wheel, air duct, mounting bolts, belt, and pulleys. The motor can be taken out after each one has been properly removed. Work your way backward after installing the replacement motor in its location. This requires reconnecting all of the electrical contacts and the belt, pulleys, blower wheel, and air duct.

4. Broken Drum Belt

Samsung Dryer Drum Belt

Samsung dryers turn the drum using complex pulleys, rollers, and bearings systems. The driving belt – commonly referred to as the “drum belt,” is the component that connects them. The drive pulley, the idler pulley, and the outside of the drum are all wrapped in a rubber belt. It winds around those components in a helical pattern that maintains tension and increases its capacity to turn the drum. 

The drum belt can experience severe wear and tear over time, especially with prolonged use. This means that the belt may become frayed and, if it is not changed soon enough, may eventually shatter or break. After that, the dryer’s engine will continue to spin as quickly as possible, but the damaged belt will prevent any of the power from reaching the drum. 

How to Fix

Replacing the drum belt is a fairly simple process. You should start by removing the necessary access panels to the belt – once the power source has been turned off. That belt will still be under a lot of tension if it is still fastened to the moving pieces. To remove the belt, you will therefore need to depress the idler pulley. 

Install the new belt by wrapping it around the motor and idler pulley in a helical pattern. After that, wrap it around the drum in the same manner as you did with the last belt.

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